DIY: make it glitter.

Hey guys,

today this blogpost is mainly for the girlie girls under you. The girlie girls who love glitter like I do.
I was super bored the last few days so I decided to let my creativity run wild. So I looked around in my room the first thing I saw was my glitter powder .. creativity + glitter powder = attention, I'm going wild

So I actually decided to do a little DIY. Let's get started:

What you need:

- glue
- glitter powder

- glitter glue

What you do:

Ok, this is super simple: just put glue on whatever you want to glitter, (I've chosen things like picture frames, iPod cases, my capo, pictures, cards, etc.) and then put the glitter powder over it. 

If you're using glitter glue, that's all you need to put on. 

Super super simple.

I just think that putting glitter on things that look boring makes them super cute and interesting to look at. For example the picture frame I glittered looked horrible before, but now that there's glitter on it's my favorite frame. 

Here are a few pictures of what I glittered so far. If you have any ideas what else to glitter please let me know ;)

Picture frame with glitter.
(sorry, I don't want to show you what's inside)

My capo - now even lovelier.

Put glitter glue onto the picture aswell. 

Have a sparkling day everyone! 

x Vanessa.



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