Single: "It's Not What You Know" - Arizona Rifles

Hey guys,
today I have a song review / introduction for you.

The band behind the song is called Arizona Rifles, they're from Leeds (UK) and play rock music.

Arizona Rifles are:
Sam Jones (vocals)
Steven McNamara (guitar)
Craig Thompson (drums)
Andy Cooper (bass)

The song "It's Not What You Know" just has everything a good rock song needs:

it starts off with a voice intro accompanied by single electric guitar strums.

Vocals are very raspy and strong, there are no backing vocals used.
If the electric guitar bridge doesn't get you playing the air guitar, then something is a bit wrong with you. 

The guitar compliments the vocals and builds up towards the end with a mysterious feeling to it. 

The song simply leaves you wanting more of Arizona Rifles.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Links to connect with Arizona Rifles:

Let me (and the guys) know what you think.

Vanessa x


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