Oh Matilda

Hey guys,
as I had nothing planned for this post - to keep the "free-style blogging" alive and Miss Jana from London Calling inspired me to go outside and take pictures, I thought let's do another photography post on house in the sand.
You seem to like them and that's what counts.

So when I came back from my little stroll through the town and checked my Facebook (social media addiction, hello!) I saw the thing that makes a music fan really happy - my favourite band uploaded their new song.

Of course - like every other human being would - I stopped everything I was doing and listened to the song.

The song is called "Matilda" and it's by Martin and James.

The rhythm acoustic guitar and the percussion turn the song into a happy sounding upbeat song. The electric guitar and choir elements give it a folky feeling.

Not only do I really really like the song but also the lyric video they uploaded.
It's the lyrics put on little video snippets of flowers and ducks.

And guess what? The pictures I took look pretty similar.
So this post is in honour of Matilda and this beautiful song. :)

Here's the video, watch it, then press replay and have a look at my picture. 
Then press replay again. 
And again.
 And again.
 And ..................................................... again.

Pressed replay?

Ok, then here are my pictures:


Please let me know what you think about the pictures.

If you liked to song please go and tell Martin and James you did.
I'm sure they'll love hearing from you! :)
The song will be available to buy on August 16th.

Twitter (don't tweet them, they aren't really online)
Facebook (the perfect place to talk to the lovely Scotsmen)

If you liked the song really really much - why not go and hear it live?
M&J will be touring through Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Tour dates & tickets - here.

(If you're going to see them, we might meet there. If you don't, you'll get some reviews on hits.)

Have a great day!

Vanessa x


  1. Wow, awesome pictures! I especially like the one with the chair and the second one with the butterfly. And thanks for linking me <3

    1. Thank you! :)
      I'm glad you like them. The butterfly was such a good model! x

  2. amazing photos! very inspiring indeed :D



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