Album Review: 'Costumes And Such Of That Kind' by The Autumn Art Festival

Artist: The Autumn Art Festival
Title: Costumes And Such Of That Kind
Genre: Indie-folk
Label: Musopia Music / Aerostat Records
Release: May 2013
hits rating: 7/10

Hey guys,

It always makes me happy when musicians decide they still want to work with me after I tell them that I don't write for the page they applied for anymore.
I like thinking of it as a proof that house in the sand is really developing into a source of good music.

Dominik from The Autumn Art Festival did so and I'll glady review the debut album 'Costumes And Such Of That Kind' for you today.

The Autumn Art Festival was formed as an one man show back in 2010 when Dominik only wanted to play music and express his feelings. With no intentions to make something out of it he played a few songs in a pub, just because his friend forced him to.

As the positive feedback and the love for music kept on growing The Autumn Art Festival became a serious project and the first album was created.
The project is now a duo consisting of Dominik Lermen and Sascha Grub.

1) Preludio
2) Costumes
3) The Crime
4) A Stone And The Door
5) Can We Rely On ...
6) The Revival Of A Dead Mouse
7) The Smile
8) Godspeed
9) Submarines
10) Trying Is Better Than Losing Chances
11) Back In The Day
12) This Kills The Dawn
13) You And Romeo
14) Here On My Own
15) Oceans

Opener, 'Preludio', is a soft and warm guitar intro which sets the scene and catches your attention.

'Costumes' consists of expressive and honest vocals, a catchy rhythm that is not bothersome but simply present and enjoyable. 
The passion and emotions poured into this song soak you in from the very first chord.

'The Crime' gets more of a dreamier atmosphere. Instrumentation and vocals are calm, yet still deep and expressive.

The Autumn Art Festival really stands for its title - each song is a piece of art for a different reason: once it's the dark, mysterious melody, then it's the hauntingly beautiful piano paired with an organ, violins and cellos.
Musicians and producer seem to have a brilliant idea of which arrangements work well and how they affect the listener.
The album sounds like a journey through the life of a man with an open mind.

As open as the man's mind is the sound - genres vary from acoustic to indie to pop back to folk.

To sum it up: A very impressive and handmade album. The note Dominik sent me together with the album said "I hope you enjoy the CD" - yes, I did.

You should listen to these tracks: Costumes, The Crime, Submarines

The Autumn Art Festival online: Facebook | Soundcloud

Thanks for reading! :)

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Artwork: The Autumn Art Festival


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