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Interview: Taymir

Hey guys!

It's one of these days where I'd just like to mention how nice it is to write for an audience like you guys, I just really appreciate to know there are so many music lovers reading.
house in the sand just really became a home for music lovers and a place for music to be supported.

Another exciting thing is how the variety of interviews is expanding so quickly. After chatting with Brooke Fraser from New Zealand, I just recently spoke to Taymir from the Netherlands.

Taymir are a four piece band from Den Haag, Netherlands.

Their current album "Phosphene" is genrefied as sixties inspired pop/rock mixed with their very own style.
Their live shows are known for energetic rock elements.

The four lads have taken over the United States by storm and are now on their mission to win over Europe. All of these adventures are captures in 60 seconds, but you'll find out more about that in the interview.

Taymir are:
 Bas Prins (vocals)
Quinten Meiresonne (bass, backing vocals)
Mikkie B Wessels (guitar, backing vocals)
Isai Reiziger (drums)

Find out what guitarist Mikkie told me about being in front of the camera, being on tour, The Strokes and a lot more.

Mikkey of Taymir: Hello, this is Mikkie.

house in the sand: Hi, it's Vanessa from house in the sand. Are you ready to do a little interview?

Mikkie: If I'm ready to do an interview? I'm always ready to do an interview.

HITS: That's perfect, so am I!

Mikkie: Okay, nice. (laughs)

HITS: So you're currently touring with The Arkells, how's touring life treating you so far?

Mikkie: Well, yesterday we had our last gig with The Arkells. We've probably done ten with them, I don't even know the exact number. Touring life, it is a lot of fun but it is also heavy and difficult at time of course. But yeah, it's just playing, showing people what you've got, changing lives. It's fun, but hard as well.

HITS: I see. Fans can follow your adventures by watching your "60 seconds videos" online. Do you sometimes struggle to sum up your days in just sixty seconds?

Mikkie: I'm sorry, what do mean exactly?

HITS: I imagine that sometimes there's so much going on in one day that it might be difficult to put all of it into one short video. Does that happen to you?

Mikkie: Ah, yeah. Very much! I mean, we don't edit the sixty seconds, we only star in them, but yeah, there are days where a lot of things happen.
But let me tell you this; the hardest thing about the 60 seconds is that you've got this where you are really tired and are not really interested in the camera, you know. But still you have to seem fun and happy of course. While you're actually struggling with the gig itself, you also have to make an interesting 60 seconds video.
And then the camera man who films it all, he also edits it and he sometimes has a hard time editing as well. Because sometimes, like you say, a lot of things happen in a day. And also sometimes a gig is really really really cool, like one of the gigs with The Arkells was the best one we've ever played and it's really hard to capture that on film, the whole vibe, the atmosphere and what was going on, if you know what I mean.

HITS: Yeah, I totally get it. But you're doing a great job, so it's fine.

Mikkie: Thank you so much!

HITS: But imagine those little videos could turn into a film. Who would you like to write the soundtrack for it?

Mikkie: That's really easy! That would be Kevin Parker. We really respect him a lot.

HITS: Really cool! I've toured with a band earlier this year and during those long journeys in the van, I just feel like you need to blast some music. So what is playing in the Taymir tour vehicle?

Mikkie: Well, to be honest, we're playing a lot of The Strokes. Every day we listen to The Strokes, especially the second album. So yeah, The Strokes mainly.
 And the new songs of Tame Impala. I think those two are the only things we've been listening to these last three weeks. Just The Strokes and the new songs of Tame Impala. Oh and a little bit of The Hives and Queens of the Stone Age. But mainly The Strokes and Tame Impala.

HITS: If it works for you, that's cool.

Mikkie: Haha, yeah! (laughs)

HITS: But let's speak a bit about your band. Can you tell us how you got into music and became a band?

Mikkie: Uhm... well, let me think, that was a long time ago.
I think everyone individually has got a different story of how they got into music. But how we got together and started writing the music is nice. Me and the singer have known each other all our lives. And the singer and the bass player have been best friends before they came into the band and we met the drummer at school. And eventually we were Taymir and made music because we liked the same ideas about music. Like on the current album that's out now, "Phosphene", you can hear a lot of sixties influences which we were all really interested in. Like, how do you write a good song? A good melody, good chords, just everything.
And the stuff that we now like to write is more raw stuff, and it's really nice to see how we're developing together, if you know what I mean.

