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Hey guys,

it seems like I'm in love with tags right now. Today I'm going to answer a few questions which will help you to get to know me better. Let's start:

1.) Describe yourself with three words:
optimistic, creative, passionated

2.) Which part of your body to you like the most?
My lips. :D

3.) Which part of your body don't you like?

My nose, but I can life with it ;)

4.) Do you things even though you don't know how to do them?
Yes, I take pictures. I am no photographer and actually don't know if what I'm doing is right. 

5.) What do you want to change about yourself but never change it?
I want myself to stop worrying about so much things, but it's so hard to do.. 

6.) Name four things you love doing:
making music, blogging, meeting nice people, spending time with animals.

7.) Is there anything you collect?

Yes, I collect letters. If anyone writes me a letter I put it into a box and read it whenever I'm down. :) (So if you want to write me a letter, feel free to ask for my addresse ;-))

8.) Name three things you like about boys:
I like it when boys make me laugh, make music and protect me. : )

9.) What is your biggest fear?
Not being able to do what I love and to fight for my dreams.

10.) What is luck for you?
Luck is when I'm happy with my life. I feel lucky when I have the power to believe in myself. Luck is finding yourself.

11.) Name two weird things about you:
Only two? :D I could name more .. 
Well, before I go to bed I have to close the door, but not completely.. it's still about 20cm open. And before I start eating everything on my plate has to be cut ..

Alriiight guys, I hope you got to know me a bit better.

Like usually, I tag everyone. Please please please answer the questions and leave a comment ;) I would love you forever. 

x - Vanessa.


Hey guys,
today is a special day: one year I got my cat Melody. : )
I am sooo in love with my little darling and it feels so amazing to know she's been here for a year now. When I got her she was 6 weeks old, so it's been a blessing to watch her grow. 
She did not only grow big, but to she also grew to a beautiful cat. : ) I love it when people see her and go all like "whoa - such a beautiful cat." Yes, I'm a proud mama. :D

The really cool thing is that she also loves my dog. They're somehow like an old couple. 

To show you how much she changed in this year I will post a picture from the very first day I got her (which was one year ago) and a picture from today. 

June 27th 2011

June 27th 2012

Happy first anniversary,  Melody! : )

x - Vanessa. 

7 things for 7 days.

Hey guys,

It works like this: you set yourself 7 aims you want to achieve - it can be breaking some odds or anything else. Actually it's like a to-do list. The cool side effect is that it helps you to get motivated again because you blog about it. And I think it would be amazing if you can first blog about your aims and then after a week, or two, or even a month you can come back and tell all your readers "guys, I did everything I wanted". Doesn't that sound good to you? 
Well, to me it sounds awesome and that's why I will join.

I'm not sure if I want to achieve those things within a week, but maybe in at least a month. : )

Here are my aims:

1.) Drink more water.

(I know that's actually no biggie, but I just need to drink more water because my skin and body need that.)

2.) Throw an amazing birthday party which everyone will talk about even years later. 
(yes, that's actually a biggie, but the chances I will do that are SUPER high.)

3.) Gett into songwriting again.
(I really did not have enough time the last few months to work on my music and I want to change that.)

4.) Inspire people.
(This is an aim that I not only set myself for the next few weeks, but for my whole life.)

5.) Start my work out again.
(I did work out a while ago and felt so good doing that but somehow time and laziness haunted me again and caught me.)

6.) Tell people what's on my mind.

7.) Create new projects/ideas.

(I want to get creative again and find new things to do.)

I'm very excited to see if I can do everything on my list but let's be optimistic. ;)

You can join this project, just check out the link up there. ; )

x - Vanessa.

Smile. :)

Hey guys,

right now the weather in Germany (at least where I live) isn't that nice. The sky is grey and it's kind of depressing. But days like this don't get my mood down or anything, but I admit that I look out for funny things more than on sunny days. You probably wonder what kind of funny things I look out for.. well, funny things done by people I like. 
Today I feel like sharing something funny I just came across again. This video totally makes me laugh whenever I watch it. Yeah, probably because I like the guys in the video, but I'm pretty sure that you will laugh too.

