Fashion inspirations.


Hey guys,
my blog is known for quiet a few things: music, interviews, concert reviews, random thing, ... 

But not for fashion. 

Since a lot of fashion blogs follow me I decided to give it a try and do some kind of fashion post. 
I'm not the one for going out and shooting an outfit of the day so I thought I would write about my fashion inspirations, the girls I look up to and get some inspiration on what to wear.

So here I go introducing you some really great girls.

#1 Demi Lovato:
Demi is not only one of my rolemodels in general but I also love looking up her looks and getting some inspiration from her. 
I loved her style ever since I started loving her. (Which was about 5 years ago.) 


#2 Taylor Swift:

Taylor is known for her girly, dreamy, elegant, fairytale like style. Lately she changed it up a bit going into the fifties / sixties direction. 


#3 Eleanor Calder:

I recently discovered Eleanor when I found out that she is Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend (I love this couple! <3). I looked up a few pictures and let me tell you - this girl has such a great sense for fashion. (And she is so pretty I want to cry) 
I love how she keeps it simple but gorgeous.



I hope you enjoyed my fashion post debut.

Let me know who your fashion inspirations are! :)

x Vanessa


  1. i really like the first outfit!

    new post in my blog!

  2. Eleanor is the one I choose!!! ;)

  3. Ik kende Eleanor nog niet, maar wat een leukie!

  4. Great fashion inspo, loved the post


  5. Great inspiration pics, Vanessa! How fun to see you do fashion stuff every once in a while :)))

    Kisses, Viivi

  6. I love all of these girls's style as well!! :)



Let me know what you think! :)