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7 songs: Racoon Racoon

Hey guys!

Okay, I have this routine whenever I edit photos.
I sit at my desk, have my vinyl player about two metres away from me and listen to my "Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits" record.

I do that because I'm usually a very active person - I don't really enjoy sitting still for long (which is why I am terrified of long-haul flights and bus journeys to Berlin).

So, Simon & Garfunkel do the one thing usually only yoga does for me, they calm me down and allow me to focus on whatever task I might be tackling.
Not only does it mean that they can take credit for most of the edited photos you can see on my Instagram, it also means that I enjoy their music a lot.

Today I get to introduce you to a band who has covered one of my favourite S&G songs (is that even the official abbreviation?) and I can't wait for you to listen to it.

Raccon Racoon is a chamber folk duo from France.

Léa and Léonard, who have been a couple for seven years, started writing music together in 2016, while they were living in Belgium.
They soon had enough material and released their debut EP, "Our Love's Funeral", in February 2017 via the German label Majestic Casual Records.

Their second EP, "Dawn Chrous", was written in the heart of the Italian Alps and released earlier this year.
Racoon Racoon recorded in Belgium, and together with musicians from Brussels' Philharmonic Orchestra such as Thomas Fiorini (double bass) and Emile Verstraeten (violin, mandolin) which Léo had met while working as a set-up engineer for Ramin Djawadi.

On July 13th, they've released their beautiful cover of "The Sound Of Silence", an iconic song by the ever so brilliant Simon & Garfunkel.

Most of us acoustic fans probably adore the track.
We might've grown up with it or we found the track later on in life.

Either way, most of us know it - and if you don't, this doesn't make you any less cool. You've got all the time in the world to discover the classics, so please don't let anyone shame you for not knowing them all just yet.

Wheew, that got deep.

Let's let the music take over and let's all dive headfirst into this beautiful cover.

Listen to "The Sound Of Silence" performed by Racoon Racoon right here:

Racoon Racoon online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram | Spotify

Now, let's check out Racoon Racoon's personal playlist!


1) a song which makes you dance
"Soup For Brains" by David Whoolhouse

This song triggers something I can't quite grasp, but anytime I listen to it I feel like dancing in my living room with a glass of Martini and a pyjama on. Absolutely sexy.


2) a song that calms you down
"The Chopin Project" by Ólafur Arnalds & Alice Sara Ott

Particularly the first track, "Verses", and "Reminiscence", but I usually listen to the whole album almost each day in the morning when I do yoga. I think I'll never get bored of it.


3) a song with a deep meaning
"Cold Water" by Damien Rice

This song is historic for Léo and I. It echoes to the first moment we were together. (Cheesy.)


4) a song that makes you feel nostalgic
"Veridis Quo" by Daft Punk

Don't know why, but this song is deeply nostalgic to me.
When I listen to it, I feel overwhelmed by something beautiful and sad. It has a touch of classic combined with a rhythm that goes on and on and never stops, as if life would, and will, continue whether or not you're on board.


5) a song which has accompanied you for a while
"Bunker" by Balthazar

We discovered Balthazar going to an Editors concert years ago in Paris.
They were their support band and we fell in love with them that day. I've been listening to their songs since then, especially their last album, "Thin Walls", and this track, "Bunker". We're also huge fans of their recent solo projects.


6) a song from your favourite genre
"Life In Vain" by Daniel Johnston

I discovered Daniel thanks to NPR tiny desk.
This track is legendary.


7) a song by an artist / a band which has surprised you
"Feels Like Home" by Marti West

This song is really cool, I like it very much.
It is really cool and sounds warm. Marti produced it alone, I was really impressed when I first heard it.


And that's it!
Did you enjoy Racoon Racoon's selection? Did you discover a new track?
Let us know!

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Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Words (Intro & Outro): Vanessa Jetwash | Words (Song Selection): Racoon Racoon | Image: Julien Fourcade

Song Of The Day: "Innocence" by Riley

Hey guys!