So give it a chance and smiiiiiile. 

have you watched the video? If Martin and James made you smile, why don't you make them smile?
Go to their Facebook page and maybe we will get a 20,000 likes video soon.

x - Vanessa.


Hey guys,

I got tagged by my good friend Jana whose blog is amazing. Go and visit it here: 

The tag is about a topic the person that tags you decides. Jana decided to let all the people she tagged blog about "music". 
I feel so happy about that because as you all know - I love music. Oh and you have to write down 8 points about the topic.

1.) Music is my escape. Whenever I'm down I run into music. Hearing a few songs definitely gets my mood up. 

2.) I write my own music, play the guitar and some tiny bits of piano. Making music is more than just a hobby. For me it's a passion. A passion I never want to stop. Singing my heart out and jamming with the guitar is definitely what makes me happy.

3.) Little random music fact about me: I wrote my first song when I was 11 and it was about a horse. :D

4.) When I listen to song I mostly listen to the lyrics. If the lyrics don't get me, I won't like the song. I guess that's a songwriter syndrom...

5.) In my opinion hearing songs live at a concert is one million times better than just hearing it on your iPod. I have seen the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Jim Kroft, Rooney (twice) and Martin and James (4 times) yet. 

6.) I would love to see Demi Lovato, Carrie Underwood, John Mayer, We The Kings, Maroon 5, Katy Perry and Paramore live. Maybe I can do that. People - come to Germany. 

7.) I am about to graduate from high school. After that I will go to a language school and after that I'm going to study music journalism. So one day I will write reviews about albums, concerts and singers and maybe interview my favorite musicians.

8.) Thanks to music I met wonderful people from all over the world. I'm just fascinated how a fan base can become a family. So to all the people I have met through music - feel hugged. You became super important and I wish we all could to one big meeting. :) <3

So, here are a few rules:
-write down who tagged you and set a link to their blog
-write down 8 things concerning the topic you got
-tag 10 more people
-tell the tagged people that you tagged them
-think of a topic for the tagged people to write about

Here are the people I want to tag:
Alright, that's all of the blog I know.. :( to everyone who is

reading this - feel tagged! I want you to blog about this. ;)

Sooo my topic is (guess whaaat?) - inspiration.

Yes, just write down whatever comes to your mind.

I can't wait to read your answers. :) <3

x - Vanessa.

The Jonas Brothers.

Hey guys,

today I want to blog about the guys that made me start writing music, the Jonas Brothers. : ) 

2007 my obsession for those guys started. I remember exactly how I fell for them: I was watching Hannah Montana (I was only 10 back then, ok? :D) and they were featured in one episode. Since that day I am a Jonashead. A proud Jonashead. 
It's been a long time so I actually grew up with them and I really can say that watching their career and watching them growing up was and still is a blessing. Their songs mean so much to me, they have saved me so many times. Watching their silly videos on Youtube - like this one. - always made my day. And yeeeeah, Joe is my favorite. I love Kevin and Nick, too! : )
I still remember how nervous and happy I was when I saw them live in concert November 15th 2009 in Cologne. There were 3500 other Jonasfans and the athmosphere was just great.

Those boys are the reason why I picked up a guitar and started to write music. I am so thankful that I got to know them. 

I even have my favorite lyrics ever engraved on my iPod. It's from "Take A Breath" - "people change and promises are broken". 

One day I will meet them and thank them for everything! I know I will.  : ) 

Until then,

stay plobnrg. ; )

x - Vanessa.

Picture day.

Hey guys, 
today I'd like to show you two pictures I took today.
I'm free from school right now so I can spend a lot of time with my horse and that's just perfect. I definitely missed spending whole days with my horse and now I can do it again : ) that's really a perfect start of summer.
Anyway - here are the two pictures, I hope you like them as much as I do. : )

Now my question of the day: do you like those "picture blogposts" ? I'd be amazing if you could answer this question here or on Twitter. : )

x - Vanessa.


