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The Mission Of Promotion: Capulet.

Hey guys,

I am super excited about this blogpost. You might wonder why, right? Well.. this is another part of my "the mission of promotion" series which started with Dan Dietrich, an incredible musician. 

With introducing you this next musician I kinda feel like giving you an inside tip and we all would be like those fashion bloggers who already know what's in next year. You know? After this post we will be those music blogger/people who already know what music will be in soon. Why? Because we know this music project:


Alright, let's get into this amazing project. 

Well, I keep saying project, because it's Chris Pate's side project. Chris is the lead singer of The Arkanes (a band from Liverpool). True readers probably remember this name because I have already introduced you a few songs and showed you pictures. 
What I think is pretty impressive, is that Chris works on this project alone. The only helping hand is Tim Gordline, the producer. 

Of course you guys should listen to the songs! I really had a hard time finding the right words to describe the sound. 
You know what? Go and listen to the songs, that's the best thing to do. 

(to listen, just click on the name)

I have talked to Chris on Facebook. (wait - is that "talking" or only "social networking"? .. tough one) Well then .. I have social networked with Chris and he told that none of the songs is released or available to download yet, but they will be soon

Now there are some great things to tell you about the song "C'mon!":

- The song is used by ASOS, the modelling agendy in Australia, USA and UK). 

- And it's in a promotional advertisement for DENON's new prodoct. (a docking station called COCOON)

The advertisement just got filmed and will be available to view in less than a month.

So and now it's your time to check out the songs and like the Facebook page. 

Alright insider people, we are officially the coolest now because we know great music some other people don't. But I think we should change that! So please share the music and support an amazing project! 

Please leave a comment (it's free ;) and everyone can do it, even anons) and in the meantime I'll try to figured out how to make it to Munich to see The Arkanes. May we all be successfull!

x Vanessa.

Favorite lyrics update.

Hey guys,

I thought today it was time to do a "favorite lyrics" update. I did a blogpost for that about 4 months ago which you can read here. Of course I still love the songs/lyrics I posted back then. But there are other songs (mainly by the same artists) which became important to me and I'd love to share them with you now. 

Demi Lovato:
Fix A Heart: "You can't bandage the damage, you never really can fix a heart."

Jim Kroft:
Canary In The Coalmine: "The only way you fail, is when you don't react."

Martin and James:
What I'm Searching For: "I never wanted to run, I never wanted to hide, I never wanted to hurt you."

Maroon 5:
Payphone: "You can't expect me to be fine, I don't expect you to care."

Taylor Swift:

Better Than Revenge: "No amount of vintage dresses gives you dignity."

Both Of Us: "Sometimes I wonder why we care so much about the way we look and the way we talk."

Kelly Clarkson: 
Einstein: "Dumb plus dumb equals you."

Carrie Underwood:
Undo It: "You want my future, you can't have it. I'm still trying to erase you from my past, I need you gone so fast."

The Arkanes:Don't Act Like You Know Me: "Don't act like you know me, no you're gonna know me." 

That's it. I hope you enjoyed the lyrics and like them as much as I do
Let me know your favorite lyrics in the comments. I will definitely listen to the songs I don't already know.

x Vanessa. 


Hey guys, 

today I went to the mall to do some shopping and suddenly I saw wonderful Scrapbook paper. There were so many lovely pattern in so many pretty colors.

 Seeing pretty stuff like that definitely made me want to start a Scrapbook.
But I have never done that before so I actually don't really know how to do it.. Are there any "must-do's" or "don't's" ?

I thought about doing a Scrapbook for all the concerts I went to but honestly I'm not sure how to start. 
Do you just take pictures and place them on a page or do you even write on it?! I don't know.

Has anyone of you ever started a Scrapbook and has any tips for me? It would be wonderful if you could share your knowledge with me! : ) 

Maybe soon I'll be able to start it and share my work with you. 

x Vanessa.

p.s.: I'm overwhelmed by your support. Leaving a comment or even hitting the "follow/subscribe" button which I just put on my blog means so much to me. 

Fix a heart.

Hey guys,

since you enjoyed my last music blogpost (which was this one), I thought I would just do another one. 
Today it's "Fix A Heart" by Demi Lovato. This song has been my favorite of her album "Unbroken" ever since I first heard it. 
I probably don't have to tell you that Demi's voice is perfect, right? She has so much power in it and in my opinion she's the best female vocalist of the "Disney generation". 
But she not only has this amazing voice, she also puts so many emotions in every song. 

