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How To: get ready for a concert.

Hey guys,

since I'll be going to the Jim Kroft concert in Frankfurt tomorrow, I asked you guys if you'd like a "how to get ready for a concert" blogpost. So, now here we are - sooo let's get started.
(of course this is the way I get ready for a concert)

Getting ready for a show starts the evening before - I always write a list where are write down all the things I need. Mostly it's always a long roadtrip, so I do need a lot.
Here's an example:

(bad list - normally I have to do more.. but I already did everything else)

As soon as the list is finished, I write another one. On that list I always write down what I need to do before leaving.

I'm a girlie girl - so what do you think I do next? - Yes, choosing my outfit - of course! I always try to match the genre of the concert - mixing that style with my own style. For the Taylor Swift show I wore my cowboy boots, for the Bruno Mars show I went more casual with the clothes, well - you get the idea.

Because I'm a very girlie girl I also want my nails to look nice - so next step: choosing a matching nailpolish and   painting my nails.

In the morning I do the stuff I have to do (looking after my horse, school, whatever, ..). Depending on how long we travel I start getting ready mostly in the early noon. You know, sometimes getting ready just takes sooo long. Taking a shower, doing my hair and make-up, packing my bag, getting dresses, etc.

Right before we leave I take my lists and go through them just you make sure I got everything with me.

I hope this helped you to find a way to get ready for the next concert you're going to. My next blogpost will be a review about the Jim Kroft show tomorrow. : )

x Vanessa.

New Project. : )

Hey guys,

I'm on vacation right now - that means I have enough time to let my creativity go wild. : ) I just got a new idea: I found a nice theme I want you guys to talk about. I want to send this theme/question to as many people as I can and then collect your answer. Probably I will do it via Twitter. 
After collecting your answer I will put them in a new blogpost.
 This project just sounds super interesting because there is one theme to talk about, but a lot of different answers. 

I really hope you will join this project and help me to do something big.

Here is the question: What makes you unique? 

I know this might sound strange to you but I want to create more than just a blogpost. I want you to see that you're beautiful and unique and worthy. So send me your response. Some of you may say "My eyes make me unique." - some may say "my love for music makes me unique." And that's what I would love to see. 

I really really can't wait to hear from you and write the blogpost about your responses. 

Please join ;) 

x - Vanessa.

London Haul

Hey guys,

today it's time for the promised London haul. I took pictures of everything I bought there and now I'm gonna show you my new lovely things.
I'm not doing this to brag or something! 

There we go. : )

Camden Market - 10 £

Camden Market - 10 £

Forever21 - 20 £

Camden Market - 9 £

Camden Market - 15 £

Camden Market - 15 £

Primark - 3 £

Primark - 9 £

Camden Market - 3 £

Accessoires - 1 £

Souvenier store - 0.50 £

Joy - 6 £

TopShop - 2  £

Primark - 1 £

Primark - 1 £

Drugstore - 4 £

Primark - 4 £

Primark - 4 £

? - 10 £

Camden Market - 4 £

Camden Market - 15 £

 I really hope you guys liked that kind of blogpost. If you did, tell me and I might do other hauls soon. 
: ) For me it definitely was fun. : )

x - Vanessa.

"Dreamers never know what can't be done."

Hey guys,

I found a wonderful quote by Bill Veeck on my Twitter Timeline. Nick Jonas tweeted it a long time ago and someone just retweeted it so I saw it.
Before I talk about it - here's the whole quote:

"I'm for the dreamers. The only really important things in history have been started by the dreamers. They never know what can't be done."                         - Bill Veeck.

I really love this quote because I consider myself as a dreamer. I recently got the weirdest ideas but I believe in them. "If you can imagine it - it can happen" - that's my motto and I can imagine a lot of my ideas very well, so I guess I have to work for them but in the end I will be the one who dreamt, worked and got what I wanted.

Sure there are always some doubts, but the doubts are normal. Even dreamers do have doubts, but dreamers are strong enough to continue anyway and fight for what they dream of. There are also always the people that tell us dreamers that we're crazy and our dreams are impossible - but they aren't. Things are impossible if you think they are, but if you think you can make it - you will.

I don't know about you guys, but I believe in my dreams. Even if it takes years to let them come true. Hopefully you do the same. : )

Keep on dreaming,

x - Vanessa.

Canary In The Coalmine - Jim Kroft.

Hey guys,

today is a special day for all the Krofties out there. The video of "Canary In The Coalmine" by the lovely Jim Kroft has been released. : ) I've been looking forward to seeing it ever since I knew it would be released. 

Also "Canary In The Coalmine" is one of my favorite songs by Mr. Kroft so that made the joy even bigger. I just got home and the first thing I did was watching the video. Not once, not twice, but seven times. In a row. 
Call me a freak, I call myself a Kroftie. 

I am blown away by the editing, the people in it and the story that now not only the song but also the video tells. 

