The HITS playlist - part 1

Hey guys,

today I finally got another playlist for you. 
It's one I wanted to post for so long now but somehow never managed to upload.

As you can tell by reading the headline it is the "HITS (house in the sand) playlist" which means all artists I have worked with so far are thrown in there. 

Now there are so many brilliant bands and solo artists I've worked with that I have to split it into at least two or three parts again.

So if you've ever been mentioned on HITS but aren't on the list today, your time to shine will come soon. I don't forget about anyone. ;)

Let's get started:

(Click on song title to listen to it.
To read more about the band/artist find them in the Genre Filter)

"Wrong Directions" - Martin and James
"Through My Weakness" - Jim Kroft
"It's Like It Is" - Dan Dietrich
"Suffice It To Say" - Dan meets Portland
"New Skin" - Capulet
"Skeletons" - The Arkanes
"Raptor" - Michele Fasciano
"Bass In My Veins" - Go Long (!)
"London's Rose" - Douglas Dare
"Mermaid" - Lions and Weasels
"The Golden Age" - Litvinenko
"The Reprieve" - The Cape Race

So that's part one of the playlist and I really suggest checking out each song and artist. They're all fantastic and I'm happy to have them on house in the sand.

I really hope you enjoyed this because I did. These talented people deserve to be known, so if you liked them or just one of them, please go and support them. 

Vanessa x
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