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Performance Of The Day: "How To Be Your Own Person" by Kat Frankie

11th November 2019 //

Hey everyone!

If you're looking for a bit of magic on a grey November day, look no further.

We love finding performances online which leave us feeling blown away by the talent and the pure magic of it.
Sure, magic can sound like such a cheesy word, but we dare you to watch to the video and find a better word.

We're like giddy little kids here because we can't wait to hear what you all think.

- Performance Of The Day -
"How To Be Your Own Person" by Kat Frankie

Kat Frankie is a musician based in Berlin, Germany.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Kat found inspiration in artists such as Simon & Garfunkel, Bread, Carly Simon and more.

With a love for melodies she taught herself how to play the guitar and things developed from there.
She started performing in 2002, released her debut EP in 2003 but couldn't fully focus on music back then.
Instead she made a living by working as an interior architect before then moving to Berlin in 2004 where she found a welcoming music community.

Ever since she's been writing, recording, touring, collaborating with other musicians and has kept on releasing albums and EPs.

EP: "Outside" (2003)
LP: "Pocketknife" (2007)
LP: "The Dance of a Strange Heart" (2010)
LP: "Please Don't Give Me What I Want" (2012)
LP: "Bad Behaviour" (2018)

And now Kat Frankie is about to release the "BODIES" EP, out on December 13th. The first single off of it, "How To Be Your Own Person" is already out.

The brilliant folks at small sessions have captured a gorgeous performance of the song.

The beauty of a cappella performances is something that just feels so unique.
Kat Frankie and her group of musicians have performed "How To Be Your Own Person" just pulls you in and keeps your attention throughout.

The vocals are the main instruments and the percussions are the only supporting elements.
Now, just reading that might make one thing it's a very simply arranged track, but it's not. The amount of details and the cleverly layered vocals make the track a magical journey to listen to.

We usually don't give advice when listening to music, but try to listen to every detail, every vocal, every clap and see just how much you can discover.

Watch the performance right here:

- stream "How To Be Your Own Person" -

Kat Frankie online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | Instagram

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Words: Vanessa Jetwash | Image: Timothy Wiehn

Gig Photos: Angels & Airwaves at The Belasco, Los Angeles (October 2019)

4th November 2019 //

Hey everyone!

Although we haven't had the busiest of gig seasons so far,
we've been able to cover some pretty fantastic artists all over the place.

It's a real joy being in the photo pit, especially when knowing that there are some wonderful people out there who come to visit house in the sand for those gig photos.

Today you'll get to enjoy some brilliant shots our Los Angeles based photographer Melissa captured for you.

Please make sure to support Melissa's work online:

website | twitter | facebook | instagram


Date: 1st October 2019
Venue: The Belasco, Los Angeles, CA (US)

Support: The New Regime

The New Regime is Ilan Rubin's solo project.

The musician from San Diego, CA (US) has been writing, recording, releasing and touring since 2007 and his Alternative tracks have allowed him to build an excited fanbase.

Ilan usually plays and sings every part of the work he puts out and has released a big amount of tracks. Although the multi-instrumentalist is busy playing with Nine Inch Nails and Angels & Airwaves.

Somehow he has still managed to make time for his own project and has supported bands such as Muse, The Killers, Alice In Chains and more.
His latest record "Heart Mind Body & Soul" will be released in four parts between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. The first installation, "Heart", is already out.

Watch the music video for "A Way To Feel Again" right here:

The New Regime online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram


Headliner: Angels & Airwaves

Angels & Airwaves are an Alternative Rock band from San Diego, CA (US).

Founded by Tom DeLonge in 2005 after he parted ways with blink-182.
Angels & Airwaves allowed him to discover a new dynamic, musically and lyrically.

Angels & Airwaves are:
Tom DeLonge
David Kennedy
Ilan Rubin

Being able to rediscover and where he wanted to take the sound, Tom took inspiration from bands such as U2, Box Car Racer (in which he and David both played), Coldplay and more.

The band has released multiple EPs and LPs, the lastest being "The Dream Walker" which was released in 2014.

Watch the music video for "Rebel Girl" right here:

Angels & Airwaves online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram


Have you seen The New Regime or Angels and Airwaves live before?

Thank you for your visit!


Credits // Words: Vanessa Jetwash | Photography: Melissa Rodriguez | **a ticket and photo pass have kindly been provided**

Behind The Song: "Devil" by SOBI

1st November 2019 //

Hey everyone!