"Fix a heart" is such a wonderful song. 

My favorite part of the lyrics is:
"I just ran out of band-aids, I don't even know where to start. Cause you can't bandage the damage, you never really can fix a heart."

Now of course for those who don't know the song, here's a video of Demi performing it live:

What do you think of this song? And do you like Demi? I'd love to hear your opinion. : )

Might do another "song introduction" soon. : ) I hope you enjoy these kinds of posts. 

Thanks for your support which got much bigger lately! You guys rock! And if you follow me and want me to follow you back, just tell me. ;)

x Vanessa.

Vacation time.

Hey guys,

I think almost everyone is on vacation right now. Well, at least the students. So today I'd love to know what you guys will do in summer. 

I'm asking because I definitely need some inspiration from you guys. I haven't plannend anything yet but might go on a little road trip to my favorite city. But I'd love to know what you guys are going to do.

 Are you staying home? If yes, what will you do over that time? Read books? Make music? Spend time with your friends? Get creative and create new things? 

Just tell me what you'll be doing over the summer : )

x Vanessa.

P.s.: feel free to talk to me on Twitter: @Vanyhoney

Blown away.

Hey guys,

first of all I want to thank everyone who supports my blog by reading and especially leaving a comment. It is the most wonderful thing to answer comments, so keep that up you guys! : )

Today I'd love to introduce you a song which ironically has blown me away: Blown Away by Carrie Underwood. 

I liked Carrie ever since I first heard "Undo It" on the radio, but with this song (and actually the whole album) she really got me. Her vocals are incredible! Honestly - if I sang like her, I'd never stop. 

What I love about this song is the lyrics. She uses different kinds of writing but it all looks so similar. There are a few comparisons which are just great. The story of the song is fascinating because I am pretty sure that lots of people can relate to it. In some points even I can.

Listen to this amazing live perfomance of the song:

The whole "Blown Away" album is great, so feel free to check it out ;)

Do you like Carrie Underwood?
Leave a comment and tell me what you think about her and the song.

x Vanessa.

Concert picture collection.

Hey guys,

today I wanted to post a collection of every concert I've been to. While preparing this blogpost I realized that I don't have pictures of every show, so I decided to post those I own. 
Pictures are memories and who doesn't want memories from concerts?! 

Here are the pictures, hope you enjoy:

Rooney - October 2010

Taylor Swift - March 2011

Rooney - May 2011

Bruno Mars - October 2011

Dan Dietrich (supporting Martin and James) - February 2012

Jim Kroft and Jonas Lieber (supporting Martin and James) - February 2012

Martin and James - February 2012

Martin and James (Musikmesse FFM) - March 2012

Martin and James - May 2012

The Arkanes (supporting Jim Kroft) - May 2012

Jim Kroft - May 2012

Martin and James (supporting Milow) - July 2012

Martin and James (supporting Milow) - July 2012

That's it. : )
Please leave a comment and tell me which picture is your favorite. : )
If you can guess my favorite picture you will be the one to choose what I blog about next, is that cool? 
(everyone is able to leave a comment, no need to have a blogger or google account ;) )

x - Vanessa.

DIY: make it glitter.

Hey guys,

today this blogpost is mainly for the girlie girls under you. The girlie girls who love glitter like I do.
I was super bored the last few days so I decided to let my creativity run wild. So I looked around in my room the first thing I saw was my glitter powder .. creativity + glitter powder = attention, I'm going wild

So I actually decided to do a little DIY. Let's get started:

What you need:

- glue
- glitter powder

- glitter glue

What you do:

Ok, this is super simple: just put glue on whatever you want to glitter, (I've chosen things like picture frames, iPod cases, my capo, pictures, cards, etc.) and then put the glitter powder over it. 

If you're using glitter glue, that's all you need to put on. 

Super super simple.

I just think that putting glitter on things that look boring makes them super cute and interesting to look at. For example the picture frame I glittered looked horrible before, but now that there's glitter on it's my favorite frame. 

Here are a few pictures of what I glittered so far. If you have any ideas what else to glitter please let me know ;)

Picture frame with glitter.
(sorry, I don't want to show you what's inside)

My capo - now even lovelier.

Put glitter glue onto the picture aswell. 

Have a sparkling day everyone! 

x Vanessa.


Oreo Cupcakes.

