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Favorite Records Ever: "Doo-Wops & Hooligans" - Bruno Mars.

Hey guys,

I decided to do another kind of series where I want to introduce you my favorite records.
I will upload one blogpost per record - probably every Sunday. That means we're starting TODAY. :) YAAY.

So, the first record I want to blog about iiiiis: 
Doo-Wops & Hooligans - Bruno Mars

Many of you probably know that I'm a Hooligan and meeting Bruno last year was really one of the most exciting and wonderful things in my life. :) 
He just lovely and makes you feel so comfortable when you're around him.

Bruno is a real musician. I mean, he writes honest songs, puts his heart in them, works hard but still remembers what music is about - fun. 
In my opinion "Doo-Wops & Hooligans" is one of the best albums ever. The variety of genres is so big, you can't really define it. The songs are totally reliable, the melodies are honest and the whole beat is totally catchy. 
If I had to pick my favorite song of the album I'd go for "Just The Way You Are". Not because it's his most famous song, but because it's his most honest song. 

Bruno really inspired me with this album. And I can't wait for his second one. 

"Grandma had Elvis,
Mom had Michael Jackson,
I have Bruno Mars."

I hope you liked the start of my new series. I can't wait for next week's post. : )

Leave your opinion about "Doo-Wops & Hooligans" in a comment ;)

x - Vanessa.


Hey guys,

today I wrote my second final exam and I think it went pretty well. It was English. : )
After that I went to my horse and she could finally get back on the paddock again because the weather was soo wonderful today.
At first I just sat there, soaking up the sun and enjoying it. But when my horsie started to jump around totally happy I just had to take tons of pictures. Here are the best ones, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

This weekend I will prepare a few blogpost for when I'm in London, please leave me some comments, here or on Twitter, and tell me what you would like to read. : )

Have fun with my happy horsiiiie. <3

x - Vanessa.

Social networks.

Hey guys,

I really had to take some time to sit down and write this little blogpost.
Actually I don't know how to start .. but I think saying I am super happy is the right way.
It is just incredible how soooo many people on Twitter and Facebook wished me good luck on my finals. I still can not believe it. ..
I mean .. I sadly don't even know all of you personally. And seeing how much you support me and how wonderful you are really just amazes me. It's just so unreal. 
And I can tell you, having people behind you who believe in you is the most wonderful feeling ever.

Writing the finals with people like you is definitely way better. So .. THANK YOU. <3

And I also learned something - what counts in life is your attitude - not your grades! 

So thanks again to everyone - even the people who only read my blog but don't talk to me.
I think because of you I will rock those finals. 

Stay tuned for new blogpost. I planned to blog about many excited new themes. : )

x - Vanessa.

Photo of the day.

Hey guys,

I know I said I wouldn't post anything today - but I just took this picture and I think it has to be blogged! I love rainbows sooo much and this one looked so wonderful.
I just had to share it. :)

A big thank you to everyone wishing me good look for my exam tomorrow. : )
That really means a lot to me. <3

See you soon.

x - Vanessa.

Bad news.

Hey guys,

I actually got some bad news for you guys:
I won't blog that much this week because my final exams are starting on Wednesday and I really have to study a lot. There are chances that I will get an A in German and English, so I gotta grab them.

But I will hopefully find some time on Saturday to work on new blogposts and also write a few for the time I will be in London so you wont get bored when I'm away having fun in London-Town. :) 

I'm sorry for not blogging this week (I really miss it) but sometimes you just have to do the more important things. And I promise you there will be a time where I will blog every day - so get ready! ;)

Thank you guys again, without you blogging wouldn't be that wonderful. <3

I also have to thank my favorite musicians who help me to keep calm before the finals. : ) 
(they already know who they are.)

See you soon!

x - Vanessa.

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Bullying. Inner beauty. Confidence.

Hey guys,
I want to write a really serious blogpost about this serious theme. What I’m going to write down here is exactly what I feel and not what the “community” tells you to think.
I really hope that anyone is going to read this and maybe thinks about it.
Bullying - it’s a big think in all of our lives today. Sadly. I don’t understand why people do this to other people. I mean - we are all the same. We are human - not even one person is better than the other. Everyone is unique and everyone is wonderful in their own way. People should stop bullying. If you are reading this and you have bullied someone, I want to ask you WHY ? Have you ever thought about how the person feels? Have you ever thought about what you do to the person you bullied? Have you ever thought about the pain the person has? Have you ever thought that you could be the reason that they kill themselves? And did you know that you can change someone’s life completly, by just talking to them (in a nice way) ? Try it, stop bullying and live your life peacefully.
Inner beauty - is more important than the beauty on the outside. I know so many people that are beautiful because they laugh and they love. You know, they are almost smilling every day and they just have this passion with them. Everything they do is wonderful, because they want to do it and they want to make it special. Of course sometimes when I see some pretty people I think ”wow, she’s beautiful.” but then I ask myself “is she just beautiful or even wonderful?” you know, there’s a big difference between that. So don’t judge people by their clothes or looks - get to know their inner beauty.
Confidence - the thing that everyone should own. Mean people are always going to try to put you down, but don’t listen to them. Be confident, because you can be proud of yourself. You’ve got every right to a beautiful life. Look at the mirror and say “I am beautiful. I am proud of myself. Not even one person will get my confidence down.” It will help you to realise how wonderful you are. Never think that you can’t do something. If you believe that you can do it you will be able to do it.
Now I have to say something to you - yes that “you” that’s reading this sentence.
Don’t bully people, don’t look away if someone gets bullied - help. And don’t forget that you are loved by someone.
I hope anyone liked this blogpost and I hope I could help someone.
x - Vanessa.


