Writing a journal.

Hey guys,

you probably know that I love writing. Writing reviews, writing on my blog, writing songs, writing nice messages, ... - just writing.
I think it's obvious that I also write a lot.. I mean, I blog very often. Like a lot of people I also own a journal where I write down a lot: thoughts, special days, things about my favorite people. 

But I also decided to put in pictures. Writing is great, especially for describing things very well. But sometimes pictures are a better way to remember things. I can take out pictures that have been taken 3 years ago and I still remember every single feeling I had that day. 

So if you also own a journal and only write down stuff, I suggest trying out putting in some pictures every now and then. I mean you can try it out and see how it works for you.

I just think it's a wonderful way to make a journal even more personal and fill it with more memories than by just writing things down.

Do you own a journal? How to you keep things remembered? 

: ) 

x - Vanessa.


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