Hey guys,

today I want to share an amazing party food recipe. Well.. a "last minute" recipe because you actually can use a cake mix for it. The baking people under you guys will probably not like the idea of using a cake mix, so you can of course do it yourself. (but I have to admit that I used the mix.. :D, I guess that was the better way for my guests .. )

I chose to show you the recipe of the oreo cupcakes because of all the things I made for my birthday party, those ones were the best in my guests opinion. 

What you need:
- Oreo cookies (normal sized)

- Oreo cookies (the mini sized ones)
- A choco cake bake mix (or do it yourself)

- Topping (in America you can probably buy it, right?)
--> if you need a recipe for the topping I did, just leave a comment.

What you do:
Take the cupcake moulds and put one normal sized oreo cookie into it. Then fill the rest of the moulds with your bake mix and put everything in the oven for about 15-20 minutes. During the cakes are in the oven you can prepare the topping. 
(I put the topping into the fridge and waited until the cakes are completely cold)
Then put the topping on top of the cakes and use one mini sized oreo to decorate the whole cupcake. 

It's super easy to bake and definitely an eye catcher at every party buffet.

Let me know if you try it out ;) I will definitely bake this stuff more often.

x Vanessa.

A wise man once said ...

... "It is a lot easier to hate than to love - and that is why so many people seem to hate."

That wise man is Jim Kroft. Not only a man who inspired me in so many ways, but also a friend. It makes me incredibly happy and proud to call him a friend because Jim is definitely one of the most creative, most poetic and most carrying people I know.
Not only his music is always there to make me smile but so are his words. I honestly stopped counting the times he sent me the most wonderful messages.

The quote I wrote down at the beginning is probably the truest thing ever said. Jim definitely knows how to love and how to show love. And I am so happy to know him, his music and everything else he does. 

I really think that all of you should check him out, here are the links:

Jim is going on support the band Livingston in October - click here for the tour dates: 

If you ever get to talk to him (over the internet or in person) you will definitely find out how wonderful he is. 

(a little note to you all - please feel free to comment on my blog. I'd love to talk to you and check out your blog or whatever you do on the internet)

I hope you're going to check out Jim's work and I could help him out with this blogpost as much as he helps me out with his work. 

x - Vanessa.

houseinthesand honors M&J

Hey guys,

I was a little unsure what to blog about today so I just decided to write about the wonderful Martin and James. As you know the houseinthesand is named after a line of their song "Wrong Directions". When I first heard them at the Taylor Swift concert that song got stuck in my head immediately.
If you're interested in reading the lyrics or listening to the song - just do it. ;) 
you won't regret it.

I know I've blogged about them a lot and guess what - I won't stop. :D 
Those guys have done so much for me. Their music picks me up whenever I'm down. The lyrics are just incredible and I really wish my songwriting skills where that good. To show you what I mean, take a look at my favorite lyrics:

Bad Dream:
"All has turned to black as my eyes are filled with tears no-one sees." 

You're A Window:
"It's a big world and we can't see it all. It's a big world and sometimes we're too small to see, everything."

Wrong Directions:
"I'll build my house in the sand, until the waves knock it down." 
"Oh no, it's not enough to say I'm sorry."

I Have To Fall:
"Everyday's a new day, needing more work than the last."

Lay This Down:
"Dreams are like fires you hold in your hands, you get burned by it, but you learn from it."

"I'll find it in my head, the weapon of defence pulling me under, guarding me from enemies ahead."

"Fires die out as they burn."

Cynical Skin:
"Half the glass is full and half is empty. No prizes here for guessing which one I see."

What I'm Searching For:
"Never wanted to run, never wanted to hide, never wanted to hurt you."

Ok, honestly I could go on and on and list every song here.. :D But if you're interested in reading more - go here: 

I am not sure if Martin and James actually read this, but if they do - hi Martin. Hi James. : ) thank you for everything, especially for what you've done for me last week. I just don't know how to thank you for that, but I hope supporting you for ever is enough : )

But there is one bad thing about being their fan ... I started to look weird at people who don't have a Scottish accent. :D Haha, but you know what? I can live with that very well : )

If you're on Facebook, please go and like their page: 
They only need a few more likes until they reach 12,000 likes, so feel free to help out and like like like ;)

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost, I really enjoyed writing it ;)

x Vanessa.

Life is a roller coaster.

Hey guys,

today I want to give you all an advice: throw people who are no good for you out of your life and never let them in again. 
To some of you this might sound really strange but honestly it's the only right thing to do. In your life you will meet a lot of people. What you don't know when you first say hello to them is how long they will stay in your life. But what I think is worse - you don't see how they will treat you. 

