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To celebrate the release of our first print issues, here's a playlist featuring all artists involved.

HITS x Berlin

We hosted our very first live gig in Berlin - and this is what it looked like.

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Our latest video series - covers performed by our favourite acts, exclusively for us.

Video Interview: Scenic Route To Alaska

Melting away in front of Stuttgart's castle, we had a chat about touring, band names, Toy Story and a lot more.

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One Story Campaign.

Hey guys,

I've got a little question: do you have a favourite musician? 
 If so - what does he/she write about? 
Their personal life? 
Their love life? 
Their success?
 Wild parties they have visited?

Ok, probably they write about one of those things. And that's fine because somehow you can relate to their songs, right? 

But what would you say if a musician would write a song about YOUR story? Your personal life, your love life, your success, your wild parties? 
You could definitely relate to that song, wouldn't you?


image: skinnyislove-tips.tumblr

Hey guys,

exactly a week ago I decided to start working out again. (As we all have that on our new year resolutions list, right?) 

I'm not a professional work out expert and that's why I'm not going to post my daily work out session. 

But instead of posting that I want to post some really motivating quotes.

Because who doesn't love quotes??? 

Little note: Eating healthy and working out is definitely a good thing - but you should not do more than your body can handle.
Also don't do it because you think you're fat. You are not fat, you have fat. That's a difference. You can't change what you are but you can change what you have.
And to be honest - the size of your jeans does not tell you if you're beautiful. It really doesn't matter.
But living healthy is something we all should do. :)

So if you work out and need some motivation just keep on reading. 

People, where are you?

Hey guys,

first of all: thank you to all the new followers! Since I really don't know a lot of you I decided to do ask for your links.

I do read all of your blogs, since I follow everyone who follows me, but I think getting a bit more personal would be fun!

So I'd love to get your Twitter names and Instagram ones, Tumblr links and Facebook pages - send me everything you've got! :) 
I will do my best and follow/like everyone. Maybe we can take this blogger network to another level. :)

You can find all of my links on the "contact." page but I know that some of you might be lazy and not click on it. Haha. So here are the most important ones if you want to keep in touch:


Personal: @Vanyhoney

Tumblr: vanessajmusic

Instagram: vanyhoney

Facebook-Page: House In The Sand  

So people now it's your time to send me your links. I can't wait to follow you! :)

x Vanessa

Fashion inspirations.


Hey guys,
my blog is known for quiet a few things: music, interviews, concert reviews, random thing, ... 

But not for fashion. 

Since a lot of fashion blogs follow me I decided to give it a try and do some kind of fashion post. 
I'm not the one for going out and shooting an outfit of the day so I thought I would write about my fashion inspirations, the girls I look up to and get some inspiration on what to wear.

So here I go introducing you some really great girls.

Snow + horse = photography.

Hey guys,
I'm not quiet sure if all of you know it but I am completely fascinated by photography.
 Taking pictures has always been a part of my life. Give me a camera and I'm happy. That's just how it's been through out my entire process of finding my way. 
And that might explain why there are tons of crappy pictures from when I didn't even know what a camera does.

Since things change and your knowledge about things in life grow even I found out what a camera could do. 

But it's still a bit hard to understand that you can capture any moment of your life by hitting a button on a camera. 

But that is exactly what fascinates me about photography - it's simple yet so complicated. It's easy to capture a scene but it's difficult to capture feelings. But if you work well enough your photographs can tell stories. 

I believe that if I keep on working on my skills I will be able to tell the stories and to share the feelings that were told and felt when the picture was taken just by showing someone the picture. 

Today was such kind of day were I just went with a situation that made everyone watching really happy.
Maybe you can tell by looking at the photographs I took. 

Also I'm on bloglovin know and I put the follow button on my blog. 
So if you are on bloglovin and would like to follow me, go ahead.

 I still need to figure out how to work it.. But the night is young. 

x Vanessa

Sunday activities tag.

Hey guys,

it's the second Sunday of 2013 and I honestly haven't changed my opinion on Sundays yet. I mean.. they're just a kind of day off where hardly no one knows what to do. 

That's what gave me the idea to create this little tag. But unlike other tags I don't want you to answer questions.
 I want you to post about your Sunday: 
Just take pictures of whatever your doing, even if you think it's totally boring. It might be boring, but come on - no one of us is going dragon hunting on Sundays, right?
So just document your Sunday and post the pictures.

There are not many rules for this tag:
- Tell your readers who invented this tag (yes, I want to be famous)
- Mention who tagged you
- Tag at least 7 more people and let them know
- And post your Sunday activities! ;)

Of course as the inventor of the tag (well at least I think I am - please tell me if someone already did this!) I am going post my Sunday adventures / activities in pictures.

Not only a Sunday activity but an everyday thing: playing with my little love.

Redecorating my room with lots of glittery things, a typical thing for me to do on Sundays.

Jamming to One Direction like there's no tomorrow.

Nothing is better than writing songs. 

Green tea in the cutest cup ever and lots of shortbread.

Dimmed light, christmas lights and candles which smell like lemon cake - greatest way to relax.

Going through make-up I'm not using anymore and giving some stuff away. 

Oh, did I mention jamming to One Direction???

My journal = my best friend.

