Snow + horse = photography.

Hey guys,
I'm not quiet sure if all of you know it but I am completely fascinated by photography.
 Taking pictures has always been a part of my life. Give me a camera and I'm happy. That's just how it's been through out my entire process of finding my way. 
And that might explain why there are tons of crappy pictures from when I didn't even know what a camera does.

Since things change and your knowledge about things in life grow even I found out what a camera could do. 

But it's still a bit hard to understand that you can capture any moment of your life by hitting a button on a camera. 

But that is exactly what fascinates me about photography - it's simple yet so complicated. It's easy to capture a scene but it's difficult to capture feelings. But if you work well enough your photographs can tell stories. 

I believe that if I keep on working on my skills I will be able to tell the stories and to share the feelings that were told and felt when the picture was taken just by showing someone the picture. 

Today was such kind of day were I just went with a situation that made everyone watching really happy.
Maybe you can tell by looking at the photographs I took. 

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 I still need to figure out how to work it.. But the night is young. 

x Vanessa


  1. fantastic yuor picture. i follow yuo. pass on my blog and if yuo like my blog follow me also yuo.

  2. Those photos are amazing!


  3. Beautiful pictures :)

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)



  4. Gorgeous pictures. Capturing pictures at the right moment, getting the right angle etc. requires talent and here there's plenty!

  5. Hhahahahahaha we seem so alike in a way :')
    and your writing: love it!
    Like I love your blog
    your NEW (!!) follower
    >got a new post; check it out // comment // follow ? I'd appreciate it!

  6. beautiful pictures, jealous that you have snow.x

  7. So stunning!

    Why don't we follow each other? :)


  8. this is such a great post! :)

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  9. god this horse is such a majestic creature. thank you very much for sharing these photos :) i also wanted to let you know that today i can't do your tag but i have not forgotten and am hoping to find time next sunday!

    xx rae

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Rae! :)
      Take your time, the tag doesn't get old. ;) x


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