Memory lane: photography skills

Hey guys,

yesterday I was reading tons of articles written by gig photographers as in my opinion live gig photography is the most interesting thing to cover.

Inspired, encouraged and motivated I decided to take a look at the photographs I took at gigs. Starting in 2010, the time I started getting into concerts and photography.

The reactions to my old photographs went from "this looks ok" to "why did nobody take that camera away from me?"
And I thought I would be quite a nice post to walk down memory lane with you by sharing photographs that I haven't shared before. (For good reasons though...)

Some technical information for you about my gear:
June 2010 - May 2012: FujiFilm Finepix s2000HD
May 2012 - February 2014: Canon EOS 1100D
Since February 2014:  Canon EOS 70D

 photo Goldstadtcup2062010138_zpsbf052601.jpg
I don't know what worse: the fact I was a Jonas Brothers fan or the fact that I took this picture...

 photo 2010_1011KameraBilder0066_zpsbef53e36.jpg
Taylor Locke from Rooney, Thanks for letting me take a horrible red-eye photo.

 photo 2011_0328KameraBilder0030_zps1f7e8d2a.jpg
Taylor Swift. I actually think this is quite good.

 photo 2011_0522KameraBilder0199_zps8885995a.jpg
Arty. But still rubbish.

 photo 2011_1009KameraBilder0187_zps42000c9e.jpg
Bruno Mars, also quite ok.

 photo IMG_7135_zpsa2a266e2.jpg
Oh god. This was the first time I had a DSLR - automatic settings, of course.

 photo IMG_7358_zps3904d16a.jpg
Why the flash, Vanessa? What were you thinking? (probably nothing)

 photo IMG_9079_zpsb2a7df14.jpg
I like this one. Because of the lighting.

 photo _MG_2316_zpsa997347c.jpg
That ISO was way too high... Oh girl.

 photo _MG_2854_zps2f88667c.jpg
Ok, I think we're finally getting better. Hooray!

 photo Jim_zps4118a70b.jpg
Yeah, the skills are developing.

 photo elias3_zps5485cd32.jpg
Discovered a love for black and white there.

 photo Max2_zpsac374864.jpg
Arty and finally alright!

 photo IMG_65312_zps45f5a975.jpg
One of my favourite shots.

 photo IMG_6416_zpse63b3abf.jpg
Sepia is also a nice filter.

 photo Soundcheck_zpse04083ea.jpg
Sense of picking better angle is hitting me.

 photo blog6_zps8a11eaee.jpg
We're getting there!!!

 photo blog12_zps66d5aea3.jpg
Probably one of the best shots I've taken this far. 

And that's it.
I love seeing progress and some kind of evolution of me learning more about camera settings, certain effects and choosing the right objects. 
I'm still no perfect or professional photographer but I think the first (shaky) steps are taken.

What amazes me the most is how artists such as Jim Kroft and Martin and James still work with me after me taking such horrible shots. Thanks so much guys! Haha!

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe also get the message I'm trying to send over:
You can always get better at what you're doing, if you love it and give your all you'll be able to learn and become whoever and whatever you want to be.
Just don't let mistakes (
or horrible photographs) stop you.

Thank you for reading! :)

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske


  1. They're really wonderful! I love black and white but sometimes the colors of the lights are so amazing that it's a pity to "turn them off" :D

    xx Ola

    1. Thank you! :) It's always a bit tricky to do what looks best but like you said - both have their pros and cons. Thanks for you comment. :) x

  2. Hey dear!

    What a progress! Your skills are improved a lot, just wow :) Congrats dear! And the last photo is indeed perfect :) xx

    1. Thank you so much! You're so lovely! :) Glad you enjoy the Tom photo.
      Thanks for taking time to write. x


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