Playlist: house in the sand magazine issue #1

Hey everyone!

On July 4th we released our first ever print issue and boy, we're still beyond thrilled about it.

This magazine took a while to make and is the result of hard work and dedication.
And you know what we love doing after a good work session?
That's right, listen to music.

We think the blend of artists we've talked about before and artists that are new to HITS really makes this magazine special. It allows us to discover more new faces and get even more familiar with the ones we already know.

To be honest though, we are still getting used to not being able to click "play" on paper,
and so we thought we'd make a playlist including all artists featured in the magazine.

That way you can listen to them as you read the pieces - and we're all online again.

In case there are songs you want to add to your own playlists or artists you want to follow on social media, we'll have a list of everyone below, just to make it easier for you.

Before we get completely lost in the music, please let us have a few lines to thank you.
The support with this first issue has been absolutely mindblowing and we couldn't be more thankful if we tried. It means so much to us that you have been interested in this and that you actually support us in real life.
It's such a joy to see the mag arrive at your doors and to hear your thoughts on it, so please keep it coming. We love hearing from you.

Now here's the first ever house in the sand magazine playlist:

Here we go - click on the title for the YouTube link and click on the artist's name in the text blurp for their social media.

"Hey Thomas" - ROE:

We first featured ROE about two years ago and we still remember the moment we first heard her music - because our jaws dropped. That's why it's so extremely exciting to have her as our first cover artist.

"Battles (Live)" - Hudson Taylor:
Catching Hudson Taylor live is something we hope everyone gets to experience at some point. Their live sets are so energetic and passionate - which is exactly why we wanted to talk to them about touring. This live version of "Battles" is everything.

"No Roots" - Alice Merton:
How those one describe this song without using the words "absolute banger"? Pretty sure it's impossible! We absolutely love Alice Merton's sound and are so happy that she took the time to have a chat with us.

"Down Under Girl" - Mark Mathews:
Mark Mathews has been part of what we call "the HITS gang" (we just totally made that up right now) since 2013! That's absolutely amazing and there's no way the mag would've been complete without him featured.

"Blue Luck" - Josh Savage:
Josh Savage is another artist we have been bothering for years and don't plan on stopping any time soon - because listen to his music! The lad is going places!

"Over Us" - Kemelion:
So, this mag was created partly in London and partly in a very small town near Stuttgart. STR is our city when it comes to live music and with Kemelion we finally have a local artist! This is huge!!

"I Couldn't Want You More" - Joe Probert:
We were introduced to Joe Probert while finalising the lineup for the magazine - and it only took one listen to this track for us to know that we wanted him to be featured. And honestly - we would love to see your reactions to this track - bet you're jamming. We certainly are.

"Put You Away" - Katie Bird:
The first time we heard Katie Bird's voice, we ended up sobbing. Not much has changed, to be honest. The clarity and depth of it and the honesty she shares when she sings, honestly - it just has us bawling our eyes out. In the best way possible.

"We Should Talk" - Liam McClair:
We should really talk about how brilliant this song and the piece Liam McClair wrote for us are. This song has so much grip and power, making it the perfect track to turn up the volume for.

"Wrong Directions" - Martin and James:
Come on, you knew this was coming. house in the sand wouldn't have a name, let alone exist, if it wasn't for Martin and James and this gorgeous song. Having a chat with them for this magazine was such a wonderful moment and honestly, we bloody hope we made them proud. Afterall, they could still sue is for using a line from their song...

"Don't Need Me" - James Hersey ft. narou
Don't let James Hersey confuse you with that title, because we all really need this song on the playlist. It's the perfect mix of calm, smooth and danceable.

"Lamplighter" - Ben Barritt:
Ben Barritt is an absolute essential on a good playlist. He just knows how to craft songs that make you think and boogie at the same time, which is why we just had to ask him to chat us through each track on his latest album.

"Sun Skin Air" - Sun Silva:
If you just want an upbeat, atmospheric and slightly mysterious track to move to, Sun Silva have delivered just that. And they've talked us through the process in the mag.

"Girls" - ROE:
It's only fair that we've put two ROE songs on here.

"Pieces" - Declan J Donovan:
Declan J Donovan took the music world by storm and you really won't be hearing any complaints from us. In fact, we are thrilled to have this talented musician featured again.

"Follow Your Fire" - Kodaline:
Kodaline were the first act we interviewed for the mag and ever since we first met them in 2015, they've been so kind and supportive. Having them as a part of this first release is super special and we certainly can't wait to hear what you think.

"If You Don't Love Me" - Ida Mae:
When we first heard this track by Ida Mae, we knew we had to feature them in any way. So to have them chat us through the writing process of this gorgeous song is just super fascinating.

"They Own This Town" - flora cash:
flora cash have also been introduced to us while we were already working on this and we can't wait for you to discover why we just had to add them to lineup.

"Flatline" - Orla Gartland:
Having a chat with Orla Gartland was pure joy, and we hope that you'll get all the happy vibes when you read the piece. And make sure to listen to all of her releases, because she's so brilliant.

"Gold" - Sister Sparrow:
We were introduced to Sister Sparrow earlier this year while we were already knee-deep in the creative process. But goodness me, how could we not feature such a powerhouse? We're so excited for you to get to know this incredible artist.

"Hold On To Happiness" - Rhys Lewis:
Rhys Lewis - man, he's just fantastic. We first discovered him at a festival - all we wanted was shelter from the rain and he performed in the barn. We got shelter and found one of our favourite artists - it was a win-win.

"When I'm Alone (Piano Version)" - Lissie
We first heard of Lissie way before we even had house in the sand. It was this exact song when it was first released - so being able to chat to her about her music was mindblowing and just such an exciting moment.

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Credits // Words & Images: Vanessa Jetwash


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