Album Review: 'Manoeuvres of a Romance' by Ismael Clark

Artist: Ismael Clark
Title: Manoeuvres of a Romance
Genre: Acoustic
Label: independent
Release: 26th February 2014
hits rating: 8/10

Hey guys,

Spring arrived and I feel like I get to introduce you to the perfect soundtrack for this time of the year.

Ismael Clark is a singer/songwriter from Spain, based in Portsmouth, UK.
Last year he won the "All About the Song" competition at The Cellars in Portsmouth and has been featured on BBC Introducing.

In February Ismael released his first album called "Manoeuvres of a Romance", a 10 track recording. And I would like to review it for you today.

1) Silence Strike
2) Inertias
3) Early Dead
4) Raskolnikov
5) Manoeuvres of a Romance
6) Me and The Cornerstone
 7) Of Wolves and Sheep
8) Once I Loved
9) Clausura
10) Silence Strike (Reprise)

 Opener 'Silence Strike' perfectly represents the Spanish sunshine and transports Spring into your room. With a light and happy instrumentation, complementing backing vocals and warm vocals this song sets a very encouraging scene.

Slowing down the happiness 'Inertias' shines in a more serious light. The soft and calming, yet still lively vocals control the song. Light guitar picking paired with even lighter strumming guide those vocals and create a beautiful atmosphere together.

The up beats like 'Raskolnikov' win you over with great and convincing rhythms and just make you want to clap along.
While the melancholic and dreamy sounds let you calm down and soak you in at the same time.
 'Once I Loved', a beautiful ballad, is completely controlled by the vocals and harmonies. 

To sum it up: Ismael managed it to transport his Spanish roots through the music and created an EP consisting of nice up beats as well as beautiful ballads. With his warm and soft voice, which at times gets a bit raspy, he's able to get (and keep) your attention.
I don't know what you're waiting for ... go and get this album!

You should listen to these tracks: Intertias, Early Dead, Once I Loved

 Ismael Clark online: Facebook | Bandcamp

Thank you for reading!


Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Artwork: Ismael Clark


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