Birthday Countdown | Day 24: Arionce

Hey guys,

day 24. Four more days until the birthday.

Arionce is a four piece band from Berlin, Germany. The guys play indie rock which is influenced by Foals, Myriad Creatures and Noel Gallagher just to name a few.

The band consists of Jonas Lieber (vocals, guitar), Christoph Wolke (guitar, vocals), Eric Schweizer (bass) and Sven Heuer (drums).
If you like their sound you can already get a taste of what they sound live on their youtube channel (link below) where they recorded the Sunday Sessions.

And here they are performing their original "Waiting For A Sign" (which is not released yet) for our second birthday. Enjoy!

And a massive thank you goes to the guys for being super spontaneous and filming this blockbuster in the blink of an eye! :)

Arionce online: Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Youtube

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