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Gig Photos: Roo Panes at Paradiso Noord, Amsterdam (November 2018)

Hey guys!

What I love the most about the house in the sand team, 
is the fact that we can all geek out over music.

The amount of times we send each other links and drool over brilliant melodies might actually be a bit worrying.
But I think this just goes to show that we all bloody care about music.

So whenever you're checking out the posts created by anyone from the team, just know that we all really care about the content and the people involved.

Last week our Amsterdam based powerhouse Saar went to see Roo Panes live.
Of course she came back with a bunch of photos and a wonderful little story from the gig, 
which you can check out below.

Say hi to Saar and make sure to follow her online:
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Date: 16th November 2018
Venue: Paradiso Noord, Amsterdam (NL)

Headliner: Roo Panes

Roo Panes is one of those songwriters where you just have to sit down and listen.

Just listen and enjoy his introspective lyrics and hauntingly beautiful soothing voice. So that's what we did.
Roo Panes played at the Tolhuistuin Room and as I walked in, I noticed that everyone was sitting down, waiting for him to arrive. A very relaxed vibe.

The stage was very low, so it became obvious to me that everyone sat down.
At around 8:30pm, Roo came on stage, picked up his guitar and had a little chat with the audience. He started with the song "A Message To Myself", which I hadn't heard before, so I was very surprised by it.
 I very instinctively closed my eyes, because I just wanted to enjoy the angelic voice and subtle guitar playing.

Roo Panes makes music that takes you on a journey through his stories and stunning musical arrangements.
This night he was playing on his own, but I really want to see him live again with his band - because I think he definitely deserves a bigger venue and more recognition.

The first time I heard a Roo Panes song, was when he did a campaign with Burberry back in 2012.
He played "Indigo Home" and I was blown away by his voice - a voice I had never heard before, a voice that actually made me quite emotional when I listened to it.

After that he did a few Burberry Acoustic sessions, so I highly suggest you checking out Burberry Acoustic if you want to find more new artists/bands.
So from that moment on I started following him.
Big thanks to Burberry and Christopher Bailey for shining some light on musicians like Roo and many others.

As the evening progressed with mesmerising songs, Roo announced that someone had a request to come on stage. I thought he was going to sing a song with a random lad from the audience.
To our surprised, this "random lad" actually proprosed to his girlfriend on stage.
She said yes! (Phew!)
Roo then played his  last song, a great way to end the night.

I left the venue feeling very relaxed and happy.
As I was waiting for my train to take me back home, I just couldn't resist to go on Spotify and listen to Roo's songs all over again on the way back home.

Roo Panes online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram


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Credits // Words (Intro & Outro): Vanessa Jetwash | Words (About Show) & Photography: Saar de Graaf

Behind The Song: "I Will Find A Way" by Jackie Venson

Hey guys!

Art is so very personal.

In pretty much every aspect;
the artists pour a lot of personality and personal feelings into their art,
and those who receive the art have the option to interpret it whichever personal way the choose to.

And sometimes we might forget just how personal art is.
But our behind the song feature is definitely here to remind us all,
by getting musicians to talk about the story behind their work.

Today I invite you to learn more about a track which is definitely going to empower you.

- Behind The Song -
"I Will Find A Way" by Jackie Venson

Jackie Venson is a musician from Austin, Texas (US). 
Her sound blends Blues, Rock, R'n'B & Soul and therefore creates a wonderfully unique vibe.
"A woman, a guitar, and the truth.", is the description you'll find when you look up this powerhouse.
Jackie originally started out as a classical pianist, but picked up the guitar shortly after graduating from Berklee College of Music.
She soon made the jump from the classical side of music, to writing and recording raw and gritty Blues.

Jackie recently released her latest single, "Cover My Eyes", as a follow up to her EP, "Transcends" which was released on September 30th of 2017.
This EP led to Jackie being nominated as "artist of the year" at the Austin Music Awards, as well as a guest guitarist spot on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

We asked Jackie to tell us more about her previous single, "I Will Find A Way", because we think there are a lot of people out there who need to hear this track. 

Today we get to find out what inspired Jackie to write this brilliant track:

""I Will Find A Way" is my fight song.
The year of 2018 has been a trying one, in personal and worldly ways. We as people have gone through times this year that made us question how we're going to wake up tomorrow, how we're going to continue on into next year and the years to come.

More personally speaking, I have been fighting this roller coaster of year in my own ways, having to leave people behind who aren't good for me - even if I had thought these people were folks I could trust. When having to call into question relationships that have spanned a half a decade or more, one I started to heavy, like I would cave under the weight. This is where this song has come into play, pun intended.

No matter how scary or uncertain things may be, no matter how much it might seem like I've hit a dead end, I go to sleep every night with the thought, "I will figure it out... I will find a way.""

Watch the music video for "I Will Find A Way" right here:

Jackie Venson online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words (Intro & Outro): Vanessa Jetwash | Image & Words (About Song): Jackie Venson

Gig Photos: Vance Joy at Im Wizemann, Stuttgart (November 2018)

Hey guys!

Aren't gigs just the best? 

This little team over here just loves being at shows, 
seeing music fans unite over what they have in common, rather than focusing on their differences.

Personally, I love that we get to experience the beauty of live music on a regular basis.
So whenever I share photos and words from gigs with you, just know that I'm extremely happy knowing that you check them out.

And I hope that through posts like this, we can encourage more of you to go to shows.
They're fun, I promise.

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Date: 6th November 2018
Venue: Im Wizemann, Stuttgart (GER)

Support Act: Scott Helman

Scott Helman didn't waste a second on stage.
He got on stage and he controlled the room from the very beginning until the last chord was played.

With a presence that grabs your attention, Scott easily had all Vance Joy fans convinced.
Their eyes and ears were fully focused on Scott and his two band mates.

They played a variety of songs, offering something for everyone and uniting the crowd by making them sing along to a couple of songs.
And the Stuttgart crowd didn't mind at all, so soon the entire room was singing along with the young musician from Toronto, Canada.

Scott Helman online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram


Headliner: Vance Joy

After Scott Helman's set, Stuttgart's audience choir had enough time to get some drinks and recharge their energy so they could be on top of their game as soon as Vance Joy got on stage.

Said audience was a very mixed crowd, varying in age groups as well as gender.
It was super refreshing to see such a diverse crowd gathered to see one of their favourite musicians.

And Vance Joy took his job very seriously, providing a beautiful soundtrack for the evening, playing new and old songs and sharing anecdotes in between songs.

What stood out was the simplicity of his show; it was fully focused on the music - there was no flashy backdrop or any special effect.
Instead all you could find on stage where brilliant musicians who knew their craft like the back of their hand.

With a backing band this good and an artist so dedicated to the music,
this evening was bound to be an enchanting experience filled with lots of happy faces.

Vance Joy online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram


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Credits // Words & Photography: Vanessa Jetwash