Hey guys,

today is a kind of "blog about what's on my mind" blogpost. 

Ok, lately I've been talking a lot to a good friend of mine that I haven't talked to in a while. I really missed him a lot and now talking to him again really makes me happy because I know that I can trust him.

Also my blog got tons of clicks lately and a lot of great feedback. And for that I really have to thank you guys a lot! Without you blogging would be just half as much fun as it is now. :) I started blogging just two months ago and this blog has brought soooo much happiness into my life. 
I probably have to mention Jim Kroft and Dan Dietrich too! Their feedback about the blogpost I wrote about them has made me so incredibly happy. 
So Jim and Dan - if you are reading this - THANK YOU. :)

The bracelets for Martin and James also arrived and I can finally start sending them to the fans. :) And actually in one month I can surprise M&J with the bracelets. Ok, it actually wont be a surprise because they already know that they'll get one - buuuuut they don't know how wonderful they turned out. 

Now some of you might know that my finals start next week. I'm not that nervous yet, but of course I want to do my best so I'm studying a lot these days.

I also realized that making other people happy is probably the most wonderful thing in life. :) 

And I can't wait to see M&J in 30 days and JK in 41 days. :) Get ready for me, dear Scotts! ;)

Ok, that was probably enough random stuff for you guys, so .. I'll see you next time ;)

x - Vanessa.


Hey guys, 

today I want to blog about one of my favorite things to talk about - creativity.
Actually I always wonder - what is creativity? As soon as I hear the word "creativity" I automatically think about art. I mean you need to be creative to create art. Every painter, every dancer, every actor, every musician, every blogger, every photographer is creative.

But the question is - how do you get creative? To be honest .. I don't know. But I think you have to be able to see the beauty in the little things. I don't know if you can learn how to do that but I think once you realized that there is something beautiful in everything, you are able to create art. 

Well, I get inspired to write songs, take pictures or blog about by so many things. For example once my chemicals teacher talked about rainbows during the lesson and guess what - that inspired me to write a song called "The End Of The Rainbow". 

And I think if you work on art, you also want to inspire other people to get creative. 
My goal is it to inspire other people through my blog, through my music or my photography. If only one person told me I'd inspire them - my goal would be reached.

My question for you is: how do you get creative? Leave a comment or tweet me ;)

 - x Vanessa

The Mission Of Promotion: Dan Dietrich.

Hey guys, 

today I'm really excited for you to read this blogpost because it's the first edition of my new series "The Mission Of Promotion". 

I want to introduce you Dan Dietrich.
Dan is a musician from Germany (and actually the only German musician I like). I got to know him at the Martin and James concert in Cologne and started liking him right after the first song, because he loves what he does and is passionated about his music. 

He kindly sent me his CD and all I can say after listening to it is that it is amazing. It's handmade music: the melodies are simple but wonderful, the lyrics is deep and I'm pretty sure that a lot of people can relate to it, Dan's voice is incredible and the design of the CD is perfect. 

Here's the tracklist:
1.) It's Like It Is
2.) I Can't Imagine
3.) Suffice It To Say
4.) Wedding Song
5.) Today's Society
6.) Jokerman

If I had to pick my favorite song I'd probably pick "Suffice It To Say". I love the guitar in that song and of course his voice. 

If you are now interested in checking out Dan's music - do it! I mean, if you like real music (not any autotuned stuff) you'll love him. 

Here are the links:

I really hope you guys go and check him out, like his Facebook page and just enjoy really good music.
Also don't be afraid to talk to him, he's super nice.

- x Vanessa. 

Trying out my new camera. :)

Heeeey everyone,

I got a new camera (the Canon EOS 1100D) and I'm totally trying it out right now to get myself into photography again. I have to learn A LOT, buuut I'm just getting started.
Here are the first few shots, please let me know what you think.
: ) 

x  - Vanessa.


Hey guys,

I deciced to blog about school and studying today because in 2 weeks my final exams start and I think writing about school right now is the best time. 
I have to admit that I'm pretty lazy sometimes. You know, I don't study a lot before a few tests and don't always give 100% at school.
But somehow those things have changed ever since I realized that I have to do that stuff to reach my dream.
I'm dreaming of being a music journalist .. I mean, how amazing would it be to interview my favorite musicians, write reviews about the newest albums, check out new bands, ... 

