Introducing: Beat About Music

Hey guys,
today, as you can read in the title, I'm going to introduce you to another website.
Last week it was Dats Muzik and this week I'll be presenting Beat About Music.

Beat About Music is probably one of the most useful websites I've heard of so far.

It connects "the most important members of the local music community". 

Who is that?
- the fans
- the artists
- the venues

I'm pretty sure most of you music fans agree with me when I say concerts are the greatest part of the whole music business.

Beat About Music (short: BAM) helps exactly those important members to get what they need.

You can use BAM from every country. Isn't that a massive plus?

Here's a quick overview of all services:

For artists:
If you want to get your music to a bigger audience and want to see more people at your gigs - BAM is the place to be.
Register and get a profile. 

(click the picture to be lead to the registration page)

For fans:
The page wants to use your current location to see if any artists/bands near you are registered.
If there aren't you can still use the page by doing a genre search and find something your ears will like.

 For venues:
Just like the artists, venues can register.
BAM will help you to promote your events and get more people to visit you. 

*Venues pay £10 a month

(click the picture to be lead to the registration page)

BAM already has received over 100 registrations within one month.

Artists already using BAM:
DJ Detox (house/R'n'B)
Isaac C (DJ)
Land of the Giant (Indie Rock)
Scott Lloyd (Folk)
Terminal Moraine (Metal)
The Dantes (Acoustic)

Some genre for everyone.

I've been told that there will be a phase two launched very soon which sounds more than interesting.
So stay tuned for that!

For anything else you'd like to know head over to Beat About Music.

Further links:

Let me know what you think of BAM.

Vanessa x

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