7 things for 7 days.

Hey guys,

It works like this: you set yourself 7 aims you want to achieve - it can be breaking some odds or anything else. Actually it's like a to-do list. The cool side effect is that it helps you to get motivated again because you blog about it. And I think it would be amazing if you can first blog about your aims and then after a week, or two, or even a month you can come back and tell all your readers "guys, I did everything I wanted". Doesn't that sound good to you? 
Well, to me it sounds awesome and that's why I will join.

I'm not sure if I want to achieve those things within a week, but maybe in at least a month. : )

Here are my aims:

1.) Drink more water.

(I know that's actually no biggie, but I just need to drink more water because my skin and body need that.)

2.) Throw an amazing birthday party which everyone will talk about even years later. 
(yes, that's actually a biggie, but the chances I will do that are SUPER high.)

3.) Gett into songwriting again.
(I really did not have enough time the last few months to work on my music and I want to change that.)

4.) Inspire people.
(This is an aim that I not only set myself for the next few weeks, but for my whole life.)

5.) Start my work out again.
(I did work out a while ago and felt so good doing that but somehow time and laziness haunted me again and caught me.)

6.) Tell people what's on my mind.

7.) Create new projects/ideas.

(I want to get creative again and find new things to do.)

I'm very excited to see if I can do everything on my list but let's be optimistic. ;)

You can join this project, just check out the link up there. ; )

x - Vanessa.


  1. Good luck with your 7 things! Please do a post on your amazing birthday party!



    1. Thank you a lot, I kinda did a good job.

      Thank you also for the comment, that means a lot to me.


  2. Fab goals,hope you have an amazing party :).

    Sadie x


    1. Thank you! I really had the best day of the year that day.

      Can't wait to check out your blog. : )



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