Playlist: HITS magazine

To celebrate the release of our first print issues, here's a playlist featuring all artists involved.

HITS x Berlin

We hosted our very first live gig in Berlin - and this is what it looked like.

Cover The HITS

Our latest video series - covers performed by our favourite acts, exclusively for us.

Video Interview: Scenic Route To Alaska

Melting away in front of Stuttgart's castle, we had a chat about touring, band names, Toy Story and a lot more.

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Get To Know: Ambrose Chappel & iKashflo

Hey guys,
today I've got two cool guys in the "Get To Know" section.
Ambrose Chappel and iKashflo answered my basic questions.

For your information, Ambrose Chappel and iKashflo have been working together on some collaborations you can listen to down below.

Get to know them first:

Review: #SoulRecall - Dennis McCalmont

Hey guys,
today I have another review for you.
This time I'm going to introduce you the album "#SoulRecall' by Dennis McCalmont.

Dennis McCalmont, an acoustic singer/songwriter from Ireland released his full length album June 1st.

The longplayer consists of 10 tracks:
1) Speeding Train
2) Let The Spirit
3) Missing Person
4) Waitin For The Summer
5) Loverboy Blues
6) Wanted Needed Love
7) I Can't Get Deeper
8) Wishes
9) You'll Make It Through
10) Live & Let Live

Introducing: 5 Albums

Hey guys,
this is the last part of the "Introducing Series" where I introduced you to amazing music related websites which I visit regularly.

Today I'm introducing 5albums, a website where music lovers from all over the world can share their 5 favourite albums.
Yes, that's right - if you love music, know how to express your love towards it and want to talk about your favourite albums then this is the right page for you.

Single: "It's Not What You Know" - Arizona Rifles

Hey guys,
today I have a song review / introduction for you.

The band behind the song is called Arizona Rifles, they're from Leeds (UK) and play rock music.

Arizona Rifles are:
Sam Jones (vocals)
Steven McNamara (guitar)
Craig Thompson (drums)
Andy Cooper (bass)

The song "It's Not What You Know" just has everything a good rock song needs:

Video: "Matilda" - Martin and James

Hey guys,
this isn't a planned post but I just decided to write it.

Martin and James, the acoustic duo from Scotland, just released their music video for their current single "Matilda".

The video was shot in Scotland and to be honest it seems to be way too sunny.
They always tell us the most horrible stories about the Scottish, rainy weather. Haha.

I have always liked their music videos.
They are simple, but not in a boring way.
 There are effects but not too many. 
The video is focused on the song - not the other way round.

Interview: The Wild Young Hearts

Hey guys,
as most of you know - I love rock music.
It just gets me every time. 

  That's why I'm really happy to present you an interview with the cool rockers of The Wild Young Hearts who are from the city I really want to visit - Los Angeles (US).

(NOTE: The Wild Young Hearts used to be called Streetcar Rendezvous!)

 The band consists of:
Robert Laffoon (vocals, guitar)
Justin Norman (guitar)

Garrett Warrem (bass)
Michael Southcomb (drums)

See what Robert says about the band name, LA, Miley Cyrus and a lot more...

Spotlight On: JproD

Hey guys,
yes, I'm finally writing a "Spotlight On:" again. I really missed it.
A while ago JproD emailed me and send me some of his press material which I really liked, so let me introduce you to this great guy.

JproD is a lifestyle rapper from Bristol (New England).

In his songs he raps about own experiences, things that happened to him and things he saw happening.
Music is his way to express himself and tell people about his life so they can either relate or get a clue of what he is going through.

Introducing: Square Pig

Hey guys,
here's the next part of July's "Introducing" series, the series where you can get to know four of the coolest music related websites.

As you can tell by reading the headline today's website is called Square Pig.

Just like my house in the sand the site once started out as a personal project of tracking own musical preferences in form of a chart listing.

Best Of: Instagram

Hey guys,
It seems to be THE thing every blogger no matter from what genre has to post this kind of post at least once in a lifetime.

So I'm joining the stereotype tradition and am going to show you my favourite instagram pictures.
I really hope you enjoy.

 left: my favourite place to be - live shows. Especially Jim Kroft ones.
right: cool winter 

Interview: Thomas McConnell

Hey guys,
today the lovely Thomas McConnell is guest of the day on house in the sand.

