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All I have to do is dream.

Hey guys,

first of all: sorry for not blogging for a few days! But I really do have an excuse - I wanted my last blogpost (read here) to stay on top of my blog for a while. 
It's about a great band and a friend of mine. Those guys definitely deserve to be known, so maybe you can go and check them out. :)

So now to today's post. I can't really define it .. it's just .. motivating? Well at least I want it to be. 

I had a time in my life where I thought thing's wouldn't ever go the way I want them to go.
 You know, school was no fun at all, some private things ran out of control, I had some kind of writing blockade and I did not believe in my dreams. 

To be honest, I don't know how, why or when I changed it. But I did. And right now I am so content with my life.

The key to that was starting to believe in myself, my skills and my dreams. No dream of mine is big enough or impossible. 
To others they definitely do sound like that (or what would you say if I told you my dream is having my favourite band at home? "it's impossible", right? - HAHA, too bad it already happened. :D) 

You know I started not to listen to others but to myself. If someone says my dreams are crazy it kind of motivates me to work harder on them and get them real. 

But I also know when I need help. And getting help is not wrong - no not at all. If it gets you closer to your dream, why not do it? :)

I live by the quote "the only way you fail, is when you don't react." (from the song "Canary In The Coalmine" by Jim Kroft.

I really really really hope that you guys got some inspiration or motivation from this little story time. 

Just do me a favour and believe in your dreams! If you believe in them and work for them, they will become real sooner or later. I promise! 

x Vanessa.

p.s.: the title of the post is inspired by the song "All I have to do is dream" by the Everly Brothers. 
Listen to the song covered by my favourite band Martin and James here:

Dan meets Portland live.

Hey guys,

today I can finally write another blogpost about a concert. It's been over a month since I've been to a concert (felt likes years though). It was a Milow concert where Martin and James were the support band. (No, I didn't not blog about that because of several reasons). 

So yesterday my Mum and I went to Frankfurt (for the third time this year.. tehee.) to the "MUSE|UMS|UFER|FEST 2012". We roadtriped there because we wanted to see my friend Dan Dietrich perform with his band called Dan meets Portland. After 1 hour driving and 1,5 hours of stop and go we finally arrived. (being stuck in traffic can be pretty entertaining when you look at random people ;) ) 

Not knowing how huge this fest is we were totally blown away seeing tons of people. Truly incredible. And magical. And lovely.
We definitely discovered the beautiful part of Frankfurt.

We sat down at some pretty neatly made location in front of the hr3 stage
Soon the soundcheck started. (I really love hearing bands doing their soundcheck before a show. :) Completes the whole concert feeling.)
Perfectly in time Dan started to perform two solo songs. What a voice!
After that the rest of the band joined him. 

Those guys definitely know how to entertain a crowd! But they are not only funny as hell but also talented. 

I was definitely surprised by how big the variety of songs they played was. From great originals to older cover songs (like "Free Fallin'" by Tom Petty) to songs everyone knows (like "What shall we do with the drunken sailor?") to new songs (like "Just the way you are" by Bruno Mars).
There was just music for everyone. 

(I really really really hope you are going to check out their music!!! Links are at the bottom.)

Meeting Dan afterwards was awesome. He's just wonderfully nice, really! 
So Daaan, you're probably reading this right now, so let me thank you:
thanks for great two hours of listening to great music (also thanks to Carlos and Julian!), thank you for the CD (I love it), thank you for being sooo so nice.  :) Can't wait for the next show. (and my driver's license :D)

It was a pleasure meeting you and talking to you. :) 

Two hours of great music, next to the wonderful river, lots of music lovers around, different cultures, great weather - what could be better? 

Here are some impressions:

You'll hear a lot more of those great musicians. :) 

Hope you enjoyed ;)

x Vanessa.

(feel free to leave a comment ;) no need to have any account, just type in your email)

Little parts of my room.

