Oreo Cupcakes.

Hey guys,

today I want to share an amazing party food recipe. Well.. a "last minute" recipe because you actually can use a cake mix for it. The baking people under you guys will probably not like the idea of using a cake mix, so you can of course do it yourself. (but I have to admit that I used the mix.. :D, I guess that was the better way for my guests .. )

I chose to show you the recipe of the oreo cupcakes because of all the things I made for my birthday party, those ones were the best in my guests opinion. 

What you need:
- Oreo cookies (normal sized)

- Oreo cookies (the mini sized ones)
- A choco cake bake mix (or do it yourself)

- Topping (in America you can probably buy it, right?)
--> if you need a recipe for the topping I did, just leave a comment.

What you do:
Take the cupcake moulds and put one normal sized oreo cookie into it. Then fill the rest of the moulds with your bake mix and put everything in the oven for about 15-20 minutes. During the cakes are in the oven you can prepare the topping. 
(I put the topping into the fridge and waited until the cakes are completely cold)
Then put the topping on top of the cakes and use one mini sized oreo to decorate the whole cupcake. 

It's super easy to bake and definitely an eye catcher at every party buffet.

Let me know if you try it out ;) I will definitely bake this stuff more often.

x Vanessa.


  1. they look amazing!


    1. Thank you so much! They actually even taste so.
      Well at least my guests loved them :)



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