To every blogreader who still doesn't know Jim Kroft - at least now you have to check him out. You better start with this video, believe me - if you watch and listen close, you will definitely be impressed. 

There is something I should tell you: whenever I have a favorite song I always have a favorite part in it. Sometimes it's a favorite melody part but most of the time it's the lyrics. 
In this song I also have a favorite part of the lyrics - "our suffering connects us all"

I don't even wont to talk a lot about this line of the song, but I want you to think about it and tell me what you think. 

So of course - here is the video I'm talking about. Please go and check it out.

x - Vanessa.

Jim Kroft - Headline Tour:
27 | 05 | 2012 | STAGE CLUB | HAMBURG
28 | 05 | 2012 | LUXOR | COLOGNE
29 | 05 | 2012 | AMPERE | MUNICH
30 | 05 | 2012 | NACHTLEBEN | FRANKFURT
31 | 05 | 2012 | FRANZ CLUB | BERLIN

Rooney girls (and boys).

Hey guys,

today it's been a year since I went to my second Rooney concert. That they I did not only meet the guys and talk to them, I also met the wonderful Rooney girls in person. This blogpost ist dedicated to them : )

That day was really special to me because I felt totally welcome to the Rooney girls family the day I met you. I've actually been a little scared that it might get awkward but I really didn't. I had sooo much fun. Especially with the lightsticks. (do you remember? :D)

I can't believe it's already been a year .. it just went by so fast. I really miss you a lot but I love how we still keep talking on Twitter. I hope we'll never stop that! 

But of course I also miss the Rooney guys. Robert, Ned, Louie, Taylor and Brandon. I hope they are doing well and I hope we will meet again sometime soon. 

The fact that we all live in different parts of the world makes me sad because I wish we could meet again (even if Rooney don't play a show) but I guess that's not possible. 

Anyway - thank you so much for that wonderful day. Maybe we can do it again : )

Lots of love to all the Rooney girls, 

x - Vanessa.

Martin and James concert.

Hey guys, 
yesterday I went to the Martin and James concert and now I want to tell you something about it. : )

We started our roadtrip to Unterbachern at 1pm. After 3 1/2 hours of travelling we finally got to the venue where no one else was .. so we were the first people, again. :D After checking out the location from the outside we talked to the manager of the whole event. She was sooo nice and did an amazing job organizing everything. 
Soon a few other fans (if anyone of you girls is reading this - hi!: ) it was nice to meet you) joined us waiting for the doors to open. What we didn't know at that time was that Martin and James weren't already there. So after I guess 30 to 40 minutes they arrived together with Ryan. I loved how they just waved when they saw that we were already wating for them. When they had to take all over their heavy stuff into the venue I felt really sorry and I regret not offering them my help.. Sorry guys! 
But being there early did not only mean seeing the guys arriving, no - we also got to listen to the soundcheck - which was fantastic. After that they came back out saying "Bis bald" ("see you later" in German).

The door opening was sooo relaxed. The wonderful event manager just let us in and told us where the food was and all that stuff. Honestly, I've never been to a nicer concert.
The support act Ray O'Sullivan turned out to have a whole band with him on stage. They played 10 songs which I really enjoyed. When they played song number five my Mom came over to me saying "James is at the back." Well.. you can probably tell that I just had to go there.
I took two of the Martin and James bracelets I made for them (which you can see/buy here) and went to James. He seemed to remember me from Frankfurt where I promised them to bring them some bracelets because when I said "I got something for you" and gave him the bracelets, he was like "ohh, the bracelets." Of course I was sooo happy to finally get to give them the bracelets I made. We talked a little bit and he thanked me I guess a million times. So nice and polite! : ) Then I deciced to leave him alone again and let him enjoy the support act.

After Ray and his band got off the stage the guys jumped on there and started to set up their instruments. Ryan helped them (like he always does, right?) and when I looked at him my eyes almost popped out of my face. Why? Because HE WORE THE BRACELET. :O :D (sorry for the caps, but damnnn)

Finally the show started and it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Their voices were just perfect. Like really perfect. No. More perfect than perfect. 

Oh and it's normal to play three (!!!) instruments at the same time, right? I really wish I could be that talented. 

And that's exactly the point I don't understand: why aren't those two guys as famous as Justin Bieber? I'm no Bieber fan, but that does not mean I would hate on him. But I just don't understand why he is more famous than Martin and James. They put so much time and love in their music and they are so nice to their fans and everything. I really do believe in them and I will keep on supporting them as much as I can. (they will be the biggest musicians as soon as I'm a journalist (which will hopefully be in 4 years) because I will write articles and reviews about them 24/7)
I guess every fan of a smaller band or act would want them to become really famous but also has a fear. The fear of being forgotten, right? The more fans they get, the less they will talk to them and probably won't remember them but I think M&J would be different. I think they still would come out after every show and talk to everyone without any stress. 

Of course the evening was filled with funny jokes the guys accidently told. For example James telling us "We've been making music together for about 7 years now .. wait, no. 15 years." a few people already laughed about that but when Martin said "Well, the other 8 years it wasn't music." everyone just had to laugh. 