HITS: Yeah, it makes sense. I think touring together changes the attitude of the band, you get to know each other on another level on the road.

Mikkie: Yeah, yeah and that's also the thing. A lot of people when they listen to the album, they think "ah nice, it's a nice, sweet sixties band" and when they see us live, it's a totally different experience. It's a lot more rock, it's large. And that's what we like the most, the live shows, the mentality, the rock'n'roll, the rawness.

HITS: You also play a big variety of gigs, don't you? You go from playing intimate club shows to playing massive festivals. Which of them do you prefer? Do you prefer being on stage in front of thousands of people or do you prefer smaller, more intimate shows where it's just you and a few people?

Mikkie: To be honest, we just like to play for as many people as possible. We want to hear people scream, we want to have a big party, see people jump around, going crazy. We just like to blow a lot of people away.
And we want to change some lives.

HITS: So, which song is your favourite one to play live?

Mikkie: On the current album probably "What Would You Say". It's one of the songs where we go crazy, it's the song which we can relate to the most from the album.

HITS: Pretty cool! And after tour is finished, what are the plans for when you're back home and all the craziness of tour is over?

Mikkie: The plans are actually quite clear. We're going to record the songs for the new album, write more songs for the new album. I just like the idea of releasing an album a year.
And now that we've released our first album in Germany, I hope we can keep up the good work.
So we're busy with that and then we're coming back to Germany to play some stuff. I don't know the concrete dates yet but I do know that we're coming back to Germany a few times this year to show people what we've got.
And next year, we're planning on taking over the world. Yeah, that's the plan, to take over the world.

HITS: Busy times ahead! I think that's a nice way to wrap things up, thank you so much and I hope you enjoyed this little chat.

Mikkie: Thank you, that was really nice.

HITS: Have a nice day, cheers!

Mikkie: You too, bye bye.


Thank you for Mikkie for the lovely chat!
And many thanks to the absolutely wonderful Sony Music Germany staff for organising the interview.

Taymir online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Thank you for reading!


Credits // Text, questions: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image taken from Taymir on Facebook | Answers: Mikkie B Wessels of Taymir

HITS on Social Media


Hey guys!
 Over the last few months house in the sand turned into a home for even more music lovers than before.
I am absolutely happy and excited about that because it means I'm able to share the brilliant music I get introduced to with even more people.

Just like pretty much every other blogger you can find me on social media. But it's not just me on there; you'll find updates, behind the scenes impressions, you get to be a part of what's yet to happen on this space of web. 

Basically, you'll find out what happens before I get to write about it on here, simply because social media is much faster than writing blogposts.

Also, it's pretty lovely to communicate with you. Feel free to tweet me or message me on Facebook. I'm always up for a little chat and try my best to reply as quick as possible.

house in the sand is on a couple of platforms, yet there are a handful I'd like to introduce you properly, simply because I use them regularly.

(Click the username or image to be see each page!)

Tweets are short, fast and a lovely way to let people know what's going on.
Come over, feel free to tweet me!


Even though a lot of people say negative things about Facebook, I really love it.
If you use it in a clever way, there's not much to worry about.

Facebook allows me to stay in touch with people I don't get to see often and it's a great place to share what's going on in a more detailed way. 


Instagram: houseinthesand 

I think it only needs one word to explain why I love Instagram:

Yep, I think that just sums it up perfectly.

 Videos became a massive part of the blog and I really enjoy producing video content for you.
On the HITS channel you'll find exclusive sessions, interviews, tour videos and a lot more.

And that's the four main platforms I focus on, I'd love to see you over there. :)

Thank you for reading!


Credits // Text, house in the sand image: Vanessa Jertschewske 

Video Of The Day: "Light Up The Dark" by Gabrielle Aplin


Hey guys!

I just spent a week in England. It was so nice to be in a country I've been connected with for a long time now. Most of the artists and bands you've seen on house in the sand are from the UK.

During my time there, one of my favourite artists released a new song + music video.
And we all know, I just need to share music I love with you. 

So, let's put today's spotlight on Gabrielle Aplin's newest release. 

