Dip Dye.

Hey guys,

today I need your help/opinion. 
I've been verrrry bored lately so I spent a lot of time on pinterest.com looking through pictures and I came across "dip dye hair". 

For those who don't know what "dip dye" is - here are some pictures:

Now I'm really wondering what to think about it. Actually some colours do look incredibly great, but some don't. And somehow I'd love to try it out on my own hair but somehow I'm too afraid to do it. 

An easy way to test it would probably be getting clip-in extensions and dip dye them... :D

So people, help me out. 
Are you already rocking the dip dye hair? 
Are you thinking about dying your hair like that? 
If so - which colour/s?
 Or don't you like it? 

Leave a comment or talk to me on Twitter (@Vanyhoney). 

Thank you.. :)

x Vanessa.


  1. I kinda like that style but I'm as well too afraid to try it... :/
    Whenever I see a picture of Demi with her dip dyed hair I'm like: "Oh wow I like it, looks great. I should try it too."
    But when I think about it I always start doubting that it would look that good or that it wouldn't work out well.
    I found a tutorial about it... but I still don'T know: http://www.teaandtwigs.de/dip-dye-pastel-hair/

    1. I am so happy I'm not the only one thinking like that.. I mean .. yeah, it's only hair - but .. it takes something to try it out. Sooo unsure about it. I will definitely check out the tutorial, so thank you for that. :)


    2. Yeah it's only hair, that's right but I'm already pissed when I get a haircut and don't like it so if I dip dye my hair and don't like it... it would suck.
      You're very welcome! ;)

  2. Hi, I dip dyed some hair extensions a while ago and it was really easy to do :) What colour was you thinking you might like?

    Tanesha x


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