Afterwards they came out to talk to everyone. I first talked to Martin and gave him another bracelet because  Ryan took one so I thought they'd need one more. He thanked me many times and asked some questions. (by the way - my "understand Scottish" skills got amazing! I understood every single word.) As you will see later we took a picture together. My Mom took the picture and said "you forgot to say 'cheese'." Martin just responded: "Oh, that's the Scottish smile.." :D Too cool.
Then I went over to Ryan who was selling the merch stuff. I was still so happy that he wore the bracelet and said "Oh, nice bracelet" when I showed him mine. He laughed and thanked me. I asked him if we could take a picture together.. he was kind of surprised. I love the pose we made. Ain't we cool? I mean .. come on, the bracelet models, right? 
At last but not least - time to talk to James again. He looked at me and went all like "Oh no! We forgot to thank you for the bracelets!" (well I guess he wanted to do that on stage..(SO NICE)) Actually the thought is enough, so James - no need to be sorry. I was happy. We took a picture together, which you will see down below. "See you at the next show?!" was what James said to Mom and me and Mom was like "I think so." :D I hope this next concert will be soon.

So, one in one - the evening was perfect, great, amazing, lovely, wonderful, .. you get the idea. 

Oh and if Martin, James or Ryan are reading this right now - thank you guys so so much! You don't know how big my smile still is .. it's almost eating my face. I just can't wait to see you again. : )

I took about 180 pictures, I can't post all, but here are my favorites . : ) 

I hope you enjoyed this large blogpost. : ) it was fun writing it. 

x - Vanessa.

P.S: please remember that you can leave comments underneath every post. You have to type in your Name (which will be seen) and your e-mail (which no one gets to see - not even me) : ) I just love reading and answering your comments.

Watch the video of "Broken Sword" live - here! :)

My London Trip.

Hey guuuuys,

I'm finally back from London. I hope you enjoyed all of the blogpost I put in the queue before.
Now that I'm back, I totally have to write about my trip to London.
As you know I went there from school.
Thursday, May 10th, 8pm - officially sat down in the coach that would bring us to London. We were all so excited because it's been our very first time to go to London.

Friday, May 11th, 7.30am - we just arrived in Dover via ferry. The sea wasn't rough at all so we could enjoy the sunrise without getting sea sick. After that we soon made our way to Greenwich were we visit the observatory and want through the Greenwich to another boat which would ship us to Westminster. We got off at the Westminster Pier. That they we also saw the Houses of Parliament, the Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Whitehall, the famous horse guards. But of course we also went to Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden.
This day was very long but super interesting and wonderful.

When we arrived at Croydon, where our host family would pick us up at 7pm we were really nervous. But the family turned out to be super nice and really talkative. 

Day two - at 8.30 we jumped in our coach again which would drive us from Croydon to London. We first visited the Tower of London, the City and then went to my highlight of the week - the St. Paul's Cathedral - where we took over 1000 (!!!) stairs to climb the top of the Cathedral where we could see WHOLE LONDON. But of course we had to get back to the bottom again .. so that they I actually took 2000 stairs - can you believe that? I felt so fit afterwards. 
Another exciting thing was the ride with the Undergroud tubes - I always wanted to do that. I even had it on my bucket list. We rode to the famous Piccadilly Circus and were hypnoticed by all the billboards there.

On day three, Sunday, we made our way to Madame Tussaud's. That was incredibly funny! I've never been to a Madame Tussaud's, so I felt like a little child at a toy store. It's just amazing.
After that we went to Hyde Park, where we first listened to some speakers at the Speaker's Corner and relaxed afterwards. This park is sooo beautiful. 
When we were relaxed again we took the coach and went to the famous Camden Market which blew my mind away. I mean, I expected a lot after my friend Jana told me about it - but  damn - it's just amazing!

Day four - starting at Hampton Court, which was just a beautiful thing to visit, we started the day definitely right! After that we visited the Windsor Castle and Eton. Both sights have been wonderful.

On our last day in London we first went to the Natural History Museum which is soooo big and interesting. Afterwards we got some free time where we of course went to Oxford Street to do some shopping.

As you can tell - I had a lovely time. It was sooo worth the long travel and I really had so much fun together with my class. I think we grew together even more.

To make this blogpost a little more interesting I decided to upload some pictures too. But don't worry, I will post another blogpost with pictures of London soon. :) 

I hope you enjoyed my trip.. :D 

x - Vanessa.

No words. Only pictures.

Hey guys, 

it's time for another picture-post today. I'm still in London so this was written before I went ;).

Friendship. <3

The two cutest buddies! :) 

Nooo, I don't like polka dots. Obviously.

I'm a sucker for flowers.

Thomas Martin Kelly ...

and James Edan O'Neill.

Hope you enjoyed. :) 
Tell me which picture is your favorite.

x - Vanessa.