Happy August.

Hey guys,

happy first of August. :D I know, it's only the beginning of a month, but why not? It's crazy how already 7 whole months passed by. Is it cheesy to say that actually 2012 was great so far? I mean, is it to early to say that?

Well ... I don't think so. It's good to appreciate the good things and take some time to honor them or re-live them, isn't it? 

There are many things I'm really thankful and happy about. For example this blog: it's a blessing to see how it grows every single day, how the views multiply, the comments get sweeter and your feedback becomes more. I just love that. You know that there was a tough time when some people cleary misunderstood the mission of this blog and started to spread some hate. But there were many people who told me not to stop and not to take care about those mean people. And I didn't. I carried on and I am so happy about that decision.

Also I am sooooooooo happy about how I met so many wonderful, inspiring, carrying and just lovely people  this year. Honestly I am so touched by what a few of them did for me and they became so important to me. So meeting many great people is definitely one of the coolest things of the year so far.

Another cool thing is that I am working on many projects right now. Some are for myself and my future, my dream job, stuff like that. Some are for my horse. And some are for this blog and I'm just super excited to watch them growing, becoming something real and see how you guys will react. : )

At the end of this blogpost I want to make sure that the new followers/readers get the chance to read the most important blogposts of this blog. So I will list them here and I'd be very happy to get some feedback as well:

x Vanessa.


  1. Happy August to you too hon! Thanks for your lovely comment, Im following back :)


  2. BEAUTIFUL picture!! :D

    P.S- I have TWO GIVEAWAYS on my blog currently! Check it out to win a free pair of spiked booties or a free dress of your choice! <3

    Cindy C.


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