My London Trip.

Hey guuuuys,

I'm finally back from London. I hope you enjoyed all of the blogpost I put in the queue before.
Now that I'm back, I totally have to write about my trip to London.
As you know I went there from school.
Thursday, May 10th, 8pm - officially sat down in the coach that would bring us to London. We were all so excited because it's been our very first time to go to London.

Friday, May 11th, 7.30am - we just arrived in Dover via ferry. The sea wasn't rough at all so we could enjoy the sunrise without getting sea sick. After that we soon made our way to Greenwich were we visit the observatory and want through the Greenwich to another boat which would ship us to Westminster. We got off at the Westminster Pier. That they we also saw the Houses of Parliament, the Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Whitehall, the famous horse guards. But of course we also went to Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden.
This day was very long but super interesting and wonderful.

When we arrived at Croydon, where our host family would pick us up at 7pm we were really nervous. But the family turned out to be super nice and really talkative. 

Day two - at 8.30 we jumped in our coach again which would drive us from Croydon to London. We first visited the Tower of London, the City and then went to my highlight of the week - the St. Paul's Cathedral - where we took over 1000 (!!!) stairs to climb the top of the Cathedral where we could see WHOLE LONDON. But of course we had to get back to the bottom again .. so that they I actually took 2000 stairs - can you believe that? I felt so fit afterwards. 
Another exciting thing was the ride with the Undergroud tubes - I always wanted to do that. I even had it on my bucket list. We rode to the famous Piccadilly Circus and were hypnoticed by all the billboards there.

On day three, Sunday, we made our way to Madame Tussaud's. That was incredibly funny! I've never been to a Madame Tussaud's, so I felt like a little child at a toy store. It's just amazing.
After that we went to Hyde Park, where we first listened to some speakers at the Speaker's Corner and relaxed afterwards. This park is sooo beautiful. 
When we were relaxed again we took the coach and went to the famous Camden Market which blew my mind away. I mean, I expected a lot after my friend Jana told me about it - but  damn - it's just amazing!

Day four - starting at Hampton Court, which was just a beautiful thing to visit, we started the day definitely right! After that we visited the Windsor Castle and Eton. Both sights have been wonderful.

On our last day in London we first went to the Natural History Museum which is soooo big and interesting. Afterwards we got some free time where we of course went to Oxford Street to do some shopping.

As you can tell - I had a lovely time. It was sooo worth the long travel and I really had so much fun together with my class. I think we grew together even more.

To make this blogpost a little more interesting I decided to upload some pictures too. But don't worry, I will post another blogpost with pictures of London soon. :) 

I hope you enjoyed my trip.. :D 

x - Vanessa.


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