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Hey guys,

I really had to take some time to sit down and write this little blogpost.
Actually I don't know how to start .. but I think saying I am super happy is the right way.
It is just incredible how soooo many people on Twitter and Facebook wished me good luck on my finals. I still can not believe it. ..
I mean .. I sadly don't even know all of you personally. And seeing how much you support me and how wonderful you are really just amazes me. It's just so unreal. 
And I can tell you, having people behind you who believe in you is the most wonderful feeling ever.

Writing the finals with people like you is definitely way better. So .. THANK YOU. <3

And I also learned something - what counts in life is your attitude - not your grades! 

So thanks again to everyone - even the people who only read my blog but don't talk to me.
I think because of you I will rock those finals. 

Stay tuned for new blogpost. I planned to blog about many excited new themes. : )

x - Vanessa.


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