Jim Kroft Concert.

Hey guys,

as you might know I've been to the Jim Kroft concert in Frankfurt two days ago. I promised you to blog about that day, so here we go.
I'm not only blogging about it, just to blog about it (does that make any sense?) - I want to use this blogpost to thank a few very special people. So - let's get started.

My Mom (the best concert goer + driver) and I started our roadtrip to Frankfurt at 3.30pm. After 3 hours we arrived at the café and club "Nachtleben". The café is super beautiful - so if you're in Frankfurt you should definitely check it out. 

At this point I would love to thank my Mom who went over to the super nice manager Jasper Niebuhr to talk to him about something big. Also big thanks to him for being so nice! : )

When we waited for the doors to open - suuuuuddenly Mr. Kroft himself came out to say hi to his fans and make sure they're doing fine. I personally loved his outfit ... uhm yeah, wonderful pyjamas, Jim! ;) Honestly, that was just incredible. 
The door opening was very relaxed - so thumbs up for that. 
Getting into the club was fun: first I almost fell down the stairs, then I almost ran against a wall .. but okay - I made my way into the club. But I didn't go to the stage first, like the others - no I went to Ryan. Yes, THE Ryan. The man with the plan, or like Jim would say it - the power behind Martin and James. (wait - why isn't the band called "Martin and James and Ryan" ? ..) Of course I was super happy when I saw him wearing the bracelet I got Martin, James and him. It was great talking to him in person. Not only on Facebook.

Then I found my place in the crowd - front row of course. Mom was right behind me so we both had a great view. But .. I forgot something - buying some merch. I mean - how confused can you be? Talking to Ryan at the merch stand but not buying something? Ehh? So yeah, I went right back to Ryan and bought a white "The Hermit And The Hedonist" shirt and signed drumsticks. 

Alright, at 9pm the support band "The Arkanes" came on stage - and daaaamn, they're amazing. Really reminded me how much I love good rock music. I will definitely check out more of their music and might blog about that soon. : )

After that we didn't have to wait long for Jim and his awesome band. They started the show with "Memoirs From The Afterlife" which was the perfect song to start. Definitely.
The show was so much fun and it was entertaining and perfect. Simply perfect. 
It was not only rock'n'roll - it was also emotional and inspiring. I have always had so much respect for Jim but after that show I was even more impressed. 
And I can not wait to hear more new songs. Already fell for "Through My Weakness".

Now to the most wonderful part of the night: meeting Jim. It took a long time to finally get to talk to him because the line was huge. But thankfully my Mom was patient enough to wait with me about half an hour. When it was my turn to meet him I wasn't nervous at all. I don't know why but whenever you see him you just have to smile. 

Well, he started our little conversation by calling me "Senorita" which I think was perfect because my grandfather is from Spain and as you all know "senorita" is a spanish word. 

I took my journal with me to let him sign it. Before he looked at it he asked for my name. And now the surprise aka the best moment started: he knew me. I mean, we never met before but he remembered me from Facebook/Twitter. I don't know if I'm over-interpreting, but I think he was kind of happy to see me. 
When he wanted to sign my journal he noticed what I wrote on top of the page: "the only way you fail, is when you don't react" - it's a line from his song "Canary In The Coalmine" (music video here) which inspired my lifestyle. He starred at it for a while and then said "I like that you picked this line" and then started signing it. With a smile on his face. But he did not only signed it - no, he wrote a message. (you should've seen my face .. like a child on christmas) I didn't read it immediately because it was too dark in there but when I read it I really got teary eyes and my smile got ten times bigger.
We took a picture together which I'm so proud of (not because I look good or something, no just simply because it captures a wonderful moment). He high-fived my Mom (which was super cute) and then thanked me again. And with this blogpost I want to thank him.

Now back to Ryan: all good things come in threes. I just had to take a picture with him. My Mom took a secret shot, which I will show you, too. Then we took two other pictures - one "normal" one and one showing off our bracelets. 

Now to the thank yous: 

Thank you Jasper for telling my Mom that what I'm dreaming about isn't impossible and might even come true soon. I can't wait to start organizing. : )

Thank you Ryan for not being annoyed by a little girl running up to you three times within a few hours. And thank you for keeping me updated on Facebook. And thank you for patiently taking picture with me. And thank you for being wonderfully nice. : ) (see you (probably) soon)

And of course: thank you Jim. Thank you for that wonderful message you wrote for me. Thank you for taking so much time. Thank you for remembering me. Thank you for making the night even more wonderful. Thank you thank you thank you.

As you can tell I had a wonderful time and am so happy. Now here's the fun part - picture tiiiime.
The Arkanes. 

The Arkanes - rockin' it with style.

Sadly I just got to take good pictures of two members, but the whole band is awesome! 

Yesss! A lefthand guitar player! I'm not the only one! :D

Uh-mazing shoes! 

The Setlist. Sadly not the whole one. If you have been to the show - please help me out and send me the first  few songs. I'd love you forever. 


Ben can sing. Very well. 

Oh, hi Ryan. Nice bracelet. 

During "The Jailer".

One hell of a band. Sadly Dan is missing.

Meeting Jim. : ) super happy.

The most wonderful message ever written. THANK YOU.
(Vanessa! Thank you for your support, friendship + understanding. Stay true to you and your heart xx Jim Kroft)

Mom .. you would be a good paparazzi. :D

Nice one. : ) 

We got the same designer. Oh what a coincidence. :D 

 Feel free to leave a comment (you don't even need a google account, just type in your email (which nobody will see).

x - Vanessa. 


  1. Wonderful Report! I wasn't in Frankfurt, only to the gig in Cologne, but i am even able to feel the good time you had through your words..Nice Pictures, too!
    Keep on writing, you have a nice style to describe the things!

  2. Haha I honestly spied if Ryan was wearing the Martin & James bracelet at the Hamburg show, but back then he didn't. And once again, Jamie's message is SO CUTE, and yeah. Awww we SO have to go to a show together!!!

  3. Yes, he told me he wears it sometimes. In Frankfurt he did and that was perfect. :D I mean - wearing a M&J bracelet at a Jim Kroft show makes us ten times cooler. :D
    It is! I really couldn't believe it.. so nice!
    Gosh yes! We so have to do that and I think we will! : )

  4. Really nice and well written blog :) and nice Picture as always <3 greets lena

    1. Thank you so much, Lena! : ) hearing things like that really make me happy. :) x


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