Concert Impressions: Martin and James in Freiburg

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Hey guys,

yesterday was another fantastic day.
Martin and James played a gig in Freiburg and since I decided I want more live music on this blog, we went on a little road trip to see them.

The acoustic/folk-pop duo from Scotland has been making music ever since they got to know each other at school.
Besides writing and recording music all the time the two guys seem to live on the road.
Finishing their last tour just in February they now played another set of concerts in Germany.

Yesterdays gig was probably one of the funniest gigs I've ever been to.
"If the music doesn't work, shall we become a comedy act?", James asked as the crowd was almost lying on the floor laughing from the jokes and punchlines the guys on stage throw at each other. 

The way they mess around and entertain the crowd shows how much they enjoy playing their music for people, and how thankful they are that there are alway a lot of people coming to see them play.

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 To focus on the most important part, the music, I'd like to say that it's been a fantastic concert.
The harmonies were on point as usual, both individual voices caused moments of speechlessness and goosebumps.

It's no secret that besides their voices, Martin Kelly and James O'Neill also perfectly control the instruments they play.
The fact that they know how to play the guitar, drums, keyboard and harmornica is, in my opinion, fascinating enough itself, but multi-tasking (as men ;) ) and playing two or three instruments at the same time is definitely something not everybody is able to do.

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The setlist was a nice mix of new, old and unreleased songs.
I've been listening to Martin and James for over three years now so hearing songs I first fell in love with in 2011 is always wonderful.
But as much as I love the songs on the albums and EPs, those who didn't make it to any album still amaze me and are favourites of mine.

The sing-alongs like "Crashing Into Love" and "Matilda" always get the crowd warmed up and into the party mood.

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To sum it up: even though I've seen this band more than just a few times I still have a great time at their shows. Their music means a lot to me so and I don't think I'll get tired of it any time soon. :)

And as some of you know, I recently got into filming and video editing, so here are some of the coolest moments I caught on camera.

(Make sure to watch it in HD.)

Martin and James online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

Thank you for reading! :)

Credits // Text, Photography & Video: Vanessa Jertschewske


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