Hey guys,

today I got some new kind of blogpost for you. I just want to introduce a song to you.
As you can tell by the title it's called "Sharpshooter" and it's by The Arkanes. I've been digging this song the last few days. Non-stop. Without a break. Honestly.
I got to know these amazing guys at the Jim Kroft show last month. I already told you that I loooved their music from the very start because they just reminded me how much I love rock music. Especially played at a concert. 

So this song called "Sharpshooter" definitely became my favorite song and now I really want you to listen to it.

(I mean listen to that voice!!!!!!)

Follow The Arkanes on Twitter:!/TheArkanes 

Visit their homepage:

Listen to more songs on Myspace:

I hope you give them a try and check out the amazing rare talent. : )

(Also talk to them - they are super nice.)

x - Vanessa.

The beauty of (blogger) life.

Hey guys,

I'm sorry for this little blogging break. I was very busy the last few days.

I definitely think that right now it's time for me to thank you guys again. Your support and feedback about the blog is sooo amazing. I can't tell you how happy I am when I read your nice words or just see that you actually visit my blog. I still remember how happy I was when my blog reached 100 clicks - right now it's far over 2000 clicks. 
You probably don't know how happy I am because you are reading those words right now. Please feel hugged! : )

I also want to thank Jim, Ryan, Martin, James and Dan for supporting my little baby blog by being super nice and keeping me blogging with their words. I don't know if I would still own this blog if they weren't there to comfort me with wonderful words.
I honestly don't know if any of you is reading this - but if you do - thank you so much. : )

So I hope I don't bore you guys with my endless thank yous but I just feel like I can't give you back what you give to me. 
My "house in the sand" definitely became a part of my life. Even though I have experienced bad things on here, the wonderful moments are in the majority. 

Thank you thank you thank you.  :) 


x Vanessa.

Keep believing.

Hey you guys, 

I really want you to do what the picture on top says. One of my biggest dreams just became reality and it probably wouldn't have if I didn't believe in it. There have been a lot of people telling me it's impossible - but now I can tell them that it isn't. And honestly - I'm so proud. There was that moment where I wanted to give up and not carry on, but I didn't. 

I really hope I can tell you guys what exactly it is very soon, but for now it's my little secret that I'm only sharing with a few people. 

I might be repeating myself because I'm talking about dreams all the time, but for me dreams are what life is about. : ) 

x - Vanessa.

Favorite things.

Hey guys,

I totally got the idea to do the "favorite things" tag. I think it will help you to get to know me better. 
So let's skip a long intro and get started.

1.) Favorite color:

Skyblue and earthbrown.

2.) Favorite number:


3.) Favorite fruit:


4.) Favorite food:
Anything with potatoes. :D

5.) Favorite drink:

Water, green tea.

6.) Favorite pet:
Uhh.. hard one .. let me go for cats.

7.) Favorite animal (wild):


8.) Favorite book:

Dear John (written by Nicholas Sparks)

9.) Favorite author: 
Nicholas Sparks

10.) Favorite movie: 
The Princess Diaries

11.) Favorite sports:
Horseback riding

12.) Favorite subject:

13.) Favorite season:

14.) Favorite month:

15.) Favorite actress:

Anne Hathaway.

16.) Favorite actor:

Channing Tatum.

17.) Favorite solo singer (female):

Demi Lovato.

18.) Favorite solo singer (male):
Bruno Mars.

19.) Favorite songwriter (female):
Taylor Swift.

20.) Favorite songwriter (male):
Jim Kroft.

21.) Favorite band:

22.) Favorite duo:
Martin and James.

23.) Favorite song (right now):
Blown Away - Carrie Underwood.

24.) Favorite motto:
"The only way you fail, is when you don't react" - Jim Kroft.

