Hey guys,

today I got some new kind of blogpost for you. I just want to introduce a song to you.
As you can tell by the title it's called "Sharpshooter" and it's by The Arkanes. I've been digging this song the last few days. Non-stop. Without a break. Honestly.
I got to know these amazing guys at the Jim Kroft show last month. I already told you that I loooved their music from the very start because they just reminded me how much I love rock music. Especially played at a concert. 

So this song called "Sharpshooter" definitely became my favorite song and now I really want you to listen to it.

(I mean listen to that voice!!!!!!)

Follow The Arkanes on Twitter:!/TheArkanes 

Visit their homepage:

Listen to more songs on Myspace:

I hope you give them a try and check out the amazing rare talent. : )

(Also talk to them - they are super nice.)

x - Vanessa.


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