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Video Of The Day: "Movement" by Hozier

Hey guys!

Although I'm a music blogger and "have to" listen to new music during my work hours,
I actually am a very boring music listener in private.

And I don't mean boring as in I only listen to boring music,
but I actually have a handful of artists I listen to on repeat.

One of those acts is Hozier.
His music has been on my playlist ever since I heard "Cherry Wine" in 2014.

So, today I'm extra thrilled to chat about Hozier's new track, "Movement".

- Video Of The Day -
"Movement" by Hozier

Usually this is the part of the post in which we introduce you to the artist, but I'm pretty sure that Hozier doesn't need introduction.

So, let's dive right into the song and video.

Now, I'm not going to lie, "Nina Cried Power" is a song I don't think I'll ever get over.
Hozier's latest EP once again proved why a lot of people think of him as the songwriter of a generation.

And with "Movement", his brand new single, Hozier is once again, back at his best.
The song starts off calm, with a drum beat and the classic Hozier clapping, a combination you can find in a lot of his tracks.
Both, the first and the second verse are kept simple, relying on only the drums, the percussions, the keys and Hozier's vocals.

This simplicstic arrangement prepares you for the chorus which consists of the same elements, yet they sound bigger.
In fact, it is Hozier's voice that controls the intensity of the first and second chorus,
before the third and final chorus practically explode and just grab you.

The beautiful thing about Hozier is that you can love him for his lyrics, his arrangements, as well as his voice. Each element has its' very own purpose.

In the video we see the brilliant dancer Sergei Polunin, whose resume is more than just impressive.
In 2015 he released a video of his dance routine to Hozier's "Take Me To Church" which blew everyone's minds.
In "Movement" he convinces with not just one role, but three - leaving us completely speechless.

To see these two exceptional artists collaborate is so powerful, so make sure you don't miss out on this masterpiece.

Watch the video for "Movement" right here:

Hozier online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Words: Vanessa Jetwash | Image: via Hozier

7 songs: Ava Rae Heatley

Hey guys!

How many times do you really think about what certain songs make you feel?

I'm sure we are all aware of the power of music and the way it influences our mood,
and how it can bring up memories of places and people.
But I admit, I wasn't always aware of how many emotions you can connect to music.

Well, that was until I started the 7 songs feature and really started celebrating the variety of emotions in music.

And luckily a lot of the musicians we feature are joining us by sharing their selection of songs.

Today the fabulous Ava Rae Heatley chats us through her playlist.

Ava Rae Heatley is a singer/songwriter from Warwick (New York), USA.

Her sound is influenced by artists such as Sara Bareilles, Ben Folds and Elton John - creating a Pop/Rock meets Acoustic sound.

Ava started out playing at local coffee shops such as Caffe A La Mode in Warwick and Music at the Mission in New Jersey, where she's the winner of the open mic competition.

She has also been 95.3 DNH's "Discovered Artist of the month" in June 2017 which led to her song "Good For You" being played on their station for the entire month.

Her debut EP "The Drive" won us over by storm and we've been loving Ava's sound ever since.

Ava's follow-up single, "Grin And Bear It" speaks for itself but convinces even more with a relatable and expressive music video, which we think you need to watch today.
It represents struggles which I'm pretty sure you can relate to at one point or another.

And now Ava is here with her second EP, "Beautiful / Terrifying", which you definitely need to check out.

Listen to Ava's latest single, "All These Boys", right here:

Ava Rae Heatley online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram

Let's check out Ava's playlist!


1) a song which makes you dance
"September" by Earth, Wind and Fire

I don't remember a time when I didn't know this song.
It is everywhere, it is perfect and it leaves you with no choice but to dance. I've danced to this song alone in my room, in front of 20 people at a bar or with hundreds at a wedding - and if you wanna get moving, just put this song on.


2) a song that calms you down
"The Tiger Inside Will Eat The Child" by Kate Miller-Heidke

The meandering melody, beautiful guitar lines, and poetic lyrics of this song always send a wave of calm along.
For me, this song is all about becoming content with discontentment and I have found there is nothing more relieving than that.


3) a song with a deep meaning
"When You're Ready" by Tina Arena

I don't even entirely remember how I stumbled upon this song, but I was put under it's spell on the first listen. 
In this song a woman singing to her friend in an abusive relationship about leaving the abuse relationship.
The chorus mantra, "I know who you really are, nobody can steal your spark. When you're to leave, when you're ready to leave, I'll be there." is so simple, empowering and beautiful.


4) a song that makes you feel nostalgic
"Thunder Road" by Bruce Springsteen

My Dad is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan and anytime I hear his icon opening piano lines, it reminds me of listening to my dad play them on the piano when I was little.
I definitely get more emotional than the average person while listening to Bruce Springsteen and it's because his music is so tightly linked with my family and my childhood.
 It always makes me feel nostalgic when I hear it.


