New series: The Mission Of Promotion

Hey people! :)

A few days ago I wrote a blogpost about Jim Kroft to promote him a little bit and talking about the feedback from you guys, I definitely reached my goal. That's just so cool. I never thought a lot of you would actually check out what I write about, but you do. So thank you! 

Now I had the idea that I should use my blog to promote a lot more people or projects. So I planned a new series on my blog. It's called "the mission of promotion" and I can only do it if you guys help me.

How? It's totally easy - let me know about any artist, band, actress/actor, model or even a project (you are organizing or in) and I will check it out to write a blogpost about whatever you send me. 

So you have something you want people to know about? Then it's your turn to message me and get this thing started. :)
I really need your help! :) 

I hope we can start this series together. 

x - Vanessa.



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