Introducing: Square Pig

Hey guys,
here's the next part of July's "Introducing" series, the series where you can get to know four of the coolest music related websites.

As you can tell by reading the headline today's website is called Square Pig.

Just like my house in the sand the site once started out as a personal project of tracking own musical preferences in form of a chart listing.

Thanks to social media and lots of bands who contacted the writers soon the idea of turning it into a public chart where the listeners have the power.

But it's not only all about the listeners, it's also all about the artists.
Since the music sales aren't the same anymore because of all the music sharing online (and the illegal downloads) (don't do that people!) Piggie also helps artists to get their gigs promoted.

Keeping live music alive by promoting and sharing gigs via Twitter and the website is not the only good thing done.

Sometimes everyone loves to get a little nostalgic and listen to old (elder) music, right?
And again Square Pig is the right place to look for it.
Besides the current Indie, Acoustic and Electronic charts you can also find 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s charts online.

(I seriously had the best time going through the nineties list ...)

And the coolest thing about voting? You don't have to register, log in with Twitter or Facebook - you just click the button et voilĂ  - you're done. 

Do you want to vote right now?
Click the picture of your choice and have fun!


Follow Square Pig on TWITTER and visit the WEBSITE.

I hope you're still enjoying July's series and are already looking forward to the next and sadly already least round.

Have a lovely day!

Vanessa x
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