Gabrielle Aplin is a singer/songwriter from Bath, England. To genrefy her you could use acoustic sprinkled with rock and folk elements.

Gabrielle made herself a name by uploading videos on YouTube of her covering songs like 'My Heart' by Paramore or 'The Liar and The Lighter' by You Me At Six.
She didn't mean to upload covers though, it was a friend who told her to upload some music and see what happens.
So far 'Gabby' has played tons of festivals, supported John Mayer on tour and sold quite a few copies of her record and the EPs.
She released her debut album "English Rain" in May 2013.

Earlier this week Gabrielle announced the release of her upcoming record which is available for preorder now

Along with the exciting announcement, the musician presented us her music video for the title track of the album, "Light Up The Dark".

The song grabs your attention by sounding more mysterious and slightly rockier than Gabrielle's previous material. The e-guitar is more dominant, the bassline is more present, the percussion and drum section compliment each other.

When it comes to lyrics, it's no news that Miss Aplin knows how to win us over. The songwriter manages to tell stories in a way that makes you think about each word she uses and the reason behind it. 

The vocals vary from hugging the instrumentals in the verses to standing on their own in the choruses. 

To say it in one word? Brilliant!

This is a song you don't want to miss, so feel free to watch it now, on house in the sand.

If you are from Germany, here's a link for you to watch the video.

Gabrielle Aplin online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Thank you for reading! 

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Video: Gabrielle Aplin (image: Facebook)

On Tour With: The Arkanes // part IV

Hey guys!

I am in love with photography.

Nowadays it's normal to take pictures with digital cameras or phones. You end up with tons of pictures which you are most likely to store electronically.

What I love about that is being able to take as many pictures as you want/need to end up with the perfect result.

But I grew up with analog cameras which do the same job but are completely different. You only have a limited amount of pictures on your film, so you end up being more careful when it comes to taking the pictures.
I love that because it challenges me to think about the picture I want to take even more than I already would - how do I compose it? What shall be in the focus? Which is the right angle? Etc.

My favourite way of photographing analog is using instant cameras, also known as polaroid cameras.
You take the picture, it comes out of the camera, you let it develop for a certain amount of time, et voilà - you've got the finished product.

The instant camera I use is the FujiFilm Instax Mini 8.

(I've done a whole post about it before, read it here.)

Now, before I dig a bit too deep into the photography talk, let's get to the actual point of this post.

At the end of March I went on tour with The Arkanes, a four piece rock band from Liverpool, England. I have already shared "a day on tour" with you, tons and tons of behind the scenes impressions and photos of the gigs. (Read the previous posts to learn more about the band.)

Besides all of that, I also managed to take a lot of polaroids. They were actually just for fun, for private use, simply just for myself to have even more memories from tour.

But they all turned out so lovely so I really want to share them with you. I think the instax posts are slowly but surely becoming a signature thing for HITS.

The pictures don't really document the whole tour but I think they give you an extra insight of what it was like.

24th March 2015, Berlin: Day off in Berlin, oh what tourist-y photo that is!
I feel very at home in Berlin and absolutely enjoyed having an entire day there to just walk around and relax. That day it was just Jake, Chris, Brophy and me hanging out together.

25th March 2015, Berlin: Introduced the tour crew to macarons, everyone loved them!
If you're in Berlin, I suggest visiting "Macarons De Stéphane", a super lovely place with the nicest staff and most delicious macarons in town!

26th March 2015, Wilhelmshaven: That's what rock'n'roll on the road looks like: Christmas themed blankets and loads of sleep.

26th March 2015, sea side: This is what some time off at the beach looks like with The Arkanes. 
Exactly, there's no such thing as time off.

26th March 2015, sea side: During the little band photo shooting.

26th March 2015, sea side: Lads...

27th March 2015, between Oldenburg and Burgrieden: A typical day in the van.

28th March 2015, Burgrieden: They call us legends. Because we are.

28th March 2015, Burgrieden: Breakfast at Riffelhof, one of the greatest venues I've ever been to.

28th March 2015, Burgrieden: This is what you look like after one week of touring together.

28th March 2015, between Burgrieden and Olten: A not so typical van memory...

28th March 2015, between Burgrieden and Olten: Everyone fell in love with the view on our way to Switzerland. This fella stole my camera.