Happy first of November.
Not to be overdramatic, but we only have two more months of this decade left.
Wild times!

We don't even want to think about all the new years resolutions we didn't achieve but we want to use this time wisely.
And the best way to do that is by using it to showcase more music, right?
So let's do it!

- Behind The Song -
"Devil" by SOBI

SOBI is a singer/songwriter from London, UK.

Growing up with music being a big part of her life, it's no surprise that she started writing and performing at the age of 16.
Music and SOBI seem like the perfect match. The lyrics and melodies she writes have helped her express herself and to tell stories.

Influenced by acts such as Laura Marling and Noah and the Whale, SOBI soon found her own sound which always revolves around honesty.

So far she has been gigging around the UK and Germany and has gone on tour with Jamie Lawson.

Off of her upcoming EP, "Home One Day", she recently released the powerful single "Devil", a song that we are sure is going to speak to you.

Here's what SOBI told us about "Devil":

"I wrote "Devil" while I was going through a really tough time, battling with anxiety and depression.
I'm quite a happy and bubbly person and sometimes I feel pressure to always be that way, so writing and playing music has been a bit of an escape for me.
It's a chance for me to express how I really feel.

This song just flowed out of me in one of my darkest moments and it was my intention to keep to myself initially. 

Writing it definitely helped me to process what I was going through, but I was shy about sharing it. If I'm honest, I was even a little embarassed and worried about what people might think of me if they knew what I was struggling with.
Eventually I decided to share it with my band and producer, and seeing how they connected with the song really encouraged me.

And since releasing the song I've been really touched by how people have so lovingly embraced it.

Because this is such a personal song, it was really important to me that the arrangement and production should be just right. I spent a really long time with my producer, Helge Preuß, working on the demo before getting the band involved.
We tried so many different instruments and sounds and eventually realised that stripping it back and keeping the focus on the guitar and voice really conveyed the message of the song best.
My favourite part is in the end with the build up of all the voices singing "show me light". For me that sums up exactly what the song is about: hitting rock bottom, but still reaching for that flicker of hope, knowing I can still come out of this.

Once Helge and I were happy with the demo, we headed to Toolhouse Studios in Germany with the whole band where we recorded the final takes for this track. It was amazing to be in such a well-equipped studio. We were even able to use some analogue machines including a tape-delay for the guitar sound. There was this brilliant staircase that we used as a reverb chamber for all the vocals.

It made such a difference to the sound and it was amazing to hear the song coming to life, layer by layer.

I wanted to keep the video for "Devil" simple and intimate because it's such a personal song. We filmed it at a local antique shop near where I live. I walk past it every day and have always thought it would be such a beautiful place to film a music video.
It was a real pleasure to work with Danny Feng (director), he really captured the mood and essence of the song."

Watch the music video for "Devil" right here:

- stream "Devil" here -

Sobi online: Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Words (intro & outro): Vanessa Jetwash | Words (about song): SOBI | Image: SOBI via Pon't Danic Music

Song Of The Day: "Be Your Man" by Rhys Lewis

31st October 2019 //

Hey everyone!

There are some artists that just constantly are on our radar and whenever they release new material, we get super hyped and can't wait to become familiar with the new sounds.

Rhys Lewis is one of those artists for us.

We've been hyped since he released his debut single, "Waking Up Without You" back in 2016 and neither our hype nor his streak of quality releases have ended since.

So buckle up and let's dive into our current favourite track.

- Song Of The Day -
"Be Your Man" by Rhys Lewis

Rhys Lewis is a singer/songwriter originally from Oxford (UK), now based in London (UK).

His sound is influenced by legends such as Carole King, Bill Withers and James Taylor.
Rhys' signature sound is a blend of Soul, Pop and Blues with hints of Rock and Folk here and there.
The diversity of his sounds, paired with his talent for story telling has led to over 200 million streams on his previously released singles & EPs.
Rhys shares his own experiences through his music, allowing his fans to find comfort and understanding in the lyrics while letting their worries melt away with the melodies. 

Within the past few years, Rhys has taken on the music world by storm and has toured with artists such as Freya Ridings, JP Cooper, James TW and most recently Julia Michaels.