I've been fooled by people I thought they never would even think about hurting me. Of course at the time I got hurt, I didn't think they did that on purpose. So I always give them a second chance. No .. I gave them more than two chances - a world of chances.
Sure, I'm only sixteen and you all can say "what does she know about life?" Good question - what do I know about life? Probably not much. But I know a lot about people, probably still not enough. 

And I also learned about myself. I learned what is good for me, and what isn't. The last few weeks were a pure roller coaster ride - lots of ups and lots of downs. I learned to make the best of the downs and enjoy the ups as much as I can. 
But I learned more than that - I learned to throw out the people that are no good for me and let the good people become a bigger part of my life. I made a cut. There were two girls who were jealous of what I have and who wanted to tear me down by making up rumors. They really made me cry often but no they are no longer in my life and I don't care about what they do and say anymore. 

But like I said - life was a roller coaster for me - that means there aren't only downs, but there are also ups. I figured out who is honestly there for me. And I found people who would do anything to see me smile. And I got to know people who help me with what they do without knowing it and who like me for who I am - not for who I expect myself to be. 

I really wish you have figured out who you can count on. And if there are people who tear you down  - don't cry because of them, make a cut and throw them out of your life. You will feel way better! 
And if you need someone to talk, there's a button on the blog saying "contact", just click and choose a way to talk to me. ;)

x Vanessa.

DIY: Jar of flowers.

Hey guys,

today I have a DIY (Do It Yourself) room decor thingy for you! :) I am so excited about this because it's probably the easiest but sweetest DIY ever. 

I call it the "Jar of flowers" - you will see why. 

Before I get into it - here's what you need:

- a big jar (maybe your grandmother owns one. I got mine at a vintage market for 2 bucks)

- an electric tea light candle (electric because you have to put it in the jar)
- tons of fake flowers in any colors you like or think that match 

Now that you know what you need - let's get started:

1.) First of all you want to clean the jar very well. If you get it from your grandmother or a vintage market it might be a used one, so make sure that it's totally clean. 

2.) Take the flowers and rip off the flower from the peduncle. You will only need the pretty "flower heads". 

3.) Fill the flowers into your jar. You can either fill it up completely, just the bottom or how I did it - fill half of the jar.

4.) Put the electric tea light candle on top of the flowers, close the jar and ...

5.) ... you're done. : )

I think this is a beautiful eye catcher which fits every room and gives it a wonderful and warm touch up. 

I really hope you liked this DIY blogpost. If you're going to create your very own jar of flowers, please let me know. : )

x Vanessa.

Picture of the day - M&J

Hey guys,

today I have a little picture of the day for you.
It's a picture of the greatest band of all time - Martin and James.
I took this picture in Meersburg when they were opening for Milow.
I guess I don't even have to tell you they were amazing, right?!

Hopefully you enjoyed this little post and like the picture. : )

x Vanessa. 

7 things for 7 days. (done)

Hey guys, 

a while ago I participated in Louise's project "7 things for 7 days". It was all about setting yourself seven aims and trying to reach them. I decided not to do it in a week and just took the time I need.

Today I want to present you what I reached and what I haven't. 

1.) Drink more water.

Did it! I drank a lot more water over the past few weeks and I feel so good doing that. My skin gets better and my whole body has a lot more energy. 

2.) Throw an amazing birthday party everyone will talk about even years later.

Well, my birthday party was perfect! But I can't tell if people will talk about it even years later because it was on Saturday. But all my guests are still talking about it now : ) I hope that counts ;) 

3.) Get into songwriting again.

Sadly I did not reach this goal. I had very busy weeks and I'm just not inspired when I'm stressed. But I'm working on this point ;)

4.) Inspire people.
I'm not sure if I did that. No one told me I inspired them but I think not everyone tells other people about things like that. So .. If I inspired you, please let me know ;)

5.) Start my work out again.
YES! : ) I did I did I did. Super happy about this and I definitely feel better. 

6.) Tell people what's on my mind.
I can proudly say that I did. When someone tried to hurt me I just opened my mouth and said what I thought. I always stay friendly, but I say my opinion. 

7.) Create new projects/ideas. 
Of course I did. New ideas are always on my mind and planning them is the most exciting thing. : )

Did you join this project? Were you successful? 

x - Vanessa.