28th March 2015, Swiss border: Ironically red and white are the colours of the Swiss flag. 
Dress to impress.

28th March 2015, Olten: Spot on decor at Coq d'Or in Olten, Switzerland.

28th March 2015, Olten: 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer.
Take one down and pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall. 
(I won't continue, don't worry!)

28th March 2015, Olten: Drums.

28th March 2015, Olten: Guitars.

28th March 2015, Olten: Bass pedals.

28th March 2015, Olten: Drummers of rock bands play the triangle. Just saying.

28th March 2015, Olten: And then I took over.

28th March 2015, Olten: Dylan and Einstein. Casual.

29th March 2015, home: It doesn't get more rock'n'roll than that.

 29th March 2015, home: Tired faces and a horsie.

And that's it with the polaroid fun!
I really hope you enjoyed!

The Arkanes online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Thank you for reading! 

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Photography: pictures were taken by Vanessa Jertschewske & all members of The Arkanes

EP Review: "Absentee" by Violents

Hey guys!

I love the blogosphere! 
It is such a privilege to have the internet which allows us to express ourselves, to connect with people around the world and to discover new things.

There's no better feeling as a (music) blogger, than being told people found their new favourite act/band through you.
I feel honoured to reach quite a few people with this blog so I'm being told the above quite often.

Of course I also read blogs and do have favourites, one of them is A Beautiful Mess.
Through this amazing blog I found out about Violents, the music project of the day.

Here's my review of their newest release.

Band: Violents
Title: Absentee
Genre: Alternative
 Label: independent
Release: 5th May 2015
HITS rating: 8/10

Violents is a music project by Jeremy Larson from Springfield, Missouri, USA.
It is a series of collaborative EPs which are written and produced by Jeremy.

Each EP features a female vocalist. The first two releases in 2014 featured singer/songwriter Annie Williams. The next release featured Olga Yagolnikov, and Violents' newest EP "Absentee" stars Stacy King from Sucré.

More EPs and a double vinyl collection of the first seven releases are going to follow this year.

But before that happens, let's speak about "Absentee". 

1) Absentee
2) Northeast
3) All I Have
4) Where We Are Now

Opener and title track "Absentee" welcomes you with an atmospheric intro consisting of only Stacy's vocals and single beats. The song soon builds up into a fully arranged track.

The intro gives you a good idea of what to expect vocally; beautiful, smooth and calming vocals engulf you. Paired with the very lively and expressive instrumentals you'll feel wrapped up in a blanket.
It is one of those song which offer a lot, yet you could describe them as minimalistic. 
A song which is very lively and rich in elements, yet it still gives you enough air to breathe.

For "All I Have" writer and producer Jeremy took away all of the beats and slowed down the tempo. The focus is on the string arragements which walk hand in hand with Stacy's vocals. This song sets a fairy-like and slightly fragile scene and invites you to let you thoughts wander.

To sum it up: "Absentee" definitely showcases what thoughtful and clever writer and producer Jeremy Larson is. The choice of female artists just confirms it even more; Stacy King gave the EP a very personal touch. The two musicians created an EP with so many elements which made it vary from calm to mysterious to uplifting. Very impressive!

You should listen to these tracks: Absentee, Where We Are Now


Violents online: Website | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

 Thank you for reading! 

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: Violents, Elsie Larson

Audio Interview: Brooke Fraser

 Hey guys!

Recently I've had the pleasure to do a few phone interviews and really enjoyed them.

It's just an amazing opportunity being able to speak to people involved in the music business and if there's no chance we can meet up, having little chats about music on the phone seems to be a really good solution. 

Being able to tape those conversations also allows me to bring back the audio interviews.
(I've already done one with Tyler Ward a few years ago.)

Just about two weeks ago I spoke to the lovely Brooke Fraser.

Brooke Fraser is a singer/songwriter from New Zealand. She made herself a name in the industry with three very successful folk-pop albums.
(You probably remember her hit song "Something In The Water" from a few years ago.)

Album releases:
What To Do With Daylight (2003)
Albertine (2006)
Flags (2010)
Brutal Romantic (2014)

Over the years Brooke's style changed from folk/pop to electronic pop with singer/songwriter elements.

In the interview we spoke about said new style, touring, malfunctioning stage equipment, advices and a lot more.

