Video: "Matilda" - Martin and James

Hey guys,
this isn't a planned post but I just decided to write it.

Martin and James, the acoustic duo from Scotland, just released their music video for their current single "Matilda".

The video was shot in Scotland and to be honest it seems to be way too sunny.
They always tell us the most horrible stories about the Scottish, rainy weather. Haha.

I have always liked their music videos.
They are simple, but not in a boring way.
 There are effects but not too many. 
The video is focused on the song - not the other way round.

What really stands out in the video are the scenario changes through out the entire video. For example the one in the very beginning where Martin bends down to fix his shoe but then the camera switches over to James doing that.

I also really like how the choir got so many (different) faces.

Watch the video now:

You can buy the single on iTunes August 16th and already pre-order the upcoming album "Life's A Show" on Amazon.
If you're from Germany, Switzerland or Austria you're lucky - they're coming your way.

Get connected with M&J:

If you prefer using twitter, make sure to send me your feedback - I'll gladly pass it over to the guys!
(they don't use twitter that often)

Vanessa x

p.s.: the real star of the video is definitely the dog. ;)


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