Hey guys,

today I'm showing you some of my favourite parts of my room. This has been requested, so here we go :)

So this is my little picture area next to my bed
I put lights around the whole shelf to make my bed area more cozy. There are pictures of Martin and James, Jim Kroft, my pets <3 and one picture of a telephone box from London. 
Also I keep some little decor things like the "Jar Of Flowers" (DIY: here), an old perfume bottle, 
some candle, and some presents from Spain. And of course my clock. 

This is another picture area .. but a big one.
 I put all pictures of me meeting my favourite musicians on my closet because putting them in pictures frames would be a pretty time taking thing. As you can see they're all black and white. 
On top I've written my favourite quote "the only way you fail, is when you don't react" from Jim Kroft's song "Canary In The Coalmine" (listen: here)

My band bracelets.
 Oh dear. Those who know me already know that I have such a bracelet obsession... this can't even be healthy. I still need to find a place where I can put them in for everyone to see them. :)
If you want me to, I could write a blogpost about them.

My lamp next to my bed. <3
I love this one so much.. There's nothing more to say about that. 

Sooo that's it for the first time. If you like this kind of post, let me know and I might do another one soon. 

Little note for those who don't follow me on Twitter: I am sorry for the lack of blogposts but I am working on something bigger right now. The project might be up on the blog some day soon but takes a lot of time and work right now, so it's a little bit hard to keep it up.
I hope you understand.

x Vanessa. 

Dip Dye.

Hey guys,

today I need your help/opinion. 
I've been verrrry bored lately so I spent a lot of time on looking through pictures and I came across "dip dye hair". 

For those who don't know what "dip dye" is - here are some pictures:

Now I'm really wondering what to think about it. Actually some colours do look incredibly great, but some don't. And somehow I'd love to try it out on my own hair but somehow I'm too afraid to do it. 

An easy way to test it would probably be getting clip-in extensions and dip dye them... :D

So people, help me out. 
Are you already rocking the dip dye hair? 
Are you thinking about dying your hair like that? 
If so - which colour/s?
 Or don't you like it? 

Leave a comment or talk to me on Twitter (@Vanyhoney). 

Thank you.. :)

x Vanessa.

Don't Act Like You Know Me.

Hey guys,

it's song introduction / song of the day time! Yay. :) Today it's "Don't Act Like You Know Me" by The Arkanes

This song is just lovely .. NO, I mean great! (I've been using the words lovely and wonderful so much lately.. but I think since The Arkanes are a rock band they would kill me if I called them lovely.. haha!) 

By the way - the band consists of four great guys: Chris Pate (lead singer and guitarist (high fiving him for being left handed, like I am)), Dylan Cassin (guitarist), Andy Long (drummer) and Lee Dummett (bassist). 

Back to what I was trying to say: this song got immediately stuck in my head when I first heard it at the Jim Kroft concert in Frankfurt.
When they played it everyone just started to dance. It was some kind of
a party. (a pretty hot one since the club was the hottest club I've ever been to. Sweaty thing.)
What I personally love about the song is the title. A few of you know how much I love reading into things. "Don't act like you know me" is just such a thing everyone would say at least once in their life. 
For example when someone you don't even like thinks he/she knows what you need and tells you what to do.
Or when someone judges you just by the way you look thinking they know everything about you as soon as they look at you. 
Or .. or .. or.
There are tons of situations I can imagine me saying "don't act like you know me".

So besides my really awesome interpretation this song has tons of great things to talk about.
Like the beat, the lyrics, the instruments. 

But I think you should listen to the song and find out how INCREDIBLY GOOD it is by yourself :P

Go visit and like their Facebook page here:  

x Vanessa.


Hey guys,

I am sorry for not blogging for the last few days. I was on vacation and spent two whole days with my horse, 9 hours on my horse's back. It was fantastic. And being out in the nature made my thoughts run wild and get some inspiration for my blog. 

I also thought I'd just share some of my thoughts with you.
 You know, when you discover the areas on a horseback you realize how big this world is and how small you actually are. 