5) a song which has accompanied you for a while
"Love Song" by Sara Bareilles

This is the first song I ever performed plying piano and singing in front of people when I was 12 years old.
It made me want to be a singer-songwriter and for a while I was referred to as "Love Song Girl" because of it. I've brought this song with me and still like to throw it in at a show as cover every once and a while.


6) a song from your favourite genre
"All The Small Things" by Blink 182

Growing up in the early 2000s, I became very obsessed with that era of pop punk music.
This song is probably my favorite of that genre. It has crazy catchy melodies and some of my favorite lyrics.
 I always found the simple sentiment of a huge rock band saying they would "turn off the lights" and be "carried home" from a show because the person they loved wasn't there watching to be very romantic.


7) a song by an artist / a band which has surprised you
"White Wine In The Sun" by Tim Minchin

This song surprised me because Tim Minchin is a great comedian and this song while humorous is definitely more serious than I would have expected.
It highlights a relatable feeling of what it means to be with people you love, friends and family and growing up all while pocking fun and making valid points at the commercialization of the Christmas season. It's fun, it's silly, it's poignant and it's one of my favorites.


And that was Ava's selection! 
What do you think? Did you find any new favourites?

Previous 7 songs features: John Thacker | Racoon Racoon | Jackson Dyer | Simon Alexander

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Words (Intro & Outro): Vanessa Jetwash | Words (About Songs) & Image: Ava Rae Heatley

Gig Photos: Kodaline at LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart (October 2018)

Hey guys!

I didn't know how much I missed being in the photo pit until I was back in one.
The summer has been a bit too quiet, so last week was the kick off moment for another busy season.

To me, working at a show is one of the most special feelings.
I adore the atmosphere, the magic the crowds and bands just bring along and the unison in which the crew works.

As photographers we get to indirectly join the crew for the night and capture the moments the audience came to the show for.

So yeah, I'm the happiest when I'm jumping around in the photo pit.

Especially when I get to photograph bands like Kodaline, so I'm super excited to share my photos with you.

In case you feel like supporting my photography, come and say hi:

website | twitter | facebook | instagram


Date: 29th October 2018
Venue: LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart (GER)

Support Act #1: JC Stewart

JC Stewart took the stage only equipped with his acoustic guitar,
and Stuttgart soon found out that that was enough for the young musician to wow us.

With a voice so clear and soulful, lyrics so relatable and honest and melodies so catchy, yet unique, JC Stewart quickly won over the crowd.
Fully relying on vocals and guitar alone, the atmosphere was calm and fully focused on the intensity of his music.

The simplicity of his set was so enjoyable and so hypnotizing, asking for full attention and treating it with a lot of care.

A word of wisdom: keep an eye on this dude, you're not going to regret adding his music to your playlist.

JC Stewart online: Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram


Support Act #2: Wild Youth

Wild Youth fulfilled all the expectations their band name had given us.
Their set was a whirlwind and made everyone dance the best they could, leaving Stuttgart more than ready to party.

Catchy riffs, roaring drum beats, groovy keys and addictive basslines paired with expressive vocals are what you get from Wild Youth.

Oh, and a lot of dancing.

It was clear that each member was itching to dance, of course for the instrumetalist that turned out to be a lot more difficult. But for the singer, there was no stopping.

Their super energetic performance was not only a joy to watch, but also well received by Kodaline's crowd which was such a welcoming crowd.

Wild Youth online: Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram


Headliner: Kodaline

And Kodaline? Well, they were Kodaline.

A brilliant band that just has this connection to with audience.
Right from the first note, Stuttgart sang along - it was actually such a thrilling atmosphere to be in the photo pit between the band and their fans - no matter which way you turned, you saw happy faces that were there for the beauty of music.

What is remarkable when it comes to the band, is how insanely brilliant their harmonies are.
Not every band can belt out a tune without instruments, but Kodaline can.
They proved it with their stunning performance of "I Wouldn't Be" which heavily focuses on their harmonies.

But not only their voices blend together so well, it's also the chemistry the band has on stage.
It doesn't take long to figure out that they all know exactly what they and each other are doing.
Watching a band in which every member is just as appreciated is pure magic.

What also classifies as pure magic is the way the crowd sang along to every song and showed their support and respect which the band so very clearly deserves.

Follow Your Fire
Brand New Day
Shed A Tear
Head Held High
The One
I Wouldn't Be
Love Like This
One Day
Born Again
Love Will Set You Free
All I Want
High Hopes

Kodaline online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram

We hope you enjoyed our little summary of the evening.

In case you haven't seen our latest video with Kodaline, you can check it out here.

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Words & Photography: Vanessa Jetwash