Introducing: 5 Albums

Hey guys,
this is the last part of the "Introducing Series" where I introduced you to amazing music related websites which I visit regularly.

Today I'm introducing 5albums, a website where music lovers from all over the world can share their 5 favourite albums.
Yes, that's right - if you love music, know how to express your love towards it and want to talk about your favourite albums then this is the right page for you.

Maybe you love one of the most famous albums and want people to agree with you or maybe you want to get the word out about your favourite album by a band not everybody knows yet.

In return the lovely people from 5albums will share your art (music, writing, etc) in the post footer so everyone reading can also check out what you're doing.
People, really - it's a win win.

Some artists you know from house in the sand have also written their pieces,
have a look:

(to read the full article click the picture)

Nick from BLPWSI:

And guess what?
I'm writing my piece too. So soon I'll be introducing my top 5 albums to you.
Do you think you already know one of them?

Want to share you favourites?

Contact 5albums:

I hope you enjoyed the July series!

Vanessa x


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