You think about how cruel people can be, but at the same time you get to meet lovely people. 

You wonder what will change if you don't do anything and what won't change even if you try your hardest. 

You question peoples' minds. Why do they do what they do? Why would they want to be mean? Why would they want to make your life harder than it is?

You wonder if you're on the right way.
 Or if you will ever get on the wrong one. 
If things will get easier. 
Or more complicated. 
If everything will be fine. 

I think no one knows the answer to those questions. Because if there were answers, nobody would ever question it. 

I just had to get those things off of my chest and I hope you enjoyed it.

x Vanessa.

Tell Me Why.

Hey guys,

today I want to introduce you another song. This song introduction series is now a part of this blog and will happen every once in a while.

Today the song is by my favourite female songwriter: Taylor Swift
And the song is called "Tell Me Why"

This song means a lot to me because it helped me to realize a lot.

 There were times when I used to hold onto people who actually had to walk out of my life. Back then I really didn't want them to leave and put so much effort into a friendship. 
But a friendship doesn't work out if one person tries everything to keep it while the other doesn't even care about it but pretends to infront of other people.
Well one day I felt horrible and this song came on while I was at the horses and I just listened very very close to the lyrics. Guess what? I could relate 100 percent. 

Of course I have to post the lyrics - so there you go:
You took a swing, 
I took it hard,
and down here from the ground
I see who you are.

You could write a book on how

 to ruin someone's perfect day.
Well I get so confused and frustrated 
Forget what I'm trying to say, oh. 

Why do you have to make me feel small,
so you can feel whole inside? 

I take a step back, let you go
I told you I'm not bulletproof,
now you know. 

And as usually here's a video of Taylor performing the song: 

Hopefully you guys enjoy this song as much as I do.
Leave a comment if you like :))

x Vanessa.

15 good songs.

Hey guys,

I just saw the #15GoodSongs Twitter tag on Twitter (obviously) and decided not to spam my timeline but blog about it. 

For a music lover like me it's super hard to only pick out 15 songs, but let's do it. Somehow. :D

(the order has nothing to say)

1.) Check Yes Juliet - We The Kings

2.) Wrong Directions - Martin and James

3.) Suffice It To Say - Dan Dietrich

4.) Don't Act Like You Know Me - The Arkanes

5.) Canary In The Coalmine - Jim Kroft

6.) Fix A Heart - Demi Lovato

7.) Good Girl - Carrie Underwood

8.) Pushing Me Away - Jonas Brothers

10.) Ignorance - Paramore

11.) Daughters - John Mayer

12.) Somewhere In Brooklyn - Bruno Mars

13.) The Story Of Us - Taylor Swift

14.) One More Night - Maroon 5

15.) Free Fallin' - Tom Petty 

(to listen to the songs just click on the title, I linked them.)

I really had trouble stopping. ;) I also tried to take different artists to make it a little bit more interesting for you to read.
 But honestly I could to this tag for every of my favourite artists. :)

I hope you enjoyed this and maybe leave a comment ;)

x Vanessa.

Favourite place in the world.

Hey guys,

today I'm doing the blogpost the winner of the concert picture collection wanted me to blog about. She gave me a few options and I honestly loved every single one. But I've chosen to do a blogpost about my favourite place in the world.

Well since I haven't seen the whole world I definitely can only talk about what I have seen yet. Also my very favourite place in the world would be home, but I think it wouldn't be enough to talk about that.

Soooo my favourite place in the world is the Sacre-Coeur in Paris. I was there in 2009 with my French class from school and I fell for Paris immediately. We visited the Sacre-Coeur at the very end of our Paris tour and guys .. it was magical! 

Being in the church felt so wonderful. The windows, the benches, simply everything is perfect. 

But being in front of it is even better. There are some steps where so many people sit down and just talk, laugh, pray, find hope, sing, dance. It's just magical. Enchanting. Lovely. 

Also you can overview Paris from there. You can see so much of Paris from this place.

So you probably get why I love this place so much. I really hope to get back there soon and soak up the magic again. 