But before I can do that I first have to finish high school this summer. After that I will go to another school which is a kind of language school. 
So right now I'm on vacation and I met a few of my friends over the last 2 weeks and we studied together to prepare.
I'm not afraid that I will fail the exams, but I'm afraid that I won't do my best. 
So my motto right now is believing in me and my skills. I think that's what you need to give your best. :)

To everyone else who is about to graduate - I wish you the very best and I hope you believe in yourself. 

Keep studying for your dream! :)))

x - Vanessa.

Demi Lovato

Hey guys,

I've been blogging a lot about people who inspire me on here and I will continue doing that because for me that's kinda like saying thank you. 
As you can tell by the topic - today it's Demi Lovato.

I've known Demi ever since I was 6 and watched Barney. When I watched that little girl singing and dancing around I could not imagine that she would be one of my biggest rolemodels. I re-discovered her as soon as "Camp Rock" was released. That time also her debut album "Don't Forget" got released and Demi started her singing career. And I still remember how my 11-year old self went to my Mom saying "Mom - I need a rock shirt and grey nailpolish." My Mom asked my "Why would you need that?" - my reply? "Demi wears that too and she looks so beautiful."

Not many things have changed in that way. I still adore Demi's style and like buying the same things she wears. 

But one thing has changed: the way I think about Demi now. 
I have always loved Demi for what she was doing. I loved her acting, her music, her style. But after her comeback last year I realized that I love her for something different - her strength. 
You probably know what Demi went through. But she didn't hide - she shared her story and showed people all  over the world that it is okay to get the help you need and that you can go through anything. 

When Demi was in treatment her fans decided to draw a heart on their wrist in honor to Demi. I was one of them. My friends always asked me "What is this for?" and I just told them that I was helping a friend. 

She is definitely someone I look up to and I hope that one day I will be able to thank her. Fact is - I will support her, no matter what.

Stay strong!

x - Vanessa. 

My signature look.

Hello everyone,

I asked you if you'd like to read a blogpost about make-up, so now here it is:

I want to write about my signature look - that means the look that I wear most of the time and my friends could recognize it.

So let me describe it:
I usually use concealer to kind of erase the flaws on my skin and set it with some powder. Then I continue with putting on some light pink blush. I just love blushes sooo much. Some light pink or light terra are my favorite colors.

I almost always put eyeliner on to make my eyes look a little bit bigger. I draw a thin line which gets a little taller by the outer corner of my eye with some little wing. 
Then I put on some mascara just because I looooooove long lashes. Mine are kind of long and the mascara just puts on a special effect. 

If I feel like, I put on some lipstick .. mostly some nice red or a "your lips but better" color. :)

And now here is a picture of my typical make-up. :) 

What's your signature look? :)

x - Vanessa.

Only pictures. No words.

x - Vanessa.

New series: The Mission Of Promotion

Hey people! :)

A few days ago I wrote a blogpost about Jim Kroft to promote him a little bit and talking about the feedback from you guys, I definitely reached my goal. That's just so cool. I never thought a lot of you would actually check out what I write about, but you do. So thank you! 

Now I had the idea that I should use my blog to promote a lot more people or projects. So I planned a new series on my blog. It's called "the mission of promotion" and I can only do it if you guys help me.

How? It's totally easy - let me know about any artist, band, actress/actor, model or even a project (you are organizing or in) and I will check it out to write a blogpost about whatever you send me. 

So you have something you want people to know about? Then it's your turn to message me and get this thing started. :)
I really need your help! :) 

I hope we can start this series together. 

x - Vanessa.


Jim Kroft.

Hey guys,

today I want to introduce you one of my very favorite musicians - Jim Kroft. I got to know him this year while he was the support act of Martin and James. I was really suprised how one guy with his guitar could entertain a whole crowd that much. 

In my opinion Jim is the perfect example for every musician who just started to get themself a name. He keeps going no matter what. I think that's just inspiring, because you have to keep working for your dream even if it's probably the hardest thing to do. Handmade music doesn't always get all the fame it deserves, but if you keep on doing your thing you will see that it pays off. 
Jim is such a talented man who deserves so much more and I really hope to watch him grow bigger every day. You know I haven't been there from the start to support him, but I think I will keep watching and supporting his career until the very end. 
Especially his song "The Jailer" has changed a big part of my life. The lyrics says "Yes I'm searching, still I'm searching. Doing the best or the best I can." and as Jim once told me - that's all you can do. You know, you don't have to be perfect, you don't have to over work yourself - just do things as good as you can. 

I have so much respect for Jim because he always talks to his fans. If you message him on Twitter or Facebook you know you will get an answer no matter what. People who know me probably already know how much I love artists who care about their fans. :) 
And Jim is definitely the funniest and most inspiring person to talk to.

Ok, I hope I could tell you the most important things about Jim and I hope you will check him out. I will post a few links down below. :)

x - Vanessa.