The best part about music has to be the live performance.

And we're lucky enough to have a few performances dedicated to house in the sand.

Watch them here:

Nick Liam

Jim Kroft | Thorge

Martin and James | Shoot The Rabbit

Sarah Bollinger | Winter In Toronto

Liam McClair | Dan Dietrich

Ben Barritt & Mishka Adams | Arionce

Rosco McCabe | Lizabett Russo

The Arkanes | Nina Yasmineh

Tom Mitchell | Jayden Blair

 The Spase | Emma Harrop

Chris Stringer | Mark Mathews

Doodah Farm | Danton Jay

Palms and Pelicans | Kiirstin Marilyn

Lucy Hall & Jonny Skeates | The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco

The Unassisted | The Rivertairs

Under A Banner | Martin and James


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