Birthday Countdown | Day 28: Best Of

Hey guys,


Wow. We really did it. We really rocked through the month celebrating house in the sand's second birthday. 

But don't worry - I'm not hungover! March is going to be just as great as I've got lots of material just waiting to be seen.

Two years ago I decided I wanted to write a blog. At that time my old tumblr had server issues and I couldn't use it anymore. So house in the sand was born.
These two years have been an amazing journey. There have been lots of downs and even moments where I wanted to quit but at the end of the day the great things gave me enough reasons to carry on.

One of the things that keeps me going is my goal to be a good journalist. I'm studying journalism and writing a blog is really good practice.

I hope you all enjoyed the month of live music.
Thank you to everybody who tuned in once or twice or even 27 times. You make house in the sand a real home for music lovers. Thank you.

Dearest musicians, I can not believe we did this. But we did it. Crazy!
I'm going to post an extra thank you post for you guys in the following days. :)

Here's an overview of all 27 artists/bands - just click on the picture to watch their video.
  photo 1SarahBollingerKLEIN_zps06e2bcc1.jpg  photo 2MarkMathewsKLEIN_zps035580df.jpg  photo 3NinaYasminehKLEIN_zpsf634150d.jpg  photo 4doodahfarmKLEIN_zps0160b44d.jpg  photo 5LiamMcClairKLEIN_zps066d5736.jpg  photo 6unassistedKLEIN_zps1cfa16dd.jpg  photo 7DantonJayKLEIN_zpsbbc45f9d.jpg  photo 8TheArkanesKLEIN_zps4cf117bd.jpg  photo 9ChrisStringerKLEIN_zps3af77f77.jpg  photo 10EmmaHarropKLEIN_zps6c18ef9e.jpg  photo 11WinterInTorontoKLEIN_zps56ec5e16.jpg  photo 12LucyHallKLEIN_zps56afe4f2.jpg  photo 13TheRivertairsKLEIN_zps9ccd40cc.jpg  photo 14TomMitchellKLEIN_zpsee1be4ed.jpg  photo 15ShootTheRabbitKLEIN_zpscce8e31a.jpg  photo 16RoscoMcCabeKLEIN_zps62abc9a2.jpg  photo 17TailFinFiascoKLEIN_zps20811323.jpg  photo 18KiirstinMarilynKLEIN_zps67652d9d.png  photo 19TheSpaseKLEIN_zps6116eee9.jpg  photo 20JaydenBlairKLEIN_zps4701b63e.jpg  photo 21PalmsandPelicansKLEIN_zps5a8c58b2.jpg  photo lizabett_zps8257cb49.jpg  photo BenBarrittKLEIN_zpsbaddcc06.jpg  photo Arionceklein_zpsb89ed9d6.jpg  photo underabannreklein_zps642fc0d3.jpg  photo DanDietrichGROSS_zps904c74d5.jpg photo MartinandJamesGROSSKLEIN_zpsb737dca9.jpg

Thank you everybody.

Make sure to find letter 28 and send in your results to by March 2nd / 5pm EST. 

I'm a lucky girl. :)

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  1. Happy birthday house in the sand ! I wish you all the very best. Cheers ! x


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