Bullying. Inner beauty. Confidence.

Hey guys,
I want to write a really serious blogpost about this serious theme. What I’m going to write down here is exactly what I feel and not what the “community” tells you to think.
I really hope that anyone is going to read this and maybe thinks about it.
Bullying - it’s a big think in all of our lives today. Sadly. I don’t understand why people do this to other people. I mean - we are all the same. We are human - not even one person is better than the other. Everyone is unique and everyone is wonderful in their own way. People should stop bullying. If you are reading this and you have bullied someone, I want to ask you WHY ? Have you ever thought about how the person feels? Have you ever thought about what you do to the person you bullied? Have you ever thought about the pain the person has? Have you ever thought that you could be the reason that they kill themselves? And did you know that you can change someone’s life completly, by just talking to them (in a nice way) ? Try it, stop bullying and live your life peacefully.
Inner beauty - is more important than the beauty on the outside. I know so many people that are beautiful because they laugh and they love. You know, they are almost smilling every day and they just have this passion with them. Everything they do is wonderful, because they want to do it and they want to make it special. Of course sometimes when I see some pretty people I think ”wow, she’s beautiful.” but then I ask myself “is she just beautiful or even wonderful?” you know, there’s a big difference between that. So don’t judge people by their clothes or looks - get to know their inner beauty.
Confidence - the thing that everyone should own. Mean people are always going to try to put you down, but don’t listen to them. Be confident, because you can be proud of yourself. You’ve got every right to a beautiful life. Look at the mirror and say “I am beautiful. I am proud of myself. Not even one person will get my confidence down.” It will help you to realise how wonderful you are. Never think that you can’t do something. If you believe that you can do it you will be able to do it.
Now I have to say something to you - yes that “you” that’s reading this sentence.
Don’t bully people, don’t look away if someone gets bullied - help. And don’t forget that you are loved by someone.
I hope anyone liked this blogpost and I hope I could help someone.
x - Vanessa.


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