Thomas, the singer/songwriter from Liverpool (UK), writes and records his own music and has supported China Crisis, Ian McNabb and a lot more.

See what he told me about those support tours, his love for The Beatles, pre-gig nerves and some other interesting things.

Introducing: Beat About Music

Hey guys,
today, as you can read in the title, I'm going to introduce you to another website.
Last week it was Dats Muzik and this week I'll be presenting Beat About Music.

Beat About Music is probably one of the most useful websites I've heard of so far.

It connects "the most important members of the local music community". 

EP Review: "Ruthless Thing" - Tom Mitchell

Hey guys,
I am finally going to review more music for you!

Today I will introduce you the "Ruthless Thing" EP by Tom Mitchell. Of course some bits of my own opinion are blended within.

Tom Mitchell, the singer/songwriter from Bristol (UK) with guitar experience of about 20 years has recently released his first solo EP called "Ruthless Thing". 

When listening to his guitar skills it's no wonder Tom worked with artists like Duffy, The Cadbury Sisters, Juey and John Madden.

The "Ruthless Thing" EP is a personal and guitar based recording. Might sound simple but really is deep and a really great EP. 

 1) Ruthless Thing
2) Only Party There
3) Hammock
4) From Experience
5) He Forgot To Check His Heart In At The Door

And now here's the track by track review:

Interview: The Castellers

Hey guys,
I found most of the bands featured on hits on Twitter. It's such an easy way to talk to people and exchange links of work.
Exactly that way I found The Castellers, a five piece band from cool Manchester. They play fantastic 60ties influenced British Rock.

The band consists of:
- Paul Paterson (drums)
- Ryan Healey (vocals)
- Alex Moretti (bass guitar)
- Neil Trout (rhythm guitar)
- Russell Robertson (lead guitar, keys)

See what they say about Oasis, Rock'n'Roll, their dislike for Green Day and a lot more.

Get To Know: Tingle In The Netherlands

Hey guys,
I got another band for you which you might enjoy listening to,
Tingle In The Netherlands from the UK.
But since we all don't know that yet, keep on reading, find out about the members and listen to their tracks which are linked below.

Enjoy! :)

Introducing: Dats Muzik

'Join the European revolution. Dats Muzik creates your feature for you!'

Hey guys,
as I already announced on Twitter and Facebook I am going to do a little series throughout July to introduce you to some great music related websites.
There are four websites I want to spread the word about means one new "Introducing:" post each week.

I'm going to start off with a website called Dats Muzik.

Oh Matilda

Hey guys,
as I had nothing planned for this post - to keep the "free-style blogging" alive and Miss Jana from London Calling inspired me to go outside and take pictures, I thought let's do another photography post on house in the sand.
You seem to like them and that's what counts.

So when I came back from my little stroll through the town and checked my Facebook (social media addiction, hello!) I saw the thing that makes a music fan really happy - my favourite band uploaded their new song.

Of course - like every other human being would - I stopped everything I was doing and listened to the song.

The song is called "Matilda" and it's by Martin and James.

The rhythm acoustic guitar and the percussion turn the song into a happy sounding upbeat song. The electric guitar and choir elements give it a folky feeling.

Not only do I really really like the song but also the lyric video they uploaded.
It's the lyrics put on little video snippets of flowers and ducks.

And guess what? The pictures I took look pretty similar.
So this post is in honour of Matilda and this beautiful song. :)

Here's the video, watch it, then press replay and have a look at my picture. 
Then press replay again. 
And again.
 And again.
 And ..................................................... again.

The HITS playlist - part 1

Hey guys,

today I finally got another playlist for you. 
It's one I wanted to post for so long now but somehow never managed to upload.

As you can tell by reading the headline it is the "HITS (house in the sand) playlist" which means all artists I have worked with so far are thrown in there. 

Now there are so many brilliant bands and solo artists I've worked with that I have to split it into at least two or three parts again.

So if you've ever been mentioned on HITS but aren't on the list today, your time to shine will come soon. I don't forget about anyone. ;)

Let's get started: