About the blog:
This blog got its title from the song 'Wrong Directions' by Martin and James.

house in the sand (short HITS) has developed into a source of brilliant music for musicians, music lovers and agencies.
With music reviews, concert impressions, interviews (written, taped and filmed), introductions, backstage insights and exclusive performances the content stays lively and is never monotonous.

Readers from all over the world can find new music, learn more about their favourite artists and be part of soundchecks and tours just by reading and watching.

The close contact between writer Vanessa and the artists creates unique and personal content.

- house in the sand is a home for music lovers -

Here's a little video trailer.

About the blogger: 
As a journalism student with experience in writing for other online pages (German music webzine "Albumcheck" and the German Huffington Post) it's Vanessa's goal to show case music in a professional way.

The love for music has always been present and as a writer she has a thing for brilliant lyricists.

Besides writing articles, photographing gigs and filming behind the scenes videos became a regular thing to do and you could say that helps the blog to turn into an all media focused website.

What people say about house in the sand:

"I love your site and really enjoy your writing always, that's why I'm so honoured to be featured." - Emine, singer

"Amazing site that made me forget I was online to promote my music and instead I eagerly read every article! It's a home away from home!" - Mark Mathews, musician

"I like the personal touch that HITS gives the musician. The freedom of song and speech, like your own private Narnia. Hats off to it's creator." - Chris Pate (The Arkanes)

"Charmingly and insightfully written reviews, heartfelt and genuine involvement in building musicians' publicity - HITS features diligently chosen music by artists, Vanessa believes in and whose apitude she is confident of, as her articles convincingly and conspiciously portay. Her passion and love for music in general, for the music she showcases and depicts in particular, is notable, almost sensible 'with each syllable commited to paper' and leaves the reader with a colourful yet concrete impression of the compositions described and appraised." - Nessi Holt, music blogger


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