Note: You'll find four soundcloud memos in the interview, they are snippets from the interview. So it really makes sense to listen to them to be part of the full interview. I really hope you enjoy this concept!


house in the sand: So Brooke, you're currently on tour. You spent a few days in Germany, is that correct?

Brooke Fraser: Yeah!

HITS: So how are you enjoying it so far? Is it a nice trip?

Brooke: Yes, yes it's been great. I was actually here for a long time in Germany before the start of the tour as well, so I feel very at home here.

HITS: That's lovely! And how's touring life treating you so far? It's a world tour actually!

Brooke: Yes! It's been fantastic, a lot of flying, a lot of jet lag. But it's wonderful, I love what I do and it's amazing to be out to play my music to people all around the world.

HITS: So you've just mentioned you play to a lot of people. Would you say the different cities offer different crowds?

Brooke: Yes! Definitely!

HITS: Are the reactions completely different from each other? Are some crowds a bit more quiet than others? Are there differences in the way they appreciate the music?

Brooke: Yeah, definitely. It always takes me a few songs to work out what kind of crowd I have. Recently I've noticed particularly in Germany and Switzerland people are a little bit more reserved so they take a little bit more convincing to kind of losen up and move around. Which is fun but, you know, I have to adjust and really try to make people feel at home and welcome.

HITS: It sounds like a bit of a challenge.
 (Listen to soundcloud memo for the following question!)

HITS: I've also noticed that some of your new songs involve a lot more multiple layered vocals. You tour with a band, can you tell us a bit more about the people you tour with?

Brooke: Well yeah, our set up kind of changes depending on the tour we're doing. So the first three months of the year we had a full band and production. In Europe, where the album just came out, we're playing small clubs so it's just myself and one of the band members on stage doing everything.
So we're working a lot with samples and I have the vocal fx machine that I use in my songs which works really well. Apart from the Berlin show where it malfunctioned. But usually it's fine and we can manage to cover a lot of the parts between the two of us.

HITS: That sounds amazing.
(Listen to soundcloud memo for the following question!)

You also must have a few days off, so are there any typical things you want to do whenever you visit a certain city?

Brooke: I actually don't have any days off on tour this year. So maybe one day, that would be nice.

HITS: I guess it would! So what are your touring essentials? You're on the road pretty much all the time, so are there any things you take with you for home comfort?

Brooke: Umm, it's hard when you go on long trips like I do. Usually my essentials, as there are not many I can bring, are small packets of laundry detergent to do my laundry in the hotel sink.
And um, what else... My favourite cardigan to wrap up and keep warm. And yeah, other than that not much else really.

HITS: Maybe music could be a part. Do you have a little travel playlist? Because the blog I run also features a lot of indie musicians, so maybe you have some insider tips of smaller acts you could share with us?

Brooke: Yeah, there's a duo from New Zealand called BROODS, I don't know if they've come to Germany yet. I think they are really great! I've had the great opportunity to work with a lot of DJs in the past few months doing remixes of some of my songs, so I listen to some great electronic artists like Zimmer.

HITS: Amazing, thanks for sharing them with us. Let's talk about your music now! Your new released album is a bit different compared to your old releases.
(Listen to soundcloud memo for the following question!)

HITS: That sounds amazing! You also spent a lot of time writing in Sweden. Do you think cities in general inspire your music a lot? Or was it just that certain place you wanted to go?

Brooke: Umm, I'm not sure. I think I'm very influenced by my environment.
 So you know, Sweden, Stockholm was a big part of this album but also a very small Swedish island called Gotland in the middle of the Baltic Sea where there's nothing. There's just fields and an old seatown and nothing much else. And that ended up being quite a key place for the record coming together.
 So I think I really need that, I really love the haffle and baffle and architecture of cities but I think it's also good to get the perdictive of wide and open spaces and simple living as well.

HITS: I've noticed you're really active on social media. Would you say it's a big part of the music industry nowadays?

Brooke: Yeah I think it is. I definitely understand artists who don't want to be on social media and I think there's a part of my personality that tends towards not wanting to give too much away.
But at the same time as an artist and as a global artist these days it's an amazing opportunity to be able to reach your fans who might live in places where you might never get the opportunity to tour. So I think for that reason it's a really invaluable tool.

