Birthday Countdown | Day 26: Dan Dietrich

Hey guys,

it's day 26 and I'm still so excited about this project.

Dan Dietrich is an acoustic/folk/rock singer/songwriter from Darmstadt, Germany.

He's been making music for quite a few years now, played tons of gigs and supported Morgan Finlay, Martin and James and Jim Kroft.
Influenced by artists such as Bob Dylan, Melanie Safka and Tracy Chapman, Dan keeps on writing his own material which can be described as honest, warm and brilliant.
He's also part of the trio Dan meets Portland.

And here's Dan performing "Up A Little Village" just for our birthday. Enjoy! :)

Dan - thank you so much for sticking with me through the two first years of house in the sand. Thanks for the support, the good music and the laughs! :)

Dan Dietrich online: Facebook | Myspace | Twitter

Have you found all 26 letters yet?

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