Vacation time.

Hey guys,

I think almost everyone is on vacation right now. Well, at least the students. So today I'd love to know what you guys will do in summer. 

I'm asking because I definitely need some inspiration from you guys. I haven't plannend anything yet but might go on a little road trip to my favorite city. But I'd love to know what you guys are going to do.

 Are you staying home? If yes, what will you do over that time? Read books? Make music? Spend time with your friends? Get creative and create new things? 

Just tell me what you'll be doing over the summer : )

x Vanessa.

P.s.: feel free to talk to me on Twitter: @Vanyhoney


  1. I've always wanted to ride one of these!

    1. I just love watching it. I don't know if I'd be brave enough :D

      Thank you for your comment. : )



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