My signature look.

Hello everyone,

I asked you if you'd like to read a blogpost about make-up, so now here it is:

I want to write about my signature look - that means the look that I wear most of the time and my friends could recognize it.

So let me describe it:
I usually use concealer to kind of erase the flaws on my skin and set it with some powder. Then I continue with putting on some light pink blush. I just love blushes sooo much. Some light pink or light terra are my favorite colors.

I almost always put eyeliner on to make my eyes look a little bit bigger. I draw a thin line which gets a little taller by the outer corner of my eye with some little wing. 
Then I put on some mascara just because I looooooove long lashes. Mine are kind of long and the mascara just puts on a special effect. 

If I feel like, I put on some lipstick .. mostly some nice red or a "your lips but better" color. :)

And now here is a picture of my typical make-up. :) 

What's your signature look? :)

x - Vanessa.


  1. i love experimenting a lot, but my signature look will probably be: tons of mascara because i LOVE long lashes too but unfortunately i don't have long lashes. then i darken my eyebrows to put some extra focus on the eyes =) nude lipstick. and foundation of course!
    (i love talking about make-up, thanks for the blogpost!!)

    xo Ola

    1. I feel sooo bad for just seeing this now. Anyway, thank you for your comment! :)
      I really love it too.. It's a girly thing I guess. :D

      x Vanessa.


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