7 things for 7 days. (done)

Hey guys, 

a while ago I participated in Louise's project "7 things for 7 days". It was all about setting yourself seven aims and trying to reach them. I decided not to do it in a week and just took the time I need.

Today I want to present you what I reached and what I haven't. 

1.) Drink more water.

Did it! I drank a lot more water over the past few weeks and I feel so good doing that. My skin gets better and my whole body has a lot more energy. 

2.) Throw an amazing birthday party everyone will talk about even years later.

Well, my birthday party was perfect! But I can't tell if people will talk about it even years later because it was on Saturday. But all my guests are still talking about it now : ) I hope that counts ;) 

3.) Get into songwriting again.

Sadly I did not reach this goal. I had very busy weeks and I'm just not inspired when I'm stressed. But I'm working on this point ;)

4.) Inspire people.
I'm not sure if I did that. No one told me I inspired them but I think not everyone tells other people about things like that. So .. If I inspired you, please let me know ;)

5.) Start my work out again.
YES! : ) I did I did I did. Super happy about this and I definitely feel better. 

6.) Tell people what's on my mind.
I can proudly say that I did. When someone tried to hurt me I just opened my mouth and said what I thought. I always stay friendly, but I say my opinion. 

7.) Create new projects/ideas. 
Of course I did. New ideas are always on my mind and planning them is the most exciting thing. : )

Did you join this project? Were you successful? 

x - Vanessa.


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