Do you know those kinds of songs which just soak you in with their presence and the way they are presented?
I'm sure you know them.

And I know them - yet whenever I stumbled upon a track like that, it just blows my mind.
I love how music can take over our emotions and I think we need to celebrate those songs as much as possible.

So that's exactly what we will be doing today - are you ready?

- Song Of The Day -
"Innocence" by Riley

Riley is a singer/songwriter from California, US.

She writes about topics that matter to her, allowing her music to be honest and almost autobiographical.

Riley says about the song; "When I was younger, I suffered abuse by the hands of an older man. Being able to sing out my confusion and frustation made me confront some upsetting truths about my past. "Innocence" is about seeing these issues face-to-face and a way to heal from them."

And she did that in the most powerful way.

"Innocence" is a big track.
It's powerful and it's empowering.

Although it starts off calmly with just Riley's voice and an acoustic guitar, the song soon develops a more dramatic vibe and soaks you in with all it's power.
The acoustic guitar stays present throughout the entire song and guides you through the track, while Riley's extremely powerful vocals take the lead.

You see, we have used the word 'power' multiple times here, but there just is no other word that would describe the song well enough.

Riley reclaims her power and it shines through the track with so much strength.
The layered backing vocals give the song an anthem like vibe which it suits so well.

To not ramble on about the power of the song or another half hour or so, we're just going to leave you with the track.
We think you'll love it!

Listen to "Innocence" right here:

Riley online: Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram | Spotify

Thank you for your visit! 

Credits // Words: Vanessa Jetwash | Image: via I Can't Wait For Summer

7 songs: Jackson Dyer

Hey guys!

It's a Monday and I'm super stoked!
I've had some juicy pineapple for breakfast, the sun is shining, I'm blasting my favourite songs AND (drum roll, please!) the "7 songs" are back.

It's been a while and I've just realised how much I've missed the feature.
I love love love finding out what everyone listens to, but combining that with finding out why they love the songs and what they connect with them just takes things to another level.

So I'm not going to waste any more time - because we've got tunes to listen to!

Today our guest Jackson Dyer treats us to a brilliant playlist, so let's get to know him!

Jackson Dyer is a singer/songwriter originally from Sydney (AUS), now based in Berlin (GER).

His sound intertwines the classic singer/songwriter elements, Soul and Alternative with such grace.
He spent years playing his music on the streets and stages of Europe, played tons of festivals and supported acts such as Hozier, Hiatus Kaiyote, Mighty Oaks and Alice Phoebe Lou.

After all of that, he went back home to Australia to write and record his debut album.
In a calming town in Northern NSW, he produced and created what we are about to hear - so buckle up and prepare for some Australian landscape inspired sounds.

In case you are Berlin based, lucky you - you've got the chance to see Jackson live at Baumhaus Bar on July 26th - here's the event.

Check out Jackson's performance of his song "Steal Away" here:

Jackson Dyer online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

Let's check out Jackson's selection!


1) a song which makes you dance
"Pull Up To The Bumper" by Grace Jones

When I was a kid, my family would go on holidays to a small beachside town north of Sydney.
My Aunty and my Mum would often sing this song at the top of their voices and my cousins and I would think it is incredibly embarrassing.
 Now, whenever I hear this song, I am the one embarrassing whoever is close by with my "dancing".


2) a song that calms you down
"Canto de Xangô" by Fabiano do Nascimento

This man makes some incredibly beautiful music and this whole album, "Tempo Dos Mestres", is one of my favourites at the moment. One of those timeless releases that speak directly to the soul.


3) a song with a deep meaning
"re: Stacks" by Bon Iver

This song has accompanied me through many hard and also incredibly positive times.
Every time I listen to it, I can hear something different in the lyrics and production.


4) a song that makes you feel nostalgic
"If You Got The Money" by Jamie T

Reminds me of simpler times when I was younger and had just discovered the joys and pitfalls of an ice cold beer, haha.