What's your favourite place in the world? :) Please let me know.

x Vanessa.

Notice details.

Hey guys,

today I honestly ran out of ideas to blog about. I mean I still have a little list of things but I wasn't in the mood to blog about any of them. 
So not doing anything else I took my iPod and listened to some favourite songs of mine.

Not that fascinating, right? Right.
 But I noticed things I haven't noticed before. Some tiny little details in songs  which actually do have a big influence. I got super excited and kept thinking about what the artists want to express with those details.
It just might be a different way of pronuncing a word, repeating a melody for several times, a really quiet background vocal. Anything you can imagine. 

So you're probably wondering why I wanted to blog about this. Simple: I want people to notice the little details that change or express a lot
Musicians want their listeners to notice every single piece of their work but sometimes it might take some time to get that.

Little details in songs are like a rainbow: you don't always see all the colours but they're always there. 

So why don't you go and listen to your favourite song now and try to notice a little detail? : )

x Vanessa.

Ring collection.

Hey guys,

sooo this blogpost is finally fashion related. I think some of you missed that since my last fashion blogpost was ... ages ago.

Today I'm gonna show you my ring collection. I actually only own big statement rings and I really love them. 

I think big rings are definitely an eye catcher for every outfit. Your outfit can be suuuper simple but adding one of those would make it pretty interesting. :)

So, here are my favourites: 

from Bijou Brigitte.

from TopShop London.

from Bijou Brigitte.

from H&M.

from Bijou Brigitte.

present ;)

from H&M

from Primark.

from an antique market.

Do you like big rings too? : )

x Vanessa.

Devils In The Doorway.

Hey guys,

today I will introduce you a song. Again. Haha, I'm just addicted to writing about special songs. Today's song is "Devils In The Doorway" by Martin and James. 

This song means so much to me. I fell for it the very first time I heard it and I still could listen to it 5 days straight without getting bored. 

The lyrics is fantastic but I guess since I'm talking about Martin and James I don't need to mention that because we all know how amazing their writing skills are. 
Because I love the lyrics SO much I thought I'd post it here: 

Fires wait to be tamed, the guilty wait for pardon,
Signals waiting to change their colours,
Lovers stand in the rain, in fear of being parted,
Time moves on like a train for us,
And we go, on and on in our way,
And we go, on and on in our own way,
Lights up ahead and the devils in the doorway,
Find some faith, and take it home
Ships that broke from their chains, are back to where they started,
Oceans wait to be drained, oh no,
Why can't we be automatic,
Why can't we be automatic,
Why can't we be automatic,
And we go, on and on in our way,
And we go, on and on in our own way,
Lights up ahead and the devils in the doorway,
Find some faith, and bring it home

(More M&J lyrics here)

I made a lot of my friends listen to that song and not one of them didn't like it. Some bought it on iTunes, some bought the whole "Bad Dream EP" where the song is on.  

I've heard this song live one time at a very special concert and I think that made me love it even more. 
The simple but deep melody, the way the guys use their instruments, the message of the song definitely are special.

Of course here is a video of a live performance. I really really hope you all are going to listen to it and tell me what you think about it. : )
That would make me reaaaally happy.

x Vanessa.


Instagram pictures.

Hey guys,

today I'm doing what a lot of bloggers do: a Instagram blogpost. :) I just thought it would be a funny thing to do, so there you go. 

Feel free to follow me on Instagram, my user name is: Vanyhoney (like my twitter ;-) )

I hope you'll enjoy a few of my Instagram pictures. : )

Sun bathing :D

The lucky melody. (dog named Lucky, cat named Melody ;))

Autumn breeze .. 

My favorite thing to do... <3

Let's start the day. :)

Ordered a bag, got the bag and this. 

Walking on sunshine, whoa oh.

My Lovely rocking some blonde extensions .. :D

Supporting the three coolest guys.

my "house in the sand" notebook. 

Mr Mars : )

x Vanessa.