Best Of: Instagram

Hey guys,
It seems to be THE thing every blogger no matter from what genre has to post this kind of post at least once in a lifetime.

So I'm joining the stereotype tradition and am going to show you my favourite instagram pictures.
I really hope you enjoy.

 left: my favourite place to be - live shows. Especially Jim Kroft ones.
right: cool winter 

left: business cards and chipped nail polish. 
right: what I smell like most of the time.

left: the sleeping beauty.
right: Cologne is a brilliant city. It's not an aftershave but it smells good. 

left: sunshine and dog. 
right: rain and decor.

left: take me back to Hyde Park, please.
right: extensions are for losers.  

left: 0:1000 for Croft.
right: artistic at the horses'. 


left: Miss Clio definitely wins this round of 'who wore it better?'.
right: concert time. best time.

left: cat express.
right: ain't we pretty? (if sweaty is the new pretty, then hell yeah!) 

left: would it all make sense?
right: mr amazing being a model. 

left: thanks The Plea for using my picture. 
right: what would instagram be without selfies? 

left: goodie bag. in so many ways.
right: hanging with the crew.

Ok, that's it now.
I hope this post somehow entertained you, I'm not quite sure what to think about it to be honest.

If you want more weird pictures then you can follow my instagram @Vanyhoney 

The next post will definitely be more organised again. ;)

Enjoy your day!

Vanessa x


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