You can catch Rhys on his biggest UK headline tour this winter:

20th Noveber: Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
21st November: Deaf Institute, Manchester
22nd November: Thekla, Bristol
23rd November: O2 Institute3, Birmingham
25th November: EartH, London
26th November: Komedia, Brighton
28th November: O2 Academy2, Oxford
30th November: King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow
1st December: Button Factory, Dublin

10th January: Roisin Dubh, Galway
11th January: Glassworks, Derry

- click here for tickets -

"Be Your Man" has previously been released as an acoustic arrangement,
letting you really understand the lyrics which tell a story of feeling like you're not enough, like the person you're with is constantly comparing you to their ex.

Now, with a fuller and darker sound, the song reveals another layer of emotions.
With this kind of setting, you realise how being compared to someone else in a relationship doesn't just bring a lot of pain with it, it also causes a lot of frustration and anger.

The foot stomping beat, the energetic piano - and of course - Rhys' vocals express the cycle of thoughts and feelings one goes through in that kind of situation so perfectly.

Listen to "Be Your Man" right here:

- buy "Be Your Man" -
- stream "Be Your Man" -

Rhys Lewis online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Words: Vanessa Jetwash | Image: Rhys Lewis via Decca Records

Gig Photos: Hozier at Circus Krone, Munich (September 2019)

28th October 2019

Hey everyone!

Gigs are such versatile experiences.
Some are big productions with dancers and costume changes, others take place in sweaty rock clubs and some can happen in your livingroom.

Every now and then it seems that one gig can offer all those moments in one night.
Irish musician Hozier certainly created a bunch of different atmospheres in just one evening and if you find yourself in the audience, you'll certainly understand why some call him one of the best musicians of this era.

We got to experience Hozier's set and have a bunch of photos and words for you to sum up the evening.

If you'd like to see more of my photography work, you can find it here:
website | twitter | facebook | instagram


Date: 11th September 2019
Venue: Circus Krone, Munich (GER)

Support: David Keenan

When David Keenan stepped on stage with his guitar, the audience was eager to listen to his words.
A few minutes into his set, it was obvious that David was a story teller and knew how to captivate an audience.

He stood up there with ease and a confidence that just pulls you in and makes you want to hear the stories he is about to tell you.
With a voice so exciting and a way to string words together in the most expressive and vivid way, it quickly becomes clear why he's an artist you should keep on your radar.
If you are eager to hear more, make sure to pre-order his debut album "A Beginner's Guide To Bravery" which will be out on January 10th 2020.

Seeing David Keenan live is like diving into the different world for just a few moments.
And don't we all want that?

Watch the music video for "Altar Wine" right here:

David Keenan online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram


Headliner: Hozier

Getting to experience the first three songs of the set from the photo pit right between Hozier and his audience was something else.
The folky "Would That I" drew everyone in from the first chord on, creating the perfect level of excitement and focus. 
But as soon as Hozier and his band of seven brilliant musician started playing the first notes of "Dinner & Diatribes", the room was on fire. With the eight musicians clapping, stomping, drumming, playing roaring riffs and delivering vocals so demanding and utterly fascinating, it was clear that this evening was going to be as versatile as a gig could be.

A personal favourite was "Nina Cried Power".
The anthem dedicated to protest songs and those artists who have raised and continue to raise their voices is as powerful as a song could be. The lyrics alone are enough to make you think, but it's the way Hozier delivers those words that is incomparable. The passion he pours into each line is something that just can't be faked. Being right in front of him as he belts into the mic so much that he's physically bending over and giving into the urgency of the song is something so powerful, it's mindblowing.

Although not all songs demanded so much energy, there was never a boring moment.
Some old songs were played with new arrangements, showing a new side to "Someone New", "From Eden" and even "Cherry Wine", the latter which had been known to fans as an acoustic one take that was recorded on a roof with birds chirping in the background was now a little more polished with more instruments joining in. The sea of lights created by the audience just made it even more magical.

There were songs like "Moment's Silence (Common Tongue)" which made you think we you were at a rock club, moving along to smokey riffs and strong forward percussions and diving into this world of music that just takes control over you and lets you forget everything around you - and then there was "As It Was", the sparse instrumentals reminded you how Hozier is one of those artists who don't need much to draw you in and convince you of their talents.

Listen, we thoroughly enjoyed this evening and could go on for ages, mentioning every song on the setlist, but instead we'll just tell you to keep an eye on Hozier's tourdates so you can go catch a show yourself and experience a brilliant and versatile show.

Watch the music video for "Almost (Sweet Music)" right here:

Hozier online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram


We hope you enjoyed those impressions and would love to hear your stories if you've seen Hozier before.

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Words & Photography: Vanessa Jetwash | **a ticket and photo pass have kindly been provided**