Hey guys,

I deciced to blog about school and studying today because in 2 weeks my final exams start and I think writing about school right now is the best time. 
I have to admit that I'm pretty lazy sometimes. You know, I don't study a lot before a few tests and don't always give 100% at school.
But somehow those things have changed ever since I realized that I have to do that stuff to reach my dream.
I'm dreaming of being a music journalist .. I mean, how amazing would it be to interview my favorite musicians, write reviews about the newest albums, check out new bands, ... 

But before I can do that I first have to finish high school this summer. After that I will go to another school which is a kind of language school. 
So right now I'm on vacation and I met a few of my friends over the last 2 weeks and we studied together to prepare.
I'm not afraid that I will fail the exams, but I'm afraid that I won't do my best. 
So my motto right now is believing in me and my skills. I think that's what you need to give your best. :)

To everyone else who is about to graduate - I wish you the very best and I hope you believe in yourself. 

Keep studying for your dream! :)))

x - Vanessa.


  1. hardly any time i have been revising for the English exam today soo close im in Scotland.

    1. I wish you all the best for your exam! :) Wow - are you going to Scotland? :)

      x Vanessa.


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