25.) Favorite jewellery:

26.) Favorite city (Germany):


27.) Favorite city (anywhere):


28.) Favorite instrument:

I hope you guys had fun, and I'd love to see you answering all of those "favorite things" questions too! : ) Post them on your blog or write a comment. : )

x - Vanessa.

No words. Only pictures. (London Edition)

Hey guys, 
it's time for another "no words. only pictures" blogpost. But this one will be all about London. I promised you to post a few more pictures, so here we go. : )

The beautiful Big Ben.

Oh, hi there! :D

Castle fascination ..

Towerbridge .. <3

Photocredits go to my friend. :)

Well .. how awesome? 

Such a cool way to travel!

Looking at those picture I really start missing London. Can't wait till the day I will go back : )

x - Vanessa.


Hey guys,

I'm sorry I didn't blog the last few days. I had some tough moments that really made it impossible for me to blog. But I'm back! :)
Today I'd love to blog about something really important in life: honesty. 
I figured out that not all people are honest. No, not at all. But there are a few people you can really count on. For me it definitely is my family who is always there to support me. But also a few friends (even people I just "got to know") are people I can honestly count on. Not only because they would support me, but also because they would tell the truth.

Just as I'm writing this blogpost a song came into my mind which is exactly about what I'm saying.
"Honestly" by Kelly Clarkson.

I will put the link here, so you can listen to Kelly. I think she says exact the things that I want to say. Here we go: Honestly - Kelly Clarkson.

What do you think about blogposts like that? I mean, I let Kelly do half of the work .. is that ok? :D haha.

Please stay honest ;) 

x - Vanessa.

Writing a journal.

Hey guys,

you probably know that I love writing. Writing reviews, writing on my blog, writing songs, writing nice messages, ... - just writing.
I think it's obvious that I also write a lot.. I mean, I blog very often. Like a lot of people I also own a journal where I write down a lot: thoughts, special days, things about my favorite people. 

But I also decided to put in pictures. Writing is great, especially for describing things very well. But sometimes pictures are a better way to remember things. I can take out pictures that have been taken 3 years ago and I still remember every single feeling I had that day. 

So if you also own a journal and only write down stuff, I suggest trying out putting in some pictures every now and then. I mean you can try it out and see how it works for you.

I just think it's a wonderful way to make a journal even more personal and fill it with more memories than by just writing things down.

Do you own a journal? How to you keep things remembered? 

: ) 

x - Vanessa.

Jim Kroft Concert.

Hey guys,

as you might know I've been to the Jim Kroft concert in Frankfurt two days ago. I promised you to blog about that day, so here we go.
I'm not only blogging about it, just to blog about it (does that make any sense?) - I want to use this blogpost to thank a few very special people. So - let's get started.

My Mom (the best concert goer + driver) and I started our roadtrip to Frankfurt at 3.30pm. After 3 hours we arrived at the café and club "Nachtleben". The café is super beautiful - so if you're in Frankfurt you should definitely check it out. 

At this point I would love to thank my Mom who went over to the super nice manager Jasper Niebuhr to talk to him about something big. Also big thanks to him for being so nice! : )

When we waited for the doors to open - suuuuuddenly Mr. Kroft himself came out to say hi to his fans and make sure they're doing fine. I personally loved his outfit ... uhm yeah, wonderful pyjamas, Jim! ;) Honestly, that was just incredible. 
The door opening was very relaxed - so thumbs up for that. 
Getting into the club was fun: first I almost fell down the stairs, then I almost ran against a wall .. but okay - I made my way into the club. But I didn't go to the stage first, like the others - no I went to Ryan. Yes, THE Ryan. The man with the plan, or like Jim would say it - the power behind Martin and James. (wait - why isn't the band called "Martin and James and Ryan" ? ..) Of course I was super happy when I saw him wearing the bracelet I got Martin, James and him. It was great talking to him in person. Not only on Facebook.

