The Jonas Brothers.

Hey guys,

today I want to blog about the guys that made me start writing music, the Jonas Brothers. : ) 

2007 my obsession for those guys started. I remember exactly how I fell for them: I was watching Hannah Montana (I was only 10 back then, ok? :D) and they were featured in one episode. Since that day I am a Jonashead. A proud Jonashead. 
It's been a long time so I actually grew up with them and I really can say that watching their career and watching them growing up was and still is a blessing. Their songs mean so much to me, they have saved me so many times. Watching their silly videos on Youtube - like this one. - always made my day. And yeeeeah, Joe is my favorite. I love Kevin and Nick, too! : )
I still remember how nervous and happy I was when I saw them live in concert November 15th 2009 in Cologne. There were 3500 other Jonasfans and the athmosphere was just great.

Those boys are the reason why I picked up a guitar and started to write music. I am so thankful that I got to know them. 

I even have my favorite lyrics ever engraved on my iPod. It's from "Take A Breath" - "people change and promises are broken". 

One day I will meet them and thank them for everything! I know I will.  : ) 

Until then,

stay plobnrg. ; )

x - Vanessa.


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