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Video Interview: Scenic Route To Alaska

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EP Review: 'The Future Is Amazing' by Fashion Week


Band: Fashion Week
Title: The Future Is Amazing
Genre: Indie
Label: Independent
Release: 28th April 2014
hits rating: 7,5/10

Hey guys, 

A little while ago I had a pretty blonde moment. (No offense!)
I got an email with the topic saying 'Fashion Week'.
My thoughts?
"Oh but I'm a music blogger. Why would they invite me to Fashion Week?"

Needless to say it wasn't a invitation but a music submission.
Needless to say I felt very stupid afterwards.

Fashion Week is a four piece indie band from Columbus, USA consisting of:
Jason Turner
Tyler Earnest
Andrew Lee
Joshua Miller

Formed in 2012 they have already put out two EPs, the second one 'The Future Is Amazing' is what I'll talk about today.

Album Review: 'W.A.R' by The Arkanes

Band: The Arkanes
Title: W.A.R
Genre: Rock
Label: SPV Recordings
Release: 25th April 2014
hits rating: 9,5/10

Hey guys,

"Please describe the album in three words!", that's something I like bands who are about to release their debut album to do.
And so I asked The Arkanes to do it.
As their a group of four these are some of the words that were being said: rocking, tremendous, the opposites of happy, fluffy and light, awesome, majestic, bad-ass.

After said interview I got the album to start my review and I made it my goal to describe the album in three words as well. But before I do that, let me tell you more about the band.

Project 365 Photos | Update

 photo HITSHeaderPhotography_zpsef1f2591.jpg

Hey guys,

How are your new years resolutions doing? Are they already forgotten or are you still working on them?

I'm honest - I didn't even try to set up that many resolutions. If I want to change something I try to do it instantly, not in a new year.
But there was one project I learned about December 29th. 
The project '365 Photos'.
 The name gives it away, doesn't it? This project is all about taking one photograph a day to document your year.

I wanted to do it because I love having events captured on photographs, because I wanted to learn more about my camera and push myself to my limits creatively.

So I started on January 1st and am still going.
Because sharing all 365 at the end of the year would be impossible, I decided to show you a few shots every once in a while.

Hope you enjoy!

Spotlight On: Keeva

Hey guys,

Sometimes when I receive music submissions I get really angry.
Not because the music is bad or the people are rude, definitely not because of that.

But because there is so much talent that doesn't get enough recognition or 'fame'. 

And yes, I got a little angry when I was done reading the email Keeva sent me. An absolutely lovely girl with a voice that just gets to you.

EP Review: 'Revolution' by The Unassisted

Band: The Unassisted
Title: Revolution
Genre: Indie-rock
Label: independent
Release: 18th April 2014
hits rating: 7/10

Hey guys,

Those bands you've known since you first started blogging are quite special. Especially when you're still in touch and still work together. 

The Unassited are one of the first bands I featured and they are still following the blog which is amazing.
The band from Manchester, England consists of Jason (guitar, vocals), Mark (bass, guitar) and Chris (drums). 

Jason got in touch again asking if I'd like to review their EP 'Revolution' which is out now and of course I did not turn that offer down.
So here we go!

Album Review: 'Costumes And Such Of That Kind' by The Autumn Art Festival

Artist: The Autumn Art Festival
Title: Costumes And Such Of That Kind
Genre: Indie-folk
Label: Musopia Music / Aerostat Records
Release: May 2013
hits rating: 7/10

Hey guys,

It always makes me happy when musicians decide they still want to work with me after I tell them that I don't write for the page they applied for anymore.
I like thinking of it as a proof that house in the sand is really developing into a source of good music.

Dominik from The Autumn Art Festival did so and I'll glady review the debut album 'Costumes And Such Of That Kind' for you today.

The Autumn Art Festival was formed as an one man show back in 2010 when Dominik only wanted to play music and express his feelings. With no intentions to make something out of it he played a few songs in a pub, just because his friend forced him to.

As the positive feedback and the love for music kept on growing The Autumn Art Festival became a serious project and the first album was created.
The project is now a duo consisting of Dominik Lermen and Sascha Grub.

Concert Impressions: Martin and James in Freiburg

 photo IMG_8108_zps9e5e88ce.jpg

Hey guys,

yesterday was another fantastic day.
Martin and James played a gig in Freiburg and since I decided I want more live music on this blog, we went on a little road trip to see them.

The acoustic/folk-pop duo from Scotland has been making music ever since they got to know each other at school.
Besides writing and recording music all the time the two guys seem to live on the road.
Finishing their last tour just in February they now played another set of concerts in Germany.

Video Interview: The Arkanes

Hey guys,

after exactly 2 hours and 50 minutes of cutting and editing I can now finally present you the interview with The Arkanes. 

The Arkanes are a four piece rock band from Liverpool, UK with exciting times ahead.
They formed in 2007 when it was just Chris and Lee. Drummer Andy and guitarist Dylan became part of the band over the years and now The Arkanes are unstopable.

So far they released a 6-track EP called 'Don't Act Like You Know Me' but their album release is just around the corner.
'W.A.R' will be released on April 25th via SPV Recordings.

I got to know them two years ago when they supported Jim Kroft on his Germany tour.
After staying in touch and following their career I'm really happy that we finally got the chance to film an interview for you.

Concert Impressions: The Arkanes

 photo CP6_zps50d1f9ba.jpg

Hey guys,

yesterday I was part of the most chaotic interview ever, a brilliant rock show and some other fun adventures.
In other words - I met up with The Arkanes.

For those of you who don't know them, The Arkanes are a rock band from Liverpool, UK consisting of Chris Pate (lead vocals, guitar), Dylan Cassin (lead guitar, backing vocals), Lee Dummett (bass, backing vocals) and Andy Long (drums).

They supported Monster Truck on the German leg of their tour and played at Kellerklub Stuttgart. Of course we had to met up for an interview which will be online as soon as I'm done cutting and editing. (Might take a few days, weeks, years)

But I'm already able to share some photographs I took at the gig. Oh and a video I filmed.

Memory lane: photography skills

Hey guys,

yesterday I was reading tons of articles written by gig photographers as in my opinion live gig photography is the most interesting thing to cover.

Inspired, encouraged and motivated I decided to take a look at the photographs I took at gigs. Starting in 2010, the time I started getting into concerts and photography.

The reactions to my old photographs went from "this looks ok" to "why did nobody take that camera away from me?"
And I thought I would be quite a nice post to walk down memory lane with you by sharing photographs that I haven't shared before. (For good reasons though...)

Album Review: 'Manoeuvres of a Romance' by Ismael Clark

Artist: Ismael Clark
Title: Manoeuvres of a Romance
Genre: Acoustic
Label: independent
Release: 26th February 2014
hits rating: 8/10

Hey guys,

Spring arrived and I feel like I get to introduce you to the perfect soundtrack for this time of the year.

Ismael Clark is a singer/songwriter from Spain, based in Portsmouth, UK.
Last year he won the "All About the Song" competition at The Cellars in Portsmouth and has been featured on BBC Introducing.

In February Ismael released his first album called "Manoeuvres of a Romance", a 10 track recording. And I would like to review it for you today.