Don't Act Like You Know Me.

Hey guys,

it's song introduction / song of the day time! Yay. :) Today it's "Don't Act Like You Know Me" by The Arkanes

This song is just lovely .. NO, I mean great! (I've been using the words lovely and wonderful so much lately.. but I think since The Arkanes are a rock band they would kill me if I called them lovely.. haha!) 

By the way - the band consists of four great guys: Chris Pate (lead singer and guitarist (high fiving him for being left handed, like I am)), Dylan Cassin (guitarist), Andy Long (drummer) and Lee Dummett (bassist). 

Back to what I was trying to say: this song got immediately stuck in my head when I first heard it at the Jim Kroft concert in Frankfurt.
When they played it everyone just started to dance. It was some kind of
a party. (a pretty hot one since the club was the hottest club I've ever been to. Sweaty thing.)
What I personally love about the song is the title. A few of you know how much I love reading into things. "Don't act like you know me" is just such a thing everyone would say at least once in their life. 
For example when someone you don't even like thinks he/she knows what you need and tells you what to do.
Or when someone judges you just by the way you look thinking they know everything about you as soon as they look at you. 
Or .. or .. or.
There are tons of situations I can imagine me saying "don't act like you know me".

So besides my really awesome interpretation this song has tons of great things to talk about.
Like the beat, the lyrics, the instruments. 

But I think you should listen to the song and find out how INCREDIBLY GOOD it is by yourself :P

Go visit and like their Facebook page here:  

x Vanessa.


Let me know what you think! :)