I tag:

but here are a few bloggers I'd love to see doing this tag ;)
- Natsie from Eyelash Wishes
- Debbie from Our Old Homestead
- Rae Abigail from Raellarina
- Maria from The Golden Paillettes
- Vivii from Of Lace And Life
- Rae from Love From Berlin
- Carolyne from The World C
- Breanna from My Beautiful, Crazy Life
- Caline from Calily Caline
- Lisa from Memories Don't Fade Away
- Jana from London Calling
- Rachel from So She Dances

I really hope all of you are going to do this blog because I'm sooo curious what you guys do on your Sundays. ;)

x Vanessa.

Song challenge.


Hey guys,

I found a super funny challenge on Tumblr last night and decided that I wanted to do it right away. I'm not sure who invented the challenge but I love this person for doing that! 

The challenge is to answer questions only by using song titles from one band / artist. 
So I took my iPod and chose an artist and a band to do this. 

I know I was supposed to use only but it was so much fun so I decided to do it twice. One time with Martin and James songs and one time with Taylor Swift songs.

You can listen to each song by just clicking on the title. Enjoy.

So let's do it: 

1.) Are you male or female?
Taylor Swift: Girl At Home
Martin and James: She Is Light Guiding

2.) Describe yourself:
Taylor Swift: Crazier
Martin and James: With Fire

3.) How do you feel about yourself?
Taylor Swift: Fearless
Martin and James: You're Alive

4.) Describe your current situation:
Taylor Swift: I Almost Do
Martin and James: Bloom

5.) Describe your current location:
Taylor Swift: A Place In This World
Martin and James: One Way Forward

6.) Describe where you want to be:
Taylor Swift: Holy Ground
Martin and James: All Over The News

7.) Your best friend is:
Taylor Swift: Starlight
Martin and James: Beautiful

8.) Your favourite colour is:
Taylor Swift: Red
Martin and James: Little Bits Of Light

9.) You know that:
Taylor Swift: Everything Has Changed
Martin and James: Maybe It's Time

10.) What's the weather like?
Taylor Swift: Back To December
Martin and James: My Dog Don't Like The Rain

11.) If your life was a television show, what would it be called?
Taylor Swift: If This Was A Movie (HAHA!)
Martin and James: Turn It Up (I know how to get them viewers :D)

12.) What is life to you?
Taylor Swift: The Best Day
Martin and James: Life's A Show

13.) What is the best advice you have to give?
Taylor Swift: Begin Again
Martin and James: Love's Not A Fight

14.) If you could change your name, what would you change it?
Taylor Swift: Mary's Song (Oh My My My)
Martin and James: Somebody

So, that was the challenge. I think my answers mostly made sense and that makes me happy. 

I challenge you all to do this challenge and leave a link or comment!!!! Pleeeease do that! ;)

x Vanessa

London, I'm in love with you.


Hey guys,

today I'd like to post a few pictures from my time in London in May 2012. I already posted about my London trip, my London haul and a no words, only pictures (London edition).

Thinking about that time I realized how much I enjoyed it and how much I fell in love with London, one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. 

The atmosphere is magical, it's international, it's beautiful, it's interesting. I've really never been that fascinated by a city. 

One of my 2013 goals is going back to London, even if it's just for a day.

Here are a few pictures that don't actually show a lot of London but some pretty details.


Trafalgar Square.

Tower Bridge.

St. Paul's Cathedral.

Again. I loved being on top of it. 

Hyde Park with some really cute dogs. 

One day. 

I really hope you enjoyed it and liked my pictures. 

Note: I changed my picture signature from "Vanessa J. Photography" to "V. J. |" but the pictures are still from one and the same person, me. ;)

What is your favourite city?

x Vanessa

Music tips for 2013.

image: Vanessa J. Photography

Hey guys,

this is the first post of 2013 on this blog.
And since the biggest part of this blog is music related I thought I'd share some "insider" music tips with you for 2013.

(click on the names to be lead to a post where you can find all of their links)

Yes guys, my first tip is of course about the Scottish lads. 2012 has been a pretty good year for them but I think 2013 is going to be even better. Why? Because their new album is going to be release which not only makes the "hardcore" fans happy, but also is going to create a lot of new fans for them.

Not a lot of news about the album have been shared yet, but if you have seen them live in 2012 the tendency that you've heard some songs of it is really high. It's been confirmed that "Cynical Skin" and "My Dog Don't Like The Rain" are on the album. 

I'm really excited to hear the recorded versions of the songs and see the guys on the road again.

I first heard this incredible band about six months ago when they supported Jim Kroft (you can read my concert review here) and I immediately fell for their handmade rock music. It's not just the melody that makes you want to dance but it's also the lyrics.
My hunch tells me that The Arkanes are definitely going to take over the world in 2013. Ok.. maybe not the world .. but keep an eye on these guys! ;) (the smell of tour dates is in the air ...)

#3 - Jim Kroft 
I am more than excited about the news Jim just shared - his new album "Lunatic Lullabies" is going to be released on the 29th of March. 
This means in less than three months I will be able to hold the album of an incredible inspiration of mine in my hands. Aaaaah.
It also means I'm going to be blown away by the lyrics Mr Kroft has written because that's just the part of his music which always gets me to think about my life. 

These are my top three (not ordered!) "insider" tips for 2013.
 I've enjoyed every single minute of being a fan of these incredibly talented musicians and I really think that YOU should check them out as well as become a fan and jump onto the fan train which takes you to the land of good music. ;)

p.s.: house in the sand is now on Twitter. Follow for updates. @houseinthesand 
Tweet me your blog and you'll get a follow back. ;)

x Vanessa