Then I found my place in the crowd - front row of course. Mom was right behind me so we both had a great view. But .. I forgot something - buying some merch. I mean - how confused can you be? Talking to Ryan at the merch stand but not buying something? Ehh? So yeah, I went right back to Ryan and bought a white "The Hermit And The Hedonist" shirt and signed drumsticks. 

Alright, at 9pm the support band "The Arkanes" came on stage - and daaaamn, they're amazing. Really reminded me how much I love good rock music. I will definitely check out more of their music and might blog about that soon. : )

After that we didn't have to wait long for Jim and his awesome band. They started the show with "Memoirs From The Afterlife" which was the perfect song to start. Definitely.
The show was so much fun and it was entertaining and perfect. Simply perfect. 
It was not only rock'n'roll - it was also emotional and inspiring. I have always had so much respect for Jim but after that show I was even more impressed. 
And I can not wait to hear more new songs. Already fell for "Through My Weakness".

Now to the most wonderful part of the night: meeting Jim. It took a long time to finally get to talk to him because the line was huge. But thankfully my Mom was patient enough to wait with me about half an hour. When it was my turn to meet him I wasn't nervous at all. I don't know why but whenever you see him you just have to smile. 

Well, he started our little conversation by calling me "Senorita" which I think was perfect because my grandfather is from Spain and as you all know "senorita" is a spanish word. 

I took my journal with me to let him sign it. Before he looked at it he asked for my name. And now the surprise aka the best moment started: he knew me. I mean, we never met before but he remembered me from Facebook/Twitter. I don't know if I'm over-interpreting, but I think he was kind of happy to see me. 
When he wanted to sign my journal he noticed what I wrote on top of the page: "the only way you fail, is when you don't react" - it's a line from his song "Canary In The Coalmine" (music video here) which inspired my lifestyle. He starred at it for a while and then said "I like that you picked this line" and then started signing it. With a smile on his face. But he did not only signed it - no, he wrote a message. (you should've seen my face .. like a child on christmas) I didn't read it immediately because it was too dark in there but when I read it I really got teary eyes and my smile got ten times bigger.
We took a picture together which I'm so proud of (not because I look good or something, no just simply because it captures a wonderful moment). He high-fived my Mom (which was super cute) and then thanked me again. And with this blogpost I want to thank him.

Now back to Ryan: all good things come in threes. I just had to take a picture with him. My Mom took a secret shot, which I will show you, too. Then we took two other pictures - one "normal" one and one showing off our bracelets. 

Now to the thank yous: 

Thank you Jasper for telling my Mom that what I'm dreaming about isn't impossible and might even come true soon. I can't wait to start organizing. : )

Thank you Ryan for not being annoyed by a little girl running up to you three times within a few hours. And thank you for keeping me updated on Facebook. And thank you for patiently taking picture with me. And thank you for being wonderfully nice. : ) (see you (probably) soon)

And of course: thank you Jim. Thank you for that wonderful message you wrote for me. Thank you for taking so much time. Thank you for remembering me. Thank you for making the night even more wonderful. Thank you thank you thank you.

As you can tell I had a wonderful time and am so happy. Now here's the fun part - picture tiiiime.
The Arkanes. 

The Arkanes - rockin' it with style.

Sadly I just got to take good pictures of two members, but the whole band is awesome! 

Yesss! A lefthand guitar player! I'm not the only one! :D

Uh-mazing shoes! 

The Setlist. Sadly not the whole one. If you have been to the show - please help me out and send me the first  few songs. I'd love you forever. 


Ben can sing. Very well. 

Oh, hi Ryan. Nice bracelet. 

During "The Jailer".

One hell of a band. Sadly Dan is missing.

Meeting Jim. : ) super happy.

The most wonderful message ever written. THANK YOU.
(Vanessa! Thank you for your support, friendship + understanding. Stay true to you and your heart xx Jim Kroft)

Mom .. you would be a good paparazzi. :D

Nice one. : ) 

We got the same designer. Oh what a coincidence. :D 

 Feel free to leave a comment (you don't even need a google account, just type in your email (which nobody will see).

x - Vanessa.