5) a song which has accompanied you for a while
"Velvet Gloves & Spit" by Timber Timbre

This song has only been out for about a year, but it has been on high rotation at home and I think it will be a favourite for a long time to come.


6) a song from your favourite genre
"Wililé" by Fatoumata Diawara

I don't really have a particular "favourite genre", but I've really been enjoying Malian and West African folky/blues music for a while. I remember seeing Fatoumata Diawara perform a while ago and it sparked an intense interest in the beautiful music from this part of the world.


7) a song by an artist / a band which has surprised you
"If You Need To, Keep Time On Me" by Fleet Foxes

When Fleet Foxes announced that they were releasing a new album after a 6 year hiatus, I was super surprised and excited, as I thought that they'd never release any music again and that I'd never get to see them play live.
I was over the moon when I was able to see them last year for the first time!


And that's it!
Did you enjoy Jackson's playlist?
Let us know in the comment or our social media channels.

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Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Words (Intro & Outro): Vanessa Jetwash | Words (about songs) & Image: Jackson Dyer

Gig Photos: Scenic Route To Alaska at Kellerklub, Stuttgart

Hey guys!

Sometimes people ask me whether I prefer huge arena shows or intimate club gigs.

Well, I love both.
As a photographer I LOVE arena shows - the lighting is great, you've got a photo pit to move around and the energy of having the crowd behind you is thrilling.

But as a fan of music, club gigs are just a tad bit more enjoyable.
There's one venue in Stuttgart which is one of my favourites - Kellerklub.

Now, if you don't understand German, "Keller" stands for basement. And that's exactly where the club is - it's underground.
It just begs for a Rock show and so do I.

Recently two fabulous bands delivered just that and today I'm finally sharing the photos with you.

In case you feel like supporting my photography, come and say hi:

website | twitter | facebook | instagram


Date: 25th May 2018
Venue: Kellerklub, Stuttgart (GER)

Support Act: daysormay

daysormay are a five-piece from Vernon, B.C. (Canada).
Their sound is a unique and refreshing Alternative sound, allowing the best elements of Pop, Rock and Indie to collide.

daysormay are:
Nolan Bassett (bass, vocals, trumpet)
Eli Garlick (guitar, violin, vocals)
Carson Bassett (drums, percussion)
Craig Matterson (piano, keyboards, vocals)
Aidan Andrews (lead vocals, guitar, keys, ukulele)

No matter how many reviews and comments you read, the band seems to always be able to convince their listeners with ease.
Maybe it's because of their quality tracks, maybe it's because of their energetic live sets.
Probably it's a combination of both.

daysormay online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram


Headliner: Scenic Route To Alaska

Scenic Route To Alaska are a trio from Edmonton, Canada.
Their sound lies somewhere between Pop, Rock and Indie - but really is too complex to settle for just one genre.

Their live sets are energetic, expressive and watching them perform their relatable tracks is a lot of fun. It's basically that rock gig we all need every now and then.

Scenic Route To Alaska are:
Trevor Mann
Shea Connor
Murray Wood

The band members all met when they were kids and have been (quote) "making noise" together ever since.
With so much time to hone their craft and find their sound, the band has been more than just productive and has managed to release an impressive amount of quality tunes:

EP: Scenic Route to Alaska (2011)
LP: "All These Years" (2012)
LP: "Warrington" (2014)
LP: "Long Walk Home" (2016)
LP: "Tough Luck" (2018)

Whenever they aren't writing and recording, the band is touring the continents and connects with their fans.

Before their show in Stuttgart, we sat down to have a little chat which you can view here.

Scenic Route To Alaska online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram


And that's it!

We sincerely hope you took the time to check out these two fantastic and exciting bands.

Let us know what you think!

If you enjoyed seeing photos, say hi to us on Instagram.

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Words & Photography: Vanessa Jetwash