Demi Lovato

Hey guys,

I've been blogging a lot about people who inspire me on here and I will continue doing that because for me that's kinda like saying thank you. 
As you can tell by the topic - today it's Demi Lovato.

I've known Demi ever since I was 6 and watched Barney. When I watched that little girl singing and dancing around I could not imagine that she would be one of my biggest rolemodels. I re-discovered her as soon as "Camp Rock" was released. That time also her debut album "Don't Forget" got released and Demi started her singing career. And I still remember how my 11-year old self went to my Mom saying "Mom - I need a rock shirt and grey nailpolish." My Mom asked my "Why would you need that?" - my reply? "Demi wears that too and she looks so beautiful."

Not many things have changed in that way. I still adore Demi's style and like buying the same things she wears. 

But one thing has changed: the way I think about Demi now. 
I have always loved Demi for what she was doing. I loved her acting, her music, her style. But after her comeback last year I realized that I love her for something different - her strength. 
You probably know what Demi went through. But she didn't hide - she shared her story and showed people all  over the world that it is okay to get the help you need and that you can go through anything. 

When Demi was in treatment her fans decided to draw a heart on their wrist in honor to Demi. I was one of them. My friends always asked me "What is this for?" and I just told them that I was helping a friend. 

She is definitely someone I look up to and I hope that one day I will be able to thank her. Fact is - I will support her, no matter what.

Stay strong!

x - Vanessa. 


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