The Mission Of Promotion: Dan Dietrich.

Hey guys, 

today I'm really excited for you to read this blogpost because it's the first edition of my new series "The Mission Of Promotion". 

I want to introduce you Dan Dietrich.
Dan is a musician from Germany (and actually the only German musician I like). I got to know him at the Martin and James concert in Cologne and started liking him right after the first song, because he loves what he does and is passionated about his music. 

He kindly sent me his CD and all I can say after listening to it is that it is amazing. It's handmade music: the melodies are simple but wonderful, the lyrics is deep and I'm pretty sure that a lot of people can relate to it, Dan's voice is incredible and the design of the CD is perfect. 

Here's the tracklist:
1.) It's Like It Is
2.) I Can't Imagine
3.) Suffice It To Say
4.) Wedding Song
5.) Today's Society
6.) Jokerman

If I had to pick my favorite song I'd probably pick "Suffice It To Say". I love the guitar in that song and of course his voice. 

If you are now interested in checking out Dan's music - do it! I mean, if you like real music (not any autotuned stuff) you'll love him. 

Here are the links:

I really hope you guys go and check him out, like his Facebook page and just enjoy really good music.
Also don't be afraid to talk to him, he's super nice.

- x Vanessa. 


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