HITS: I also think it's a great place for the smaller acts to get their music out there.

Brooke: Yeah, definitely!

HITS: Speaking about the smaller acts: a lot of them read this blog.
(Listen to soundcloud memo for the following question!)

And that's it.
I really hope you enjoyed reading and listening as much as I enjoyed speaking to Brooke.
Many thanks to Brooke herself for being super lovely and many thanks to Conny for her amazing work organising the interview.

Brooke Fraser online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text & Questions: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: Brooke Fraser press kit | Answers: Brooke Fraser

On Tour With: The Arkanes // part III

Hey guys!

And it's time for part 3 of my little tour documentary series.
Quick explanation for those of you who don't know: I went on tour with The Arkanes, a very fantastic rock band from Liverpool, England.

--- click here for PART 1 and PART 2 ---

The band consisting of Chris Pate (lead vocals, guitar), Dylan Cassin (lead guitar, backing vocals), Jake Hallam (bass, backing vocals) and Andy Long (drums) is one of the hottest rock bands the industry is blessed to have at the minute.

Today's post is all about the gig pics!
 I'll show you some of my favourite shots and chat a bit about the photography & editing process as gig photography has become one of my favourite bits of being in the creative online media community.

I thoroughly hope you enjoy.

Note: Before you dive into the photography part - please keep in mind that I'm a self-taught photographer. I've never had any training and am by far no professional.
But I bloody love photographing gigs. ;)

 I got to shoot four gigs - Berlin, Oldenburg, Burgrieden and Olten.

As you can probably imagine, all venues had different stages, different lighting and different ways of using smoke machines. 
And I absolutely enjoyed it.

I think every photographer who shot multiple types of gigs (club gigs, arena shows, etc) has their own favourite kind of gig to shoot.
I love the smaller gigs because they offer an amazing atmosphere and it's easy to focus on the music. But I also really love arena shows where you usually get A+ lighting and a photo pit. 

During my week on tour I found myself in lots of different situations and I loved adjusting to and working with each of them.
Playing around with the camera settings was a lot of fun and I think I learned a few more tricks.

What I've noticed is that my editing styles have changed a lot but I now think I've found my signature style. 
The way I approached the editing process has changed after this tour.

Usually I would edit all photographs the day after I took them.
But being on tour with very limited time, where you can sit down to concentrate on work, has made it impossible for me to work in my usual pattern.
And to be honest, it felt great! I think it's the constant desire of learning paired with being pushed into another work schedule which really helped me evolve.

Besides the change of editing, also my way of composing pictures has changed a lot within the last two years.
I now find a lot of my old photographs a bit too crowded, there's just too much going on.
On this tour I've focused on a lot of negative space on certain shots, as well as capturing all the movement. (Hell, there was a lot of movement on stage each night!)

I think as a gig photographer the main thing to focus on is capturing emotions.

I used to prefer absolutely sharp images over anything and would get upset if I didn't manage to take said images. 

As a creator working on your own it can be easy to get stuck with your own thoughts and expectations.
Earlier I told about how good it is to break up certain routines. I also find it important to speak to other creatives who might have a completely different opinion about things.

Being on the road with The Arkanes was instructive in so many ways. Whenever we went through the pictures I took the previous nights, at least one of the lads liked a picture I was about to delete.

I can only speak for myself but in my opinion being too focused on taking pictures the right way when it comes to all the technical settings can absolutely ruin your shots.
To me, and apparantely to many other people, photographs are there to capture certain moments and emotions.

Realising that has helped me to start liking blurry photographs. They may not be perfect when it comes to all settings, but they surely represent and capture certain moments.

I've never had any photography lessons which might explain my views on things.
Photography is a passion for me and I'm happy I get to learn more each day by simply wanting to learn.

I'm blessed to have a few friends who are into photography as much as I am so it's easy to exchange tips which is lovely.
Getting inspiration by observing fantastic photographers is also always helpful, so if you're an aspiring photographer I can suggest you find some creators whose work you enjoy and maybe analyze their ways of approaching things.
Just please don't ever copy anyone, that's a no-go.

Here are some of my favourite photographers:
Jim Kroft

And that is it for the photographs. 

I hope you had as much fun reading as I had writing this post, please feel free to let